Package bodr: Specfile

Name: bodr
Version: 10
Release: alt1

Summary: Blue Obelisk Data Repository
Group: Sciences/Chemistry
License: MIT


BuildArch: noarch

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BuildRequires: perl-devel xml-utils xsltproc

The Blue Obelisk Movement is the name used by a diverse Internet group
promoting reusable chemistry via open source software development,
consistent and complimentary chemoinformatics research, open data, and
open standards.

The Blue Obelisk Data Repository lists many important chemoinformatics
data such as elemental properties, atomic radii, isotopes, atom typing
rules, etc. including references to original literature. Developers can
use this repository to make their software interoperable.

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* Sat Jan 04 2014 Yuri N. Sedunov <> 10-alt1
- new version

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- new version

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