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37523CLOSED FIXEDlibruby-develSisyphusenhancementPavel SkrylevJan. 18, 2022Излишняя зависимость от rpm-build-ruby
21490CLOSED NOTABUGlibruby-develSisyphusenhancementPavel SkrylevSept. 9, 2009Can't find ruby/config.h
13951CLOSED FIXEDlibruby-develSisyphusnormalPavel SkrylevAug. 23, 2008Move from /lib to /usr/lib
10506CLOSED FIXEDlibruby-develSisyphusnormalPavel SkrylevJuly 6, 2007/usr/include/ruby не принадлежит ни одному из пакетов
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