Package libmysqlclient21-devel: Information

Binary package: libmysqlclient21-devel
Version: 8.0.26-alt2
Architecture: x86_64
Build time:  Oct 1, 2021, 08:16 PM in the task #285672
Source package: MySQL
Category: Development/C
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License: LGPL
Summary: Development header files and libraries for MySQL
This package contains the development header files and libraries
necessary to develop MySQL client applications.

For a description of MySQL see the base MySQL RPM or

Last changed

Sept. 7, 2021 Nikolai Kostrigin 8.0.26-alt2
- spec: fix packaging error for mysqlrouter logrotate script (closes: #40870)
- spec: fix man pages' packaging
Aug. 6, 2021 Nikolai Kostrigin 8.0.26-alt1
- new version
  + (fixes: CVE-2021-22901, CVE-2019-17543, CVE-2021-2417, CVE-2021-2389)
  + (fixes: CVE-2021-2390, CVE-2021-2429, CVE-2021-2356, CVE-2021-2385)
  + (fixes: CVE-2021-2339, CVE-2021-2352, CVE-2021-2399, CVE-2021-2370)
  + (fixes: CVE-2021-2440, CVE-2021-2354, CVE-2021-2402, CVE-2021-2342)
  + (fixes: CVE-2021-2357, CVE-2021-2367, CVE-2021-2412, CVE-2021-2383)
  + (fixes: CVE-2021-2384, CVE-2021-2387, CVE-2021-2444, CVE-2021-2410)
  + (fixes: CVE-2021-2418, CVE-2021-2425, CVE-2021-2426, CVE-2021-2427)
  + (fixes: CVE-2021-2437, CVE-2021-2441, CVE-2021-2422, CVE-2021-2424)
  + (fixes: CVE-2021-2372, CVE-2021-2374, CVE-2021-2340)
- update alt-client patch
- add alt-e2k-fixes patch(ilyakurdyakov@)
- add alt-powerpc-fix-longdouble-constexpr patch(egori@, ilyakurdyakov@)
  refer to #40641 for details
July 8, 2021 Nikolai Kostrigin 8.0.25-alt2
- spec: add conditional BR: evaluation for RPC libs excluded from glibc
  for seamless backporting