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Source package: qcad
Build time:  May 8, 2018, 06:27 PM in the task #205613
Category: Graphics
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License: GPLv3 with exceptions
Summary: A professional CAD system
QCad is a professional CAD System. With QCad you can easily construct
and change drawings with ISO-text and many other features and save them
as DXF-files. These DXF-files are the interface to many CAD-systems such
as AutoCAD(TM) and many others.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
qcad (x86_64, i586)
qcad-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)

Maintainer: Andrey Cherepanov

    1. python
    2. libdbus-devel
    3. qt5-base-devel
    4. libssl-devel
    5. libGL-devel
    6. libGLU-devel
    7. qt5-designer
    8. desktop-file-utils
    9. zlib-devel
    10. qt5-svg-devel
    11. qt5-tools-devel
    12. qt5-tools-devel-static
    13. qt5-webengine-devel
    14. qt5-webkit-devel
    15. qt5-xmlpatterns-devel
    16. qt5-imageformats
    17. gcc-c++
    18. qt5-script-devel

Last changed

May 6, 2018 Andrey Cherepanov
- Backport new version to p8 branch.
- New version has fix for correct printer detection (ALT #34806).
May 6, 2018 Andrey Cherepanov
- Use Qt file dialogs for any unknown WM (KDE in some cases) (ALT #34805).
May 5, 2018 Andrey Cherepanov
- New version.
- Fix open file from command line (ALT #34807).