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Maintainer: Slava Dubrovskiy

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [197]

package versions age Url Summary
CUnit 2.1.3-alt1.svn20140424 2.1.3-alt1.svn20140424 almost 7 years ago A lightweight system for unit tests in C
CharLS 1.0-alt2 1.0-alt2 over 7 years ago JPEG-LS compliant compressor/decompressor codec
MySQL 8.0.25-alt2 8.0.20-alt2.0.mips1 5.7.24-alt1.E2K.1 8.0.15-alt1 over 2 years ago A very fast and reliable SQL database engine
alure 1.2-alt2.qa1 1.2-alt2.qa1 over 5 years ago ALURE is a utility library to help manage common tasks with OpenAL applications
atop 2.2-alt2 2.2-alt2 almost 6 years ago AT Computing's System & Process Monitor
audit 2.8.5-alt5.git.e4021a9 2.8.5-alt4.git.e4021a9 2.8.4-alt3.E2K.1 2.8.5-alt2 over 2 years ago User space tools for Linux kernel 2.6+ auditing
augeas 1.12.0-alt1 1.12.0-alt1 over 2 years ago A library for changing configuration files
awstats 7.7-alt0.6.20180105 7.7-alt0.6.20180105 over 2 years ago Real-time logfile analyzer to get advanced web statistics
bombono-dvd 1.2.4-alt5 1.2.4-alt5 1.2.4-alt5 about 3 years ago DVD authoring program with nice and clean GUI
bullet 2.82-alt1.r2704 2.82-alt1.r2704 over 7 years ago Professional 3D collision detection library
byobu 2.38-alt1.1.1 2.38-alt1.1.1 over 9 years ago byobu a set of useful profiles and a profile-switcher for GNU screen
calibre 3.42.0-alt1 about 2 years ago A e-book library management application
cegui 0.8.7-alt5_14 0.8.7-alt3_14 over 2 years ago Free library providing windowing and widgets for graphics APIs / engines
certmaster 0.28-alt2 0.28-alt2 over 8 years ago Remote certificate distribution framework
cmake 3.16.3-alt3 3.16.3-alt1.E2K.1 3.16.3-alt1 3.13.4-alt3 about 2 years ago Cross-platform, open-source make system
coccinelle 1.0.8-alt7 1.0.6-alt1 about 3 years ago Semantic patching for Linux (spatch)
corosync 3.1.4-alt1 3.0.4-alt2 3.0.4-alt2 3.0.2-alt1 about 2 years ago The Corosync Cluster Engine and Application Programming Interfaces
crmsh 3.0.3-alt1 almost 3 years ago Pacemaker command line interface
crtools 3.15-alt1 9 months ago Utility to checkpoint/restore tasks
ctemplate 2.3-alt1.svn20140319.1 2.3-alt1.svn20140319.1 about 6 years ago HTML template library written in C inspired by perl HTML::Template
darktable 3.4.1-alt1 6 months ago Darktable is a virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographer
davmail 6.0.0-alt2 5.5.1-alt1 5.5.1-alt1 5.2.0-alt1 over 2 years ago POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP gateway for Microsoft Exchange
dialog 1.3.20171209-alt1 1.3.20171209-alt1 about 3 years ago A utility for creating TTY dialog boxes
directfb 1.1.0-alt6 1.1.0-alt6 over 2 years ago DirectFB - drivers and binaries
docker-registry 2.6.2-alt1 over 2 years ago The Docker toolset to pack, ship, store, and deliver content
doublecmd 1:0.9.10-alt1 6 months ago Twin-panel (commander-style) file manager
dvdauthor 0.7.2-alt3 0.7.2-alt3 about 3 years ago set of tools to author a DVD
dvdstyler 3.1.2-alt2 3.0.4-alt4 over 2 years ago dvdstyler is a crossplatform DVD Authoring System
dynamips 0.2.21-alt1 0.2.21-alt1 0.2.20-alt1 about 2 years ago Cisco 7200 Simulator
e2fsprogs 1.44.6-alt1 1.44.6-alt1 over 2 years ago The filesystem utilities for the ext2/ext3 filesystems
erlsyslog 0.0-alt0.3 over 12 years ago Syslog facility for Erlang
etcnet 0.9.19-alt2 0.9.19-alt1 0.9.18-alt4 0.9.18-alt3 over 2 years ago /etc/net network configuration system
eviacam 2.1.3-alt3 almost 3 years ago Mouse replacement software that moves the pointer as you move your head
fbreader 0.99.5-alt6 0.99.5-alt6 over 2 years ago E-Book Reader
fdk-aac 2.0.1-alt0.1 over 1 year ago Fraunhofer FDK AAC Codec Library for Android
ffmpeg 2:4.3.2-alt1 2:4.2.4-alt1.E2K.1 2:4.2.4-alt1 2:4.1.3-alt2 over 2 years ago A command line toolbox to manipulate, convert and stream multimedia content
fillets-ng 1.0.1-alt1.1 1.0.1-alt1.1 over 4 years ago puzzle game about witty fish saving the world sokoban-style
fillets-ng-data 1.0.0-alt1 1.0.0-alt1 over 10 years ago docs, graphics, music and international sounds for fillets-ng
fio 3.23-alt1 3.13-alt1 3.13-alt1 over 2 years ago;a=summary IO testing tool
fpc 3:3.2.2-alt1 2 months ago Free Pascal Compiler -- Meta Package
freeciv 2.6.0-alt1 2.6.0-alt1 over 2 years ago Turn-based strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization
freerdp 2.3.2-alt1 2.1.2-alt2 2.0.0-alt4.git20190806 2.0.0-alt1.git20181120 over 2 years ago Remote Desktop Protocol functionality
freeswitch 1:1.10.6-alt1 1:1.10.3-alt1 about 1 year ago FreeSWITCH open source telephony platform
func 0.30-alt1.git20131022 0.30-alt1.git20131022 almost 7 years ago Remote management framework
gcompris 15.10-alt6.1 15.10-alt6.1 over 3 years ago Educational suite for kids 2-10 years old
gdb 8.1-alt1.E2K.23.021 about 2 years ago A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++ and other languages
gdcm 2.8.4-alt3_11 over 2 years ago Grassroots DiCoM is a C++ library to parse DICOM medical files
gns3-server 2.2.11-alt1 2.2.0-alt2.b2 about 2 years ago GNS3 server manages emulators such as Dynamips, VirtualBox or Qemu/KVM
golang 1.15.14-alt1 1.14.4-alt1 1.12.6-alt1 about 2 years ago The Go Programming Language
gparted 1.0.0-alt1 1.0.0-alt1 about 2 years ago GParted Partition Editor
gptfdisk 1.0.1-alt1 1.0.1-alt1 over 5 years ago GPT partitioning and MBR repair software
handbrake 1.3.1-alt3 over 1 year ago Multithreaded Video Transcoder
havp 0.93-alt1 0.93-alt1 about 1 year ago (HTTP Antivirus Proxy) is a proxy with anti-virus scanner
hivex 1.3.15-alt3.1 over 2 years ago Read and write Windows Registry binary hive files
httpry 0.1.8-alt1 0.1.8-alt1 about 7 years ago specialized packet sniffer designed for displaying and logging HTTP traffic
installer-distro-server-light 8.0-alt1 over 6 years ago Installer files for server
ipset 7.5-alt1 7.1-alt2 7.1-alt1 over 2 years ago Tools for managing sets of IP or ports with iptables
ipvsadm 1.29-alt1 1.29-alt1 almost 3 years ago Utility to administer the Linux Virtual Server
irqbalance 1.5.0-alt1 1.5.0-alt1 over 2 years ago Evenly distribute interrupt load across CPUs
iscsitarget over 4 years ago iSCSI kernel module and utilities
jansson 2.12-alt1 2.12-alt1 2.10-alt1 over 2 years ago C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
kernel-image-std-def 2:5.4.136-alt1 8 days ago The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)
kernel-source-e1000e 3.8.7-alt1 almost 3 years ago Linux e1000e modules sources for e1000 Intel(R) Ethernet adapter
ksmtuned 1.0-alt4 1.0-alt4 over 4 years ago KSM
lazarus 1:2.0.12-alt1 about 2 months ago Lazarus Component Library and IDE
ldns 1.7.1-alt1.git.e99accb9 1.7.0-alt4 1.7.0-alt2.S1 almost 3 years ago Lowlevel DNS(SEC) library with API
libcap-ng 0.7.9-alt1 0.7.9-alt1 over 2 years ago An alternate posix capabilities library
libevent 2.1.8-alt2 2.1.8-alt2 over 2 years ago Abstract asynchronous event notification library
libexif 0.6.22-alt3 0.6.21-alt1 0.6.21-alt1 almost 9 years ago libexif is a library for parsing, editing, and saving EXIF data
libfreetype 2.10.1-alt1.1.p9.1 2.10.1-alt1 2.10.1-alt1 2.10.0-alt2 over 2 years ago A free and portable font rendering engine
libgsm 1.0.17-alt1 1.0.17-alt1 over 3 years ago GSM audio encoding/decoding library
libisdn 0.0.1-alt1.qa1 0.0.1-alt1.qa1 almost 7 years ago OpenISDN experimental stack
libmemcached 1.0.18-alt3 1.0.18-alt3 over 2 years ago Client library to the memcached
libmnl 1.0.4-alt2 1.0.4-alt2 over 2 years ago Minimalistic Netlink library
libnftnl 1.1.8-alt1 1.1.6-alt1 1.1.6-alt1 1.1.2-alt1 over 2 years ago Netfilter nf_tables infrastructure library
libpcap 2:1.9.1-alt2 2:1.9.0-alt2 2:1.9.0-alt2 over 2 years ago A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture
libprelude 5.0.0-alt2 over 2 years ago Secure Connections between all Sensors and the Prelude Manager
libpreludedb 5.0.0-alt1_1.1 over 2 years ago Framework for easy access to the IDMEF database
libqb 1.0.3-alt1_4 1.0.3-alt1_4 about 3 years ago An IPC library for high performance servers
libspandsp6 0.0.6-alt0.19.2 over 8 years ago DSP library for VoIP, FAX and T.38 support
libssh2 1.9.0-alt2 1.9.0-alt1 1.9.0-alt1 1.8.2-alt1 over 2 years ago A library implementing the SSH2 protocol
libteam 1.31-alt1 1.30-alt1 1.28-alt1 over 2 years ago Library for controlling team network device
lightsquid 1.8-alt2 1.8-alt2 almost 4 years ago Lite, small size and fast log analizer for squid proxy
lmms 1.2.2-alt2 1.2.0-alt3.20190117 1.2.0-alt2.20190117 over 2 years ago Linux MultiMedia Studio
lsyncd 2.1.4-alt1.git.3c9f8833.1 2.1.4-alt1.git.3c9f8833.1 over 4 years ago File change monitoring and synchronization daemon
make-initrd 2.16.0-alt1 2.7.0-alt1 2.2.12-alt1 2.2.10-alt1 over 2 years ago Creates an initramfs image
mariadb 10.4.20-alt1 10.4.13-alt1 10.4.12-alt1 10.3.15-alt1 about 2 years ago A very fast and reliable SQL database engine
mlt 6.24.0-alt1.1 6.20.0-alt1 6.16.0-alt4 6.16.0-alt1 about 2 years ago Multimedia framework designed for television broadcasting
mongo 4.0.7-alt1 over 2 years ago mongo client shell and tools
mosh 1.3.2-alt2.1 1.3.2-alt2.1 almost 3 years ago Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo
multicat 2.0-alt1 2.0-alt1 over 7 years ago A set of tools designed to manipulate multicast streams
netatop 0.3-alt1 0.3-alt1 almost 8 years ago Daemon fo gather statistics about the TCP and UDP packets
nftables 1:0.9.7-alt1 1:0.9.4-alt1 1:0.9.4-alt1 1:0.9.0-alt2 over 2 years ago nftables is the project that aims to replace the existing {ip,ip6,arp,eb}tables framework
nginx 1.20.1-alt1 1.16.1-alt1 1.16.1-alt1 1.14.2-alt1.1 over 2 years ago Fast HTTP server
nmap 20020501:7.80-alt1 20020501:7.80-alt1 20020501:7.70-alt2 over 2 years ago Network exploration tool and security scanner
ogre 1.9.0-alt2 1.9.0-alt1.2 over 2 years ago Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
ois 1.3.0-alt2.1.1 1.3.0-alt2.1.1 about 6 years ago Open Input System, OO gaming input library
open-iscsi 2.1.4-alt2 2.0.877-alt1.git73652184 2.0.873-alt1.git006270 over 2 years ago Utils to operate with iSCSI
open-ovf 0.1-alt1 0.1-alt1 over 8 years ago Tool for importing and exporting OVF
opennode-tui 2.0.1-alt6.git.6af352f almost 7 years ago OpenNode Textual User Interface RPM

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The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.