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Last updated at Fri, 24 Jul 2020 16:32:17 +0000 | SRPMs: 15011
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Maintainer: Alex Negulescu

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [15]

package versions age Url Summary
alsamixergui 0.9.0-alt3 about 9 years ago Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) graphical mixer
bluefish 2:2.2.5-alt0.M70P.1 about 7 years ago A GTK2 web development application for experienced users
cssed 0.4.1-alt1 about 10 years ago CSS editor for web developers
mucommander 0.8.5.svn3682-alt2 about 9 years ago File manager with Norton Commander interface written in Java
nautilus-share 0.7.3-alt1 over 9 years ago Nautilus Share allows you to quickly share a folder from the GNOME Nautilus file manager without requiring root access.
perl-Astro-SunTime 0.01-alt1.1 about 9 years ago Astro::SunTime provides a function interface to calculate sun rise/set times.
perl-Sys-Mmap 0.16-alt4 over 8 years ago Perl module to use mmap to map in a file as a Perl variable
perl-X10 0.03-alt1.1 about 9 years ago X10 - Perl extension for X10 'ActiveHome' Controller
qamix 0.0.7-alt3.1 almost 9 years ago QAMix is a configurable mixer for ALSA
skippy 0.5.0-alt2.qa1 about 8 years ago Full-screen task-switcher
txt2tags 2.6-alt1.1 over 9 years ago Converts text files to HTML, XHTML, sgml, LaTeX, man...
vnstatPHP 1.5.1-alt2 about 10 years ago PHP fronted end to vnStat, a network traffic logger
zoneminder 1.27.0-alt1.M70P.1 almost 7 years ago A camera monitoring and analysis tool

The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.