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Source package: hmount
Version: 0.2.2-alt1.qa1
Build time:  Apr 18, 2013, 04:43 AM
Category: System/Base
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License: GPL
Summary: hmount - Tool to mount/umount hot-plugged devices via HAL interface.
Simple interface to HAL mount/umount actions.
Unlinke gnome-mount, not depend on gconf,  gtk, X, gnome libs.
Intended to mount/umount/list hot-plugged devices without huge amount
of programs and libraries.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
hmount (x86_64, i586)
hmount-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)

Maintainer: Alexey Borovskoy

List of contributors:
Dmitry V. Levin
Alexey Borovskoy

    1. libhal-devel
    2. libdbus-devel

Last changed

April 17, 2013 Dmitry V. Levin 0.2.2-alt1.qa1
- NMU: rebuilt for debuginfo.
Oct. 26, 2009 Alexey Borovskoy 0.2.2-alt1
- Build for Sisyphus.
Jan. 20, 2008 Alexey Borovskoy 0.2.2-alt0.M40.1
- New version: 0.2.2.