Package polkit-rule-udisks2-mount: Specfile

Name: polkit-rule-udisks2-mount
Version: 1.1
Release: alt1

Summary: Polkit rule to allow users in group xgrp mount removable storage devices
License: GPL-3.0
Group: Other

BuildArch: noarch

Source: %name-%version.tar



install -Dpm 0644 10-udisks2-mount.rules %buildroot%_datadir/polkit-1/rules.d/10-udisks2-mount.rules


* Mon Feb 14 2022 Andrey Cherepanov <> 1.1-alt1
- Fix extension of rule file (ALT #41936).

* Tue Jan 25 2022 Andrey Cherepanov <> 1.0-alt1
- Initial build in Sisyphus (ALT #40811).