Maintainer Mikhail Gordeev in the p8 branch: Information

Maintainer name: Mikhail Gordeev (obirvalger)
Built source packages in this branch: 9
Last changes
#249710 sent by by Mikhail Gordeev Apr 16, 2020, 02:08 PM
systemd-239-alt6 built by Mikhail Gordeev
System and Session Manager
April 10, 2020 Mikhail Gordeev:
- add resolve files, located at /run to the list of tracked by altlinux-libresolv files
#184298 sent by by Mikhail Gordeev Jun 15, 2017, 03:54 PM
clac-0.3.0-alt0.M80P.1 by Mikhail Gordeev
A command line, stack-based calculator with postfix notation
June 15, 2017 Mikhail Gordeev:
- Initial build for p8
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