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Maintainer: Aleksei Nikiforov

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [582]

package versions age Url Summary
0ad 1:0.0.23b-alt3 almost 2 years ago Free, open-source realtime strategy game of ancient warfare
389-ds-base over 2 years ago 389 Directory Server (base)
3proxy 0.6.1-alt2 0.6.1-alt1.qa1 0.6.1-alt1.qa1 over 8 years ago Proxy server
BALL 1.4.3_beta1.793.git37fc53c-alt3 over 1 year ago Biochemical Algorithms Library
BlocksRuntime 0.3-alt3 over 2 years ago The runtime library for C blocks support
Cultivation 8-alt5 8-alt4 over 2 years ago Cultivation is a game about the interactions within a gardening community
FlightGear 2020.1-alt1 2018.2.2-alt1 over 3 years ago open-source flight simulator
GMT 5.4.5-alt1_1 over 2 years ago Generic Mapping Tools
GTS 2.5.1-alt1 about 1 year ago A scanning tool developed by Studio Ghibli
LibreOffice over 2 years ago LibreOffice Productivity Suite
LibreOffice-still over 2 years ago LibreOffice Productivity Suite (Still version)
Mayavi 4.7.3-alt1 4.6.2-alt1 over 2 years ago Scientific data 3-dimensional visualizer
NetworkManager 1.18.11-alt1.gite2fdbc2b7482 1.18.8-alt1 1.10.14-alt1.E2K.3 1.18.0-alt2 over 2 years ago Install NetworkManager daemon and plugins
PokerTH 1.1.2-alt4 1.1.2-alt4 about 3 years ago Texas Hold'em poker game
Pymacs 0.24-alt1beta2.2 about 3 years ago Two-way communication between Python and Emacs
SDL2 2.0.14-alt4 2.0.10-alt1 2.0.10-alt1 2.0.9-alt2 over 2 years ago Simple DirectMedia Layer
SimGear 2020.1-alt1 2018.2.2-alt3 2018.2.2-alt2 over 2 years ago Simulator Construction Tools
a2ps 4.14-alt3 4.14-alt2 4.14-alt2 almost 10 years ago Any to PostScript filter
accel-ppp 1.12.0-alt4 1.12.0-alt3 1.12.0-alt3 1.11.2-alt12 over 2 years ago High performance PPTP/L2TP/PPPoE server
aircrack-ng 1.5.2-alt1 1.5.2-alt1 over 2 years ago 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK key recovery program
alt-app-starter 1.3.0-alt1 about 1 year ago The tool to run programs as another user
alterator-l10n 2.9.95-alt1 2.9.65-alt1 2.9.65-alt1 2.9.45-alt1 over 2 years ago translations for all alterator modules
alterator-quota 1.6.3-alt1 1.5.2-alt1 1.5.2-alt1 1.5.1-alt1 over 7 years ago alterator module for managing filesystem quotas
alterator-selinux-users 0.2.5-alt2 0.2.5-alt2 over 2 years ago alterator module for administration users in SE Linux
antiword 0.37-alt4 0.37-alt3.1.qa1 0.37-alt3.1.qa1 over 8 years ago Antiword an application to display Microsoft(R) Word files
apitrace 7.1-alt2 over 3 years ago Tools for tracing OpenGL
appstream-data 20190919-alt1 20190919-alt1 20181212-alt1 almost 3 years ago ALT Linux AppStream metadata
appstream-data-generator 20190718-alt1 over 2 years ago Collection of tools for generation of appstream-data
apt 0.5.15lorg2-alt71.3 0.5.15lorg2-alt71 0.5.15lorg2-alt68.1.E2K.0 0.5.15lorg2-alt68 over 2 years ago Debian's Advanced Packaging Tool with RPM support
apt-indicator 0.3.20-alt1 0.3.16-alt1 0.3.12-alt3 0.3.12-alt3 over 2 years ago Applet for indication that newer packages are available
aptitude 0.4.5-alt12 0.4.5-alt11.E2K.0 0.4.5-alt11 over 2 years ago Terminal-based apt frontend
arprec 2.2.19-alt1 over 2 years ago C++/Fortran-90 arbitrary precision package
asymptote 2.68-alt1 2.47-alt1 over 2 years ago Descriptive vector graphics language
atftp 0.7.2-alt2 0.7.1-alt1.qa1 0.7.1-alt1.qa1 over 3 years ago Advanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
audit 2.8.5-alt5.git.e4021a9 2.8.5-alt4.git.e4021a9 2.8.4-alt3.E2K.1 2.8.5-alt2 over 2 years ago User space tools for Linux kernel 2.6+ auditing
aview 1.3.0-alt3.rc1 1.3.0-alt2.rc1.qa1 1.3.0-alt2.rc1.qa1 over 8 years ago High quality ascii-art image (pnm) browser and animation (fli/flc) player
bacula9 9.6.7-alt1 9.6.3-alt1 9.6.3-alt1 9.4.2-alt4 over 2 years ago Network based backup program
barrage 1.0.4-alt2 1.0.4-alt2 over 2 years ago Kill and destroy as many targets as possible within 3 minutes
bash-builtin-lockf 0.3.1-alt1.qa1 0.3.1-alt1.qa1 over 8 years ago lockf bash builtin
bash-completion 1:2.8-alt3 1:2.8-alt3 almost 3 years ago bash-completion offers programmable completion for bash
bash-defaults 4.4.23-alt1 4.4.23-alt1 over 2 years ago ALT Linux Team setup for the GNU Bourne Again SHell (Bash)
bash3 3.2.57-alt4 3.2.57-alt4 about 3 years ago The GNU Bourne Again SHell (Bash)
bash4 4.4.23-alt1 4.4.23-alt1 over 2 years ago The GNU Bourne Again SHell (Bash)
bashdb 4.4_0.94-alt1 4.4_0.94-alt1 over 2 years ago BASH with Debugger and Improved Debug Support and Error Handling
bazel 0.23.2-alt1 over 2 years ago Correct, reproducible, and fast builds for everyone.
bchunk 1.2.2-alt1 1.2.0-alt1 1.2.0-alt1 almost 17 years ago A CD image format converter from .bin/.cue to .iso/.cdr/.wav
be 1.1.1-alt2 1.1.1-alt2 about 3 years ago Bugs Everywhere, a distributed bug tracker
blender 2.83.4-alt1 2.80-alt1.1 2.79b-alt7 over 2 years ago 3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production
blitz 1.0.1-alt1 1.0.1-alt1 over 3 years ago C++ class library for scientific computing
blosc 1.15.1-alt2 1.15.1-alt2 over 2 years ago Blosc: A blocking, shuffling and lossless compression library
boost 1:1.67.0-alt8 1:1.67.0-alt6 over 2 years ago Boost libraries
cacti 1.2.15-alt3 1.2.3-alt1 1.2.3-alt1 over 2 years ago The complete RRDTool-based graphing solution.
calligra 0:3.2.1-alt1 0:3.1.0-alt7 over 2 years ago An integrated office suite
calligraplan 0:3.2.2-alt1 0:3.1.0-alt4.qa1 over 2 years ago A project planner
canto-curses 0.9.0-alt1.alpha1.git20140904.1.1 over 2 years ago Curses frontend for Canto daemon
capstone 4.0.1-alt1 4.0.1-alt1 over 2 years ago A disassembly framework
castxml 0.4.2-alt1 almost 3 years ago C-family abstract syntax tree XML output tool
ccache 3.4.2-alt2 3.4.2-alt2 about 3 years ago Compiler cache
ceph 14.2.22-alt1 14.2.1-alt1 over 2 years ago User space components of the Ceph file system
cgal 5.0.2-alt1.1 4.12-alt2.S1 over 3 years ago Easy access to efficient and reliable geometric algorithms
cgum 1.0.1-alt2 1.0.1-alt1 over 2 years ago The C parser for GumTree
checkpolicy 1:3.1-alt1 1:3.0-alt1 1:3.0-alt1 1:2.9-alt2 over 2 years ago SELinux policy compiler
cifs-utils 6.11-alt1 6.8-alt4 6.8-alt3 over 2 years ago Utilities for doing and managing mounts of the Linux CIFS filesystem
cjdns 20.3-alt1 over 2 years ago Encrypted networking for regular people
clanlib0.8 0.8.1-alt6.qa1 0.8.1-alt6.qa1 over 2 years ago The ClanLib Game SDK
clickhouse 5 months ago Open-source distributed column-oriented DBMS
cmark 0.28.3-alt3 0.28.3-alt1.S1 over 3 years ago CommonMark parsing and rendering
conserver 8.2.2-alt1 8.2.2-alt1 about 3 years ago Serial console server daemon/client
consul 1.8.6-alt1 1.4.3-alt1 over 2 years ago Consul is a tool for service discovery and configuration
coturn over 1 year ago Coturn TURN Server
cppcheck 1.82-alt1_git_de7aa8f.1.E2K.1 1.82-alt1_git_de7aa8f.1 almost 4 years ago git:// A tool for static C/C++ code analysis
cpprest 2.10.14-alt1 2.10.13-alt1 over 2 years ago C++ REST library
crtools 3.15-alt1 12 months ago Utility to checkpoint/restore tasks
cube 4.3.5-alt1 4.3.5-alt1 about 4 years ago Performance report explorer for Scalasca and Score-P
cups 2.3.3-alt6.op2 2.3.1-alt1 2.3.1-alt1 2.2.11-alt1 over 2 years ago Common Unix Printing System - server package
cve-check-tool 5.6.4-alt2.git.cbc2d0e.1 5.6.4-alt2.git.cbc2d0e.1 about 3 years ago Command line tool for checking known (public) CVEs
dd_rescue 1.99.8-alt2 over 2 years ago Fault tolerant "dd" utility for rescuing data from bad media
desmume 0.9.11-alt3 0.9.11-alt3 over 2 years ago A Nintendo DS emulator
devil 1.7.8-alt3 over 2 years ago Cross-platform image loading and manipulation toolkit
dia 0.97.4-alt0.7.1 0.97.4-alt0.7.0.mips1 0.97.4-alt0.7 0.97.4-alt0.7 almost 3 years ago A gtk+ based diagram creation program
dmd 2.091.0-alt1 over 1 year ago The D Programming Language
doitlive 3.0.3-alt1 3.0.3-alt1 over 2 years ago Because sometimes you need to do it live
dotnet 3.1.6-alt1 about 1 year ago Installer packages for the .NET Core runtime and libraries
dotnet-bootstrap 3.1.6-alt1 about 1 year ago .NET Core SDK binaries
dotnet-common 3.1.6-alt1 2.1.9-alt1 over 2 years ago Common dir and files for the .NET Core runtime and libraries
dotnet-coreclr 3.1.6-alt2 12 months ago .NET Core runtime, called CoreCLR, and the base library, called mscorlib
dotnet-corefx 3.1.6-alt1 about 1 year ago .NET Core foundational libraries, called CoreFX
dotnet-sdk 3.1.106-alt1 about 1 year ago SDK for the .NET Core runtime and libraries
dovecot 2.3.16-alt1 2.3.5-alt1 over 2 years ago Dovecot secure IMAP/POP3 server
dovecot-pigeonhole 1:0.5.16-alt1 1:0.5.10-alt1 1:0.5.10-alt1 1:0.5.5-alt1 over 2 years ago Sieve language and the ManageSieve protocol for the Dovecot Secure IMAP Server
dreampie 1.3.0-alt1.git20171111 1.3.0-alt1.git20171111 about 3 years ago the Python shell you've always dreamed about
dvdstyler 3.1.2-alt2 3.0.4-alt4 over 2 years ago dvdstyler is a crossplatform DVD Authoring System
e4rat 0.2.3-alt4.1 0.2.3-alt4.1 over 3 years ago e4rat is a toolset to accelerate the boot process as well as application startups
eigen3 3.3.7-alt4 3.3.7-alt4 3.3.7-alt3 over 2 years ago C++ template library for linear algebra
eiskaltdcpp 2.4.0-alt1 over 2 years ago EiskaltDC++ - Direct Connect client
ejabberd 21.07-alt1 19.02-alt3 over 2 years ago Fault-tolerant distributed Jabber server written in Erlang
enblend 4.2-alt4 4.2-alt3 about 4 years ago A tool for combine images (make a panoramas) using a multiresolution spline
eog 3.32.2-alt1 over 2 years ago Eye Of Gnome
eog-plugins 3.26.3-alt1 over 3 years ago EOG plugins
erlang-base64url 1.0.1-alt1 1.0.1-alt1 1.0-alt1.S1 over 3 years ago URL safe base64-compatible codec

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The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.