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Maintainer: Motsyo Gennadi

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [212]

package versions age Url Summary
Miro 3.5.0-alt3 over 10 years ago Miro - Internet TV Player
QtBitcoinTrader 1.07.74-alt0.M60P.1 about 8 years ago Mt.Gox Bitcoin Trading Client
alterator-l10n 2.9-alt62 over 8 years ago translations for all alterator modules
arista 0.9.5-alt2 over 11 years ago An easy to use multimedia transcoder for the GNOME Desktop
assaultcube almost 11 years ago Free first-person-shooter based on the game Cube
audacity 2.0.2-alt0.M60P.1 almost 9 years ago Cross-platform audio editor
backlite 1.0.1-alt1.1 about 11 years ago backlite is a lite version of k9copy
bs2b 3.1.0-alt1.2 about 12 years ago The Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP (bs2b) library and plugins
bzflag 2.0.16-alt1 over 11 years ago A multiplayer 3D tank battle game
cairo-dock 2.3.0-alt2.1 over 10 years ago A light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs easily
cairo-dock-plugins 2.3.0-alt2.1 over 10 years ago Plugins for cairo-dock
cban 0.1.8-alt2.2 about 12 years ago Current BANdwidth by Nicu Pavel
cmake 2.8.4-alt1.M60P.2 over 8 years ago Cross-platform, open-source make system
conky 1.8.1-alt2 over 10 years ago lightweight graphical system monitor
cpu-g 0.9.0-alt0.M60T.1 over 5 years ago CPU-G is an application that shows useful information about your hardware
cpuinfo 0.5.2-alt3.qa1 over 10 years ago Applet for CPU temperature and frequency
cuneiform-qt 0.1.2-alt1 over 12 years ago GUI frontend for Cuneiform OCR
ddclient 3.8.0-alt1.2 about 12 years ago A client to update host entries on DynDNS like services
deadbeef 0.5.4-alt2.bfca08d0.M60P.1 over 9 years ago DeaDBeeF is an audio player
dekorator 0.3-alt1.3 almost 11 years ago The deKorator kwin deco
diskmonitor 0.4.1-alt1.8 over 10 years ago Disk Space Monitoring Applet for KDE
doublecmd 0.7.7-alt0.M60T.1 almost 5 years ago Twin-panel (commander-style) file manager (GTK2 and QT4)
eiskaltdcpp 2.2.7-alt0.M60P.1 over 9 years ago EiskaltDC++ - Direct Connect client
emerald 0.8.4-alt1.M60T.1 about 9 years ago Themeable window decorator and compositing manager for Compiz
emerald-themes 0.7.8-alt1 about 8 years ago Themes for Emerald, the window decorator for Compiz
erlang R14B.3-alt1.M60P.1 over 10 years ago A programming language developed by Ericsson
facebook 1.0-alt0.M60P.1 about 8 years ago Simple Facebook client
falf 1.4-alt0.4.svn292.1 almost 11 years ago KDE3 media player with tabbed playlists!
fatrat 1.1.3-alt0.2.20110222 over 10 years ago FatRat is an open source download/upload manager
fceux 2.1.4a-alt2 over 10 years ago FCEUX is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Famicom, and Famicom Disk System (FDS) emulator
ffmpeg2theora 0.26-alt1.0.M60P.1 over 9 years ago Theora video encoder using ffmpeg
ffmpegthumbnailer 2.0.4-alt1.2.M60P.1 over 9 years ago Lightweight video thumbnailer that can be used by file managers
flacon 0.9.1-alt0.M60P.1 about 8 years ago Audio File Encoder
flam3 2.7.18-alt2 almost 12 years ago Cosmic Recursive Fractal Flames
flush 0.9.12-alt0.M60T.2 about 7 years ago GTK-based BitTorrent client
focuswriter 1.5.6-alt0.M60T.1 over 5 years ago FocusWriter is a fullscreen, distraction-free word processor
fontmatrix 0.6.0-alt1.1.2 over 10 years ago Is a font manager for Linux users
foobnix 2.6.10q-alt0.M60T.1 about 8 years ago Music player written in Python, GTK+
ftpmonitor 0.80-alt2.3 over 10 years ago A simple panel KDE applet to monitor your ftp server
gMTP 1.3.3-alt0.M60T.1 almost 9 years ago A basic media player client
glrp 1.4.5-alt1.M60T.1 about 8 years ago Robust internet radio station streamer
gpsim 0.25.0-alt1 about 11 years ago Software simulator for Microchip PIC microcontrollers
gsmartcontrol 0.8.5-alt1 about 12 years ago GSmartControl is a graphical user interface for smartctl
gstreamer 0.10.35-alt1 over 10 years ago GStreamer streaming media framework runtime
handbrake 0.9.9-alt0.M60T.svn5891 about 8 years ago Multithreaded Video Transcoder
ichatsrvd 0.24-alt3.1.1 almost 11 years ago Intranet Chat server
imagewriter 1.10-alt3.M60T.1 over 7 years ago SUSE Imagewriter
itest about 11 years ago iTest is a simple examination system
k3b 1.0.5-alt8.M60P.1 over 9 years ago The CD Kreator (Complete set)
kde-screensaver-kcometen3 1.1-alt1.4 over 10 years ago An OpenGL screensaver for KDE3
kde-screensaver-kmatrix3d 0.1-alt2.5 almost 11 years ago OpenGL Matrix-alike 3D Screensaver for KDE
kde-themes-azenis 1.1-alt4 almost 11 years ago The Azenis themes for KDE
kde4-kvkbd 0.6-alt1.1 about 12 years ago Virtual Keyboard for KDE4
kid3 1.3-alt2 over 10 years ago Kid3 - Efficient ID3 tag editor
kima 0.7.4-alt3 almost 11 years ago A KDE3 Kicker Applet
knetdockapp 0.82.3-alt3 over 10 years ago Network Monitor Systray Application
koverartist 0.5-alt3.1 over 10 years ago is a program for the fast creation of covers for cd/dvd cases and boxes
kvkbd 0.5-alt3.2 over 10 years ago Virtual Keyboard for KDE
libQt4Pas5 2.5-alt0.M60T.1 over 6 years ago Qt4 interface bindings for Pascal
libdbus-qt 0.62-alt9.1.1 about 11 years ago QT3/KDE bindings for D-Bus
libebml 1.0.0-alt1.2 over 10 years ago Extensible Binary Meta Language access library
libgloox 1.0-alt1.1 about 11 years ago A rock-solid, full-featured Jabber/XMPP client library
libgme 0.5.5-alt1 about 11 years ago Game Music Emulators library
libjpeg-turbo 2:1.1.1-alt1 over 10 years ago A SIMD-accelerated library for manipulating JPEG image format files
libmatroska 1.0.0-alt1.2 over 10 years ago an extensible open standard Audio/Video container format
libmediainfo 0.7.42-alt1 over 10 years ago libmediainfo - Shared library for mediainfo
libmms 0.6.2-alt1 over 10 years ago mms stream protocol library
libmtp9 1.1.5-alt0.M60T.1 almost 9 years ago a library for accessing Media Transfer Protocol devices
libopenobex 1.6-alt0.M60P.1 almost 9 years ago OpenOBEX - Free implementation of the Object Exchange protocol
libopus 1.0.2-alt0.M60P.1 over 8 years ago Opus Audio Codec library
libopusfile 0.2-alt0.M60T.1 over 8 years ago A high-level API for decoding and seeking within .opus files
libpion-net 4.0.1-alt1 over 10 years ago Pion Network Library (pion-net) is a C++ development library for implementing lightweight HTTP interfaces.
libprojectM 2.0.1-alt3 over 10 years ago Awesome music visualizer
libsidplayfp 1.0.3-alt0.M60P.1 over 8 years ago SID chip music module playing library
libsoxr 0.1.2-alt0.M60T.1 almost 6 years ago The SoX Resampler library
libtag 1.8-alt1.M60P.1 over 8 years ago TagLib, is well, a library for reading and editing audio meta data
libtheora 2:1.1.1-alt4 over 10 years ago Theora Video Compression Codec
libtorrent-rasterbar0.15 2:0.15.9-alt0.M60T.1 about 7 years ago libTorrent is a BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix
libtunepimp 0.5.3-alt4.2.3 over 10 years ago Library that provides access to the MusicBrainz server
libunrar 5.0.14-alt0.M60T.1 almost 8 years ago Library for extract *.rar format archives
libxmp 4.3.8-alt0.M60T.1 over 6 years ago Module Player library for MOD, S3M, IT and others
libzen 0.4.18-alt2 over 10 years ago libzen - Shared library for libmediainfo and medianfo-related programs
lmms 0.4.10-alt1 over 10 years ago Linux MultiMedia Studio
mc 4.8.16-alt0.M60P.2 over 5 years ago An user-friendly file manager and visual shell
mediainfo 0.7.42-alt2 over 10 years ago MediaInfo supplies information about a video or audio file
minitunes 0.1.1-alt1 almost 11 years ago Minitunes is just another music player, only better
mkvtoolnix 4.4.0-alt1.1 over 10 years ago Tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files
mp3gain 1.4.6-alt1 about 13 years ago MP3Gain analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that they have the same volume.
mplayer 1.0-alt35.32772.4.M60P.2 over 9 years ago Media player
multiget 1.2.0-alt1 almost 12 years ago An easy-to-use GUI file downloader
netfleet 0.2.1-alt1 about 12 years ago NetFleet is a multi-threaded(!) download utility
nmapsi4 0.2.1-alt1.1 almost 11 years ago NmapSI4 is a qt4 interface for nmap scanner
obex-data-server 0.4.6-alt2.0.M60P.1 almost 9 years ago D-Bus service for Obex access
opera 12.15.1748-alt0.M60T.1 over 8 years ago A fast and secure web browser and Internet suite
pgadmin3 1.16.0-alt0.M60P.1 almost 9 years ago Powerful administration and development platform for PostgreSQL.
puddletag 0.10.3-alt1 over 10 years ago Feature rich, easy to use tag editor
python-module-wx over 10 years ago Cross platform GUI toolkit for Python using wxGTK
qbittorrent 1:3.1.10-alt0.M60T.1 about 7 years ago qBittorrent is a bittorrent client written in C++ / Qt4 using the good libtorrent library.
qcat 0.5-alt5.1 about 11 years ago A catalog application for various media types
qdevelop 0.29-alt0.M60T.1 about 8 years ago IDE dedicated to QT4

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