Package c-ares: Information

    Source package: c-ares
    Version: 1.13.0-alt1.M80P.1
    Build time:  Aug 14, 2017, 03:26 PM in the task #186846
    Category: System/Libraries
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    License: MIT
    Summary: A library that performs asynchronous DNS operations
    c-ares is a C library that performs DNS requests and name resolves
    asynchronously. This package contains little utilities built with
    this library.

    List of rpms provided by this srpm:
    c-ares (x86_64, i586)
    c-ares-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
    libcares (x86_64, i586)
    libcares-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
    libcares-devel (x86_64, i586)

    Maintainer: Anton Farygin

      1. rpm-build-ubt
      2. gcc-c++

    Last changed

    Aug. 8, 2017 Anton Farygin 1.13.0-alt1.M80P.1
    - 1.13.0 with these security fixes:
            * CVE-2016-5180 - Heap-based buffer overflow in the ares_create_query function.
            * CVE-2017-1000381 - NAPTR parser out of bounds access.
    Aug. 3, 2016 Vitaly Lipatov 1.11.0-alt1
    - new version 1.11.0 (with rpmrb script)
    Sept. 10, 2014 Eugeny A. Rostovtsev 1.10.0-alt1
    - Version 1.10.0