Package libzeitgeist2.0-devel

Binary package: libzeitgeist2.0-devel
Version: 1.0.2-alt1
Architecture: aarch64
Build time:  Feb 5, 2019, 05:36 PM
 in the task #220742
Source package: zeitgeist
Category: Development/C
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License:  LGPLv3+ and LGPLv3
Summary:  Development files for Zeitgeist
Zeitgeist is a service which logs the users's activities and events (files
opened, websites visites, conversations hold with other people, etc.) and makes
relevant information available to other applications.

This package contains the development files for the Zeitgeist library.
Last changes:
Feb. 5, 2019 Yuri N. Sedunov 1.0.2-alt1
- 1.0.2
June 9, 2018 Yuri N. Sedunov 1.0.1-alt1
- updated to v1.0.1-3-g2b337c8
- used gtk-doc & valadoc to build documentation
Oct. 13, 2017 Aleksei Nikiforov 1.0-alt2
- Rebuilt with new xapian.

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