Package perl-RPM: Information

Binary package: perl-RPM
Version: 1.51-alt1.1.1
Architecture: i586
Build time:  Nov 27, 2015, 01:27 AM
 in the task #153797
Source package: perl-RPM
Category: Development/Perl
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License: Artistic
Summary:  Native bindings to the RPM Package Manager API
The Perl-RPM package is an attempt to provide Perl-level access to the
complete application programming interface that is a part of the RPM
Package Manager (RPM). Rather than have scripts rely on executing RPM
commands and parse the resultant output, this modules aims to provide
Perl programmers the ability to do anything that would otherwise have
been done in C or C++.
Last changes:
Nov. 25, 2015 Igor Vlasenko 1.51-alt1.1.1
- rebuild with new perl 5.22.0
Dec. 9, 2014 Igor Vlasenko 1.51-alt1.1
- rebuild with new perl 5.20.1
Dec. 5, 2014 Igor Vlasenko 1.51-alt1
- updated from cpan
- c code cleanup in preparation for perl 5.20.1
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