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  • 0.8.0-alt1.1.M80P.1
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Group :: Accessibility
Source RPM: gis-weather
Raw spec file

Name: gis-weather
Version: 0.8.0
Release: alt1.1.M80P.1
License: GPLv3
Summary: Customizable weather widget
Group: Accessibility
Source: %name-%version.tar.gz
Source1: gis-weather
Source2: gis-weather.desktop

BuildArch: noarch


# Automatically added by buildreq on Wed Jul 08 2015 (-bi)

# optimized out: python-base

BuildRequires: dos2unix python3 rpm-build-gir

Requires: python3-module-pygobject3 python3-module-pycairo

%add_python3_path %_datadir/%name
# This is not realy needed here (when there are no subpackages), because

# all of the deps get self-satisfied internally in

# (but in future that feature may be turned off):

%allow_python3_import_path %_datadir/%name
# More precise deps:

# libaptindicator is not package in ALT Linux

%add_typelib_req_skiplist typelib(AppIndicator3)

Customizable weather widget.
* View weather for several days
* Detailed weather forecast for today and tomorrow
* Fast switching between cities
* Select the background and theme weather icons
* "Compass" with the wind direction, with adjustable angle of rotation
* Highlighting the high wind
* Support weather services:
* Support SVG and widget scale
* Indicator to panel
* Presets


dos2unix ./dialogs/

install -Dm 0755 %SOURCE1 %buildroot%_bindir/%name
install -Dm 0644 %SOURCE2 %buildroot%_datadir/applications/%name.desktop
install -dm 0755 %buildroot%_datadir/%name
echo rpm > %buildroot%_datadir/%name/package
cp -a {dialogs,,icon.png,i18n,services,themes,utils} %buildroot%_datadir/%name/
grep -rl '^#!' %buildroot%_datadir/%name/ | xargs chmod 0755


* Sun Oct 30 2016 Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz at> 0.8.0-alt1.1.M80P.1
- Build for p8.

* Tue Oct 11 2016 Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz at> 0.8.0-alt1.2
- rebuild with rpm-build-python3- (more deps are found)
- %%python3_req_hier for more precise deps.

* Sun Mar 13 2016 Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz at> 0.8.0-alt1.1
- (NMU) rebuild with rpm-build-python3-0.1.9
(for common python3/site-packages/ and auto python3.3-ABI dep when needed)

* Fri Dec 04 2015 Motsyo Gennadi <drool at> 0.8.0-alt1
- 0.8.0

* Fri Nov 06 2015 Motsyo Gennadi <drool at> 0.7.9-alt1
- 0.7.9

* Sun Aug 23 2015 Motsyo Gennadi <drool at>

* Mon Jul 06 2015 Motsyo Gennadi <drool at>
- initial build for ALT Linux from OpenSUSE package
The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.