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Maintainer: Nikolay A. Fetisov

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [414]

package versions age Url Summary
ZFDebug 1.5-alt1 over 10 years ago a debug bar for Zend Framework
ZendFramework 1.11.7-alt1 almost 10 years ago A framework for developing Web Applications and Web Services with PHP
aerospike-admin 0.0.17-alt1 0.0.17-alt1 about 5 years ago Aerospike Administration tool
apache2-mod_apreq 2.13-alt6.2 about 2 years ago Apache2 HTTP request library
apache2-mod_evasive 1.10.1-alt2 1.10.1-alt2 almost 5 years ago Apache 2.x evasive module to minimize HTTP DoS or brute force attacks
apache2-mod_perl 2.0.10-alt4.2 about 2 years ago An embedded Perl interpreter for the Apache2 Web server
apache2-mod_security 2.9.1-alt1 2.9.1-alt1 almost 5 years ago Tighten web applications security for Apache 2.x
aprutil1 1.6.1-alt2 1.6.1-alt2 about 2 years ago Apache Portable Runtime Utility shared library
authprogs 0.5-alt2 0.5-alt2 over 8 years ago SSH command authenticator
bky 1.0.0-alt1.pre3 almost 15 years ago a minimalistic distributed Version Control System
cadaver 0.23.3-alt4 0.23.3-alt4 about 2 years ago a command-line WebDAV client
composer 2.0.11-alt1 1.10.1-alt1 1.10.1-alt1 1.8.5-alt1 almost 2 years ago Composer helps you declare, manage and install dependencies of PHP projects, ensuring you have the right stack everywhere
coolreader3 3.2.29-alt2 3.2.29-alt1 about 2 years ago E-Book reader
cryptote 0.6.0-alt2 0.6.0-alt2 over 2 years ago encrypting text editor
cryptsetup 2.3.3-alt1 2.3.3-alt1 2.1.0-alt1 about 2 years ago utility to setup a encrypted disks with LUKS support
cutycapt 0.0-alt2 0.0-alt2 over 5 years ago utility to capture WebKit's rendering of a web page
dehydrated 0.6.2-alt1 0.6.2-alt1 almost 3 years ago ACME client for signing certificates implemented in Bash
dhcpdump 1.8-alt3 about 8 years ago DHCP packet dumper
dhcping 1.2-alt2.qa1 1.2-alt2.qa1 almost 8 years ago DHCP daemon ping program
dillo 3.0.5-alt3 3.0.5-alt3 about 2 years ago a small FLTK-based web browser
dirtree 1.7.0-alt1 1.7.0-alt1 about 4 years ago a recursive directory listing command
dosage 2.15-alt1 2.15-alt1 over 6 years ago a commandline webcomic downloader and archiver
easystroke 0.6.0-alt3.1 0.6.0-alt3.1 almost 3 years ago a gesture-recognition application for X11
etcnet 0.9.19-alt2 0.9.19-alt1 0.9.18-alt4 0.9.18-alt3 about 2 years ago /etc/net network configuration system
fiaif 1.22.1-alt3 1.22.1-alt3 about 3 years ago FIAIF is an Intelligent Firewall for iptables based Linux systems
firefox-certificate_patrol 2.0.16-alt1 almost 4 years ago Certificate Patrol extension for Firefox
firefox-copyallurls 0.9.8-alt2 over 7 years ago CopyAllUrls plugin for Firefox
firefox-download_statusbar 0.9.10-alt2 over 8 years ago Download Statusbar plugin for Firefox
firefox-duckduckgo_plus 2017.12.7-alt1 over 3 years ago DuckDuckGo Plus Firefox extension
firefox-flashblock 1.5.20-alt1 over 5 years ago FlashBlock plugin for Firefox
firefox-foxyproxy_standard 6.1.9-alt1.qa1 over 2 years ago advanced proxy management tool
firefox-gmail_manager over 5 years ago Gmail Manager Community plugin for Firefox
firefox-privacy_settings 0.2.6-alt1 almost 4 years ago Privacy Settings extension for Firefox
firefox-quicknote 0.7.6-alt1 almost 5 years ago QuickNote plugin for Firefox
firefox-scrapbook 1.5.14-alt1 over 4 years ago Firefox extension, which helps you to save Web pages and manage the collection
firefox-sessionmanager about 4 years ago saves and restores the state of all windows
firefox-ublock_origin 1.14.22-alt1 over 3 years ago uBlock Origin extension for Firefox
firefox-umatrix 1.1.20-alt1 over 3 years ago uMatrix extension for Firefox
firefox-video_downloadhelper 7.1.1-alt1 over 3 years ago Video DownloadHelper plugin for Firefox
firefox-vimperator 3.16.0-alt1 about 4 years ago Browser add-on for Firefox, which makes it like the Vim text editor
firefox-webdeveloper 1:2.0.1-alt1 over 3 years ago The Web Developer extension for Mozilla Firefox
fortunes-futurama 0.2-alt1 0.2-alt1 almost 15 years ago collection of quotes from "Futurama"
fortunes-simpsons-chalkboard 1.1-alt1 1.1-alt1 almost 13 years ago collection of Bart Simpson's chalkboard-writings
freetds 1.2.17-alt2 1.00.97-alt1 1.00.97-alt1 over 2 years ago An OpenSource implementation of the tubular data stream protocol
ftp 0.18-alt0.pre1.3 0.18-alt0.pre1.3 about 2 years ago The standard UNIX FTP (file transfer protocol) client
ftpproxy 1.2.3-alt6 almost 2 years ago FTP proxy with optional access and command control
gapcmon 0.8.9-alt2 0.8.9-alt2 almost 9 years ago a GUI monitor for apcupsd
gearmand 1.1.18-alt2 about 2 years ago Gearman provides a generic application framework to farm out work to other machines.
gltron 0.70-alt5 0.70-alt5 about 2 years ago a 3d lightcycle game using OpenGL
gpa 0.10.0-alt1 0.10.0-alt1 about 2 years ago The GNU Privacy Assistant
guetzli 1.0.1-alt1 1.0.1-alt1 almost 4 years ago Perceptual JPEG encoder
gutenpy 0.3.0-alt5.1.1 0.3.0-alt5.1.1 over 9 years ago text reader and catalog browser for Project Gutenberg
gvpe 3.1-alt1 about 2 years ago virtual ethernet SSL VPN
hammerhead 1:2.1.4-alt2 over 2 years ago a stress testing tool for web servers
heimdall 1.4.2-alt1 1.4.2-alt1 almost 4 years ago tool suite to flash firmware onto Samsung smartphones
http_get 20180523-alt1.1 20180523-alt1.1 over 2 years ago utility to fetch an HTTP/HTTPS URL
http_load 20160309-alt1.1 20160309-alt1.1 over 2 years ago a throughput testing tool for web servers
http_ping 20160309-alt1.1 20160309-alt1.1 over 2 years ago utility to send HTTP/HTTPS requests
http_post 20180518-alt1.1 20180518-alt1.1 over 2 years ago utility to do POST to an HTTP/HTTPS URL
httperf 0.9.0-alt4.git3209c7f9 0.9.0-alt4.git3209c7f9 over 2 years ago Tool for measuring web server performance
icecast 2.4.4-alt1 2.4.4-alt1 about 2 years ago Streaming Media Server
imapsync 1.882-alt1 1.882-alt1 almost 3 years ago Tool to migrate email between IMAP servers
innotop 1.12.0-alt1 1.12.0-alt1 almost 2 years ago a 'top' clone for MySQL with special attention paid to InnoDB
jabber-alice 1.0.2-alt1 about 13 years ago a script for creating aliases for an Jabber accounts
jabber-jit 1.2.1-alt0.5 almost 4 years ago Jabber ICQ Transport
jabber-jubjub 1.0.2-alt1 about 13 years ago a daemon for server side logging of XMPP packages
jp2a 1.0.7-alt1 1.0.7-alt1 almost 2 years ago an utility for converting JPEG images to ASCII
kcollectd 0.9-alt5.1 almost 3 years ago collectd graphing frontend for KDE
keepassx 0.4.4-alt1 over 5 years ago KeePassX Password Safe - light-weight cross-platform password manager
keyplex 0.2-alt1.qa1 0.2-alt1.qa1 almost 8 years ago keyboard multiplexer for X11 terminals
kpcli 3.2-alt1 3.2-alt1 over 3 years ago command line interface to work with KeePass database files
lame 3.100-alt1 3.100-alt1 almost 3 years ago LAME Ain't an Mp3 Encoder
lcal 2.1.0-alt1.qa1 2.1.0-alt1.qa1 almost 8 years ago PostScript lunar calendar generation program
ldapsh 2.00-alt2 2.00-alt2 over 10 years ago a console tool for searching/managing data in LDAP
libpkcs11-helper 1.25.1-alt7 1.25.1-alt7 1.25.1-alt6 about 2 years ago A library for using PKCS#11 providers
libshout2 2.2.2-alt3 2.2.2-alt3 almost 10 years ago libshout - icecast source streaming library
litmus 0.13-alt2 0.13-alt2 over 7 years ago a WebDAV server test suite
lsyncd 2.1.4-alt1.git.3c9f8833.1 2.1.4-alt1.git.3c9f8833.1 about 4 years ago File change monitoring and synchronization daemon
lucidor 0.9.10-alt2 0.9.10-alt2 about 5 years ago E-book reader application
miredo 1.2.6-alt1 1.2.6-alt1 over 6 years ago Teredo IPv6 tunneling through NATs
mnogosearch 3.3.14-alt2.1 3.3.14-alt2.1 about 2 years ago a full-featured search engine for intranet and internet servers
mysql-connector-odbc 8.0.19-alt1 8.0.13-alt2 about 2 years ago MySQL Connector/ODBC - ODBC driver for MySQL
mysqlsla 2.03-alt2 2.03-alt2 about 4 years ago MySQL log parser, filter, analizer
nikto 1:2.1.6-alt1.git6f8c472 1:2.1.6-alt1.git6f8c472 almost 4 years ago web server vulnerability scaner
ocaml-make 6.35.0-alt1 about 9 years ago a general makefile for the Objective Caml programming language
olive 1.3-alt1 over 13 years ago Olive is a console mode RSS aggregator / newsreader
openvpn 2.4.9-alt1 2.4.7-alt2 2.4.7-alt2 almost 2 years ago a full-featured SSL VPN solution
paperkey 1.6-alt1 1.6-alt1 about 2 years ago an OpenPGP key archiver
password-store 1.7.1-alt2 1.7.1-alt2 over 3 years ago a simple password manager using standard Unix tools
pcal 4.11.0-alt1.qa1 4.11.0-alt1.qa1 almost 8 years ago PostScript calendar generation program
pear-DbUnit 1.0.0-alt1 over 10 years ago DbUnit port for PHP/PHPUnit
pear-File_Iterator 1.2.3-alt1 over 10 years ago FilterIterator implementation that filters files based on a list of suffixes
pear-Mail 1.4.1-alt1 1.3.0-alt1 almost 5 years ago Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
pear-Net_SMPP 0.4.5-alt1 over 8 years ago PHP/PEAR class for SMPP v3.4 protocol implementation
pear-Net_SMPP_Client 0.4.1-alt1 over 6 years ago PHP/PEAR class for SMPP v3.4 client
pear-OLE 1.0.0-alt2.rc3 almost 4 years ago PHP/PEAR class for reading and writing OLE containers
pear-PHPUnit_MockObject 1.0.3-alt1 over 10 years ago Mock Object library for PHPUnit
pear-PHPUnit_Selenium 1.0.1-alt1 over 10 years ago Selenium RC integration for PHPUnit
pear-PHP_CodeCoverage 1.0.2-alt1 over 10 years ago Library that provides collection, processing, and rendering functionality for PHP code coverage information
pear-PHP_Timer 1.0.0-alt1 over 10 years ago Utility class for timing

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The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.