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Maintainer: Denis Nazarov

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [84]

package versions age Url Summary
GLEW 2.1.0-alt4 2.1.0-alt4 over 2 years ago The OpenGL Extension Wrangler library
SDL2 2.0.14-alt4 2.0.10-alt1 2.0.10-alt1 2.0.9-alt2 over 2 years ago Simple DirectMedia Layer
SDL2_gfx 1.0.4-alt2 1.0.4-alt2 almost 3 years ago Simple DirectMedia Layer - Graphics primitives and surface functions
SDL2_image 2.0.4-alt3 2.0.4-alt3 over 2 years ago Simple DirectMedia Layer - Image library
SDL2_mixer 2.0.4-alt2 2.0.4-alt2 over 2 years ago Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library
SDL2_net 2.0.1-alt1 2.0.1-alt1 over 5 years ago Simple DirectMedia Layer - Portable network library
SDL2_ttf 2.0.14-alt1 2.0.14-alt1 over 5 years ago Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample TrueType Font Library
SFML 2.5.1-alt2 2.5.1-alt2 over 2 years ago Simple and Fast Multimedia Library
cdemu-client 3.2.4-alt1 3.2.0-alt2 3.2.0-alt2 over 2 years ago A simple command-line client to control CDEmu daemon
cdemu-daemon 3.2.4-alt1 3.2.1-alt2 3.2.1-alt2 over 2 years ago CDEmu daemon
clickhouse 4 months ago Open-source distributed column-oriented DBMS
dolphin-emu 5.0.15260-alt0.p9.1 12 days ago The Gamecube / Wii Emulator
evtest 1.33-alt1 1.33-alt1 almost 6 years ago Input device event monitor and query tool
extreme-tuxracer 1:0.7.5-alt3 1:0.7.5-alt3 over 2 years ago High speed arctic racing game based on Tux Racer
flacon 7.0.1-alt1 6.1.0-alt1 6.1.0-alt1 5.4.0-alt1 over 2 years ago Audio File Encoder
gamemode 1.6.1-alt1 1.5.1-alt1 over 1 year ago Optimise Linux system performance on demand
glslang 11.1.0-alt1 7.12.3352-alt1 7.11.3188-alt2 over 2 years ago OpenGL and OpenGL ES shader front end and validator
google-chrome-preinstall 0.1-alt1 over 7 years ago Set correct environment for Google Chrome
googletest 1.10.0-alt1 1.8.1-alt1 1.8.0-alt3 over 2 years ago Google's framework for writing C++ tests
hlsl2glsl 2016.11-alt2.git20161116 2016.11-alt2.git20161116 over 3 years ago HLSL to GLSL shader language translator
inih r53-alt1 r48-alt1 over 1 year ago Simple .INI file parser in C, good for embedded systems
jreen 7:1.2.1-alt1.qa1 over 2 years ago Free and Opensource Jabber library, written in C++ using cross-platform framework Qt.
kernel-modules-nvidia-std-def 470.74-alt1.328856.1 22 days ago nVidia video card drivers
kernel-source-r8168 8.049.02-alt1 8.048.02-alt1 8.048.02-alt1 8.045.08-alt1 almost 4 years ago Source for RTL8168 driver
kernel-source-vhba 20200106-alt1 20190410-alt1 over 2 years ago Source for VHBA module
libfaudio 19.09-alt0.1.g65b787f 19.09-alt0.1.g65b787f almost 2 years ago Accuracy-focused XAudio reimplementation for open platforms
libglvnd 7:1.3.2-alt0.p9 7:1.3.1-alt0.p9 7:1.1.1-alt1 over 2 years ago The GL Vendor-Neutral Dispatch library
libmirage 3.2.4-alt1 3.2.0-alt2 3.2.0-alt2 over 2 years ago A CD-ROM image access library
mbedtls 2.27.0-alt1.1 2.23.0-alt1.1 2.23.0-alt1 2.16.1-alt1 over 2 years ago Transport Layer Security protocol suite
mbedtls11 2.11.0-alt3 2.11.0-alt3 over 2 years ago Transport Layer Security protocol suite
mbedtls12 2.16.7-alt1 over 1 year ago Transport Layer Security protocol suite
miniupnpc 2.0-alt2 2.0-alt2 over 3 years ago UPnP client library
nvidia-cg-toolkit 3.1_April2012-alt1 about 8 years ago NVIDIA Cg Toolkit
nvidia-settings 470.57.02-alt1 440.100-alt1 440.100-alt1 430.26-alt1 over 2 years ago Tool for configuring the NVIDIA driver
nvidia-xconfig 470.57.02-alt1 440.31-alt1 430.26-alt1 over 2 years ago Command line tool for setup X11 for the NVIDIA driver
nvidia_glx_common 470.74-alt243 22 days ago This is common package for usability NVIDIA drivers.
openfortivpn 1.7.1-alt1.2 1.7.1-alt1.1 about 3 years ago Client for PPP+SSL VPN tunnel services
pcsx2 1.6.0-alt5 over 1 year ago Playstation 2 console emulator
pcsxr 1.9.95-alt1 1.9.93-alt3 1.9.93-alt3 over 2 years ago A plugin based PlayStation (PSX) emulator with high compatibility
ppsspp 1.12.2-alt1 9 days ago PlayStation Portable Emulator
psi-plus 1.4.1513-alt1 1.2.109-alt2 1.2.109-alt2 over 2 years ago Psi+ Jabber client
psi-plus-l10n 1.2.107-alt1 1.2.107-alt1 almost 4 years ago Translations for Psi+
pymol 2.3.0-alt1 over 2 years ago Python-enhanced molecular graphics tool
qbs 1.13.1-alt1 over 2 years ago Qt Build Suite
rpcs3 0.0.8-alt2 almost 2 years ago PS3 emulator/debugger
smpeg2 2.0.0-alt5 2.0.0-alt5 over 2 years ago SDL MPEG Player Library
snes9x 1.60-alt2 1.60-alt2 over 2 years ago Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator
sparsehash 2.0.3-alt1 2.0.3-alt1 almost 6 years ago Google's extremely memory-efficient C++ hash_map implementation
spirv-headers 1.5.4-alt0.1 1.4.1-alt0.1.g059a495 1.4.1-alt0.1.g059a495 1.3.7-alt0.1.g2434b89 over 2 years ago machine-readable files for the SPIR-V Registry
spirv-tools 2020.6-alt1 2019.4-alt1 2019.3-alt2.g26c1b88 over 2 years ago API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules
steam about 1 month ago Launcher for the Steam software distribution service
telepathy-qt4 0.9.7-alt4 0.9.7-alt2.S1 almost 4 years ago Telepathy framework - Qt4 connection manager library
visualboyadvance-m 2.1.0-alt2 over 2 years ago Game Boy Advance Emulator
vivaldi-preinstall 0.1-alt1 over 5 years ago Set correct environment for Vivaldi
vulkan 1.2.166-alt1 1.1.121-alt1.1.0.mips1 1.1.107-alt1 over 2 years ago Khronos group Vulkan API SDK
wine-vanilla 5.20-alt1 12 months ago Wine - environment for running Windows applications
xboxdrv 0.8.8-alt1 0.8.8-alt1 almost 6 years ago Xbox/Xbox360 USB Gamepad Driver for Userspace
xorg-drv-amdgpu 19.1.0-alt3 19.0.1-alt1 1.4.0-alt1 over 2 years ago AMD GPU video driver for the Xorg X server
yandex-browser-preinstall 0.4-alt4 0.4-alt3 almost 3 years ago Set correct environment for Yandex.Browser

The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.