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Group :: Development/Java
Source RPM: aopalliance
Raw spec file

Group: Development/Java
# BEGIN SourceDeps(oneline):

BuildRequires: rpm-build-java
# END SourceDeps(oneline)

AutoReq: yes,noosgi
BuildRequires: rpm-build-java-osgi
BuildRequires: /proc
BuildRequires: jpackage-generic-compat
# see

%define _localstatedir %{_var}
Name: aopalliance
Epoch: 0
Version: 1.0
Release: alt6_17jpp8
Summary: Java/J2EE AOP standards
License: Public Domain
BuildArch: noarch

# cvs login

# password empty

# cvs -z3 export -r HEAD aopalliance

Source0: aopalliance-src.tar.gz
Source2: %{name}-MANIFEST.MF

BuildRequires: ant
BuildRequires: javapackages-local

Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) offers a better solution to many
problems than do existing technologies, such as EJB. AOP Alliance
intends to facilitate and standardize the use of AOP to enhance
existing middleware environments (such as J2EE), or development
environements (e.g. Eclipse). The AOP Alliance also aims to ensure
interoperability between Java/J2EE AOP implementations to build a
larger AOP community.


%setup -q -n %{name}

export OPT_JAR_LIST=:
%{ant} -Dbuild.sysclasspath=only jar javadoc

# Inject OSGi manifest required by Eclipse.

jar umf %{SOURCE2} build/%{name}.jar

%mvn_file : %{name}
%mvn_artifact %{SOURCE1} build/%{name}.jar

%mvn_install -J build/javadoc

%files -f .mfiles

* Tue May 15 2018 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt6_17jpp8
- java update

* Thu Nov 09 2017 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt6_15jpp8
- fc27 update

* Tue Oct 17 2017 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt6_13jpp8
- new jpp release

* Tue Nov 22 2016 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt6_12jpp8
- new fc release

* Wed Feb 10 2016 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt6_11jpp8
- added osgi provides

* Mon Feb 01 2016 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt5_11jpp8
- new version

* Fri Jan 22 2016 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt4jpp
- bootstrap pack of jars created with jppbootstrap script
- temporary package to satisfy circular dependencies

* Mon Sep 08 2014 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt3_7jpp7
- new release

* Mon Jul 28 2014 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt3_5jpp7
- new release

* Sun Mar 17 2013 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt3_3jpp7
- fc update

* Mon Jan 16 2012 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt2_7jpp6
- new jpp relase

* Sun Jan 02 2011 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt2_5jpp6
- new jpp release

* Fri Feb 13 2009 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt1_6jpp5
- new version

* Sat Sep 06 2008 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt1_3jpp5
- converted from JPackage by jppimport script

* Wed May 30 2007 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0:1.0-alt1_2jpp1.7
- converted from JPackage by jppimport script

The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.