Package libgnutls30: Information

Binary package: libgnutls30
Version: 3.6.16-alt2
Architecture: aarch64
Build time:  Aug 11, 2022, 03:10 PM
 in the task #304673
Source package: gnutls30
Category: System/Libraries
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License: LGPLv2.1+ 
Summary:  Transport Layer Security library
GnuTLS is a project that aims to develop a library which provides a
secure  layer, over a reliable transport layer.  Currently the GnuTLS
library implements the proposed standards by the IETF's TLS working

This package contains the GnuTLS runtime library.
Last changes:
Aug. 2, 2022 Mikhail Efremov 3.6.16-alt2
- Fix double free during gnutls_pkcs7_verify (fixes: CVE-2022-2509).
May 31, 2021 Mikhail Efremov 3.6.16-alt1
- Updated to 3.6.16 (fixes: CVE-2021-20305).
- Dropped obsoleted patches.
March 22, 2021 Mikhail Efremov 3.6.15-alt2
- Fixed gnulib tests.
- Fixed CVE-2021-20231, CVE-2021-20232
    (fixes: CVE-2021-20231, CVE-2021-20232).
- Fixed testpkcs11.
- Dropped self-provide from devel subpackage.
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