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Binary package: lazy
Version: 0.24d-alt2
Architecture: i586
Build time:  Sep 13, 2004, 07:41 PM
Source package: lazy
Category: Sound
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License: GPL
Summary:  Lazy - a console-based CD player with CDDB support to display song titles
Lazy is a console-based CD player with freedb support.
It provides artist, album, and song name display, looking at the main
freedb-server for unrecognized songs. It can also extract audio digitally
if the CD-ROM drive does not have an analog audio cable connected to it.
Maintainer: Andrey Semenov
List of contributors: 
Andrey Semenov

ACL:  @qa_p6
Last changes:
Sept. 10, 2004 Andrey Semenov 0.24d-alt2
- add .lazyrc file
May 3, 2003 Andrey Semenov 0.24d-alt1
- 0.24c
- Fixed a bad malloc on cddb_get.c
- A few cleanups were also made
- A problem with a missing errno.h was fixed as well
April 29, 2003 Andrey Semenov 0.24c-alt1
- 0.24c
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