Package kernel-modules-drm-nouveau-un-def: Information

Binary package: kernel-modules-drm-nouveau-un-def
Version: 5.10.145-alt1
Architecture: i586
Build time:  Sep 30, 2022, 01:02 PM
 in the task #307269
Source package: kernel-image-un-def
Category: System/Kernel and hardware
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License: GPL-2.0-only 
Summary:  The Direct Rendering Infrastructure modules for NVIDIA cards
The Direct Rendering Infrastructure, also known as the DRI, is a framework
for allowing direct access to graphics hardware in a safe and efficient
manner.  It includes changes to the X server, to several client libraries,
and to the kernel.  The first major use for the DRI is to create fast
OpenGL implementations.

These are modules for your ALT Linux system
Last changes:
Sept. 23, 2022 Kernel Bot <> 1:5.10.145-alt1
- v5.10.145 (2022-09-23).
Sept. 21, 2022 Kernel Bot <> 1:5.10.144-alt1
- v5.10.144 (2022-09-20).
Sept. 15, 2022 Kernel Bot <> 1:5.10.143-alt1
- v5.10.143 (2022-09-15).
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