Package cdi-api

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Group: Development/Java
# BEGIN SourceDeps(oneline):
BuildRequires: rpm-build-java
# END SourceDeps(oneline)
AutoReq: yes,noosgi
BuildRequires: rpm-build-java-osgi
BuildRequires: /proc
BuildRequires: jpackage-generic-compat
# fedora bcond_with macro
%define bcond_with() %{expand:%%{?_with_%{1}:%%global with_%{1} 1}}
%define bcond_without() %{expand:%%{!?_without_%{1}:%%global with_%{1} 1}}
# redefine altlinux specific with and without
%define with()         %{expand:%%{?with_%{1}:1}%%{!?with_%{1}:0}}
%define without()      %{expand:%%{?with_%{1}:0}%%{!?with_%{1}:1}}
# see
%define _localstatedir %{_var}
# %%version is ahead of its definition. Predefining for rpm 4.0 compatibility.
%define version 1.2
%bcond_without asciidoc

%global namedreltag .NOTHING
%global namedversion %{version}%{?namedreltag}

Name:             cdi-api
Version:          1.2
Release:          alt1_9jpp8
Summary:          CDI API
License:          ASL 2.0
BuildArch:        noarch


BuildRequires:    maven-local
BuildRequires:    mvn(javax.el:javax.el-api)
BuildRequires:    mvn(javax.inject:javax.inject)
BuildRequires:    mvn(org.apache.felix:maven-bundle-plugin)
BuildRequires:    mvn(org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-enforcer-plugin)
BuildRequires:    mvn(org.apache.maven.surefire:surefire-testng)
BuildRequires:    mvn(org.codehaus.mojo:build-helper-maven-plugin)
BuildRequires:    mvn(org.jboss.spec.javax.interceptor:jboss-interceptors-api_1.2_spec)
BuildRequires:    mvn(org.jboss.weld:weld-parent:pom:)
BuildRequires:    mvn(org.testng:testng::jdk15:)
%if %{with asciidoc}
BuildRequires:    asciidoc asciidoc-a2x
BuildRequires:    /usr/bin/pygmentize

APIs for JSR-299: Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE

%package javadoc
Group: Development/Java
Summary:          Javadoc for %{name}
BuildArch: noarch

%description javadoc
This package contains the API documentation for %{name}.

%setup -q -n cdi-%{version}

cd api
# J2EE API directory
%mvn_file :{cdi-api} %{name}/@1 javax.enterprise.inject/@1

# Use newer version of interceptors API
%pom_change_dep "javax.interceptor:javax.interceptor-api" "org.jboss.spec.javax.interceptor:jboss-interceptors-api_1.2_spec"


 cd api
 %mvn_build -- -Denforcer.skip

%if %{with asciidoc}
cd spec/src/main/doc
asciidoc -n -b html5 -a toc2 -a toclevels=3 -a pygments -f html5.conf -o cdi-spec.html cdi-spec.asciidoc
asciidoc -n -b html5 -a toc2 -a toclevels=3 -a pygments -f html5.conf -o license-asl2.html license-asl2.asciidoc
asciidoc -n -b html5 -a toc2 -a toclevels=3 -a pygments -f html5.conf -o license-jcp.html license-jcp.asciidoc
%global adoc html
%global adoc asciidoc

cd api

%files -f api/.mfiles
%doc spec/src/main/doc/cdi-spec.%{adoc}
%doc --no-dereference spec/src/main/doc/license-asl2.%{adoc}
%doc --no-dereference spec/src/main/doc/license-jcp.%{adoc}

%files javadoc -f api/.mfiles-javadoc
%doc --no-dereference spec/src/main/doc/license-asl2.%{adoc}
%doc --no-dereference spec/src/main/doc/license-jcp.%{adoc}

* Tue Feb 05 2019 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.2-alt1_9jpp8
- fc29 update

* Fri Jun 01 2018 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.2-alt1_8jpp8
- java fc28+ update

* Thu Apr 19 2018 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.2-alt1_7jpp8
- java update

* Thu Nov 09 2017 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.2-alt1_6jpp8
- fc27 update

* Wed Nov 01 2017 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.2-alt1_4jpp8
- new jpp release

* Thu Dec 15 2016 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.1-alt3_13jpp8
- added osgi provides

* Tue Nov 22 2016 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.1-alt2_13jpp8
- new fc release

* Fri Feb 12 2016 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.1-alt2_12jpp8
- fixed osgi provides

* Thu Feb 11 2016 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.1-alt1_12jpp8
- added osgi provides

* Fri Feb 05 2016 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.1-alt1_11jpp8
- java 8 mass update

* Tue Jan 19 2016 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.1-alt0.1jpp
- bootstrap pack of jars created with jppbootstrap script
- temporary package to satisfy circular dependencies

* Mon Jul 28 2014 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.0-alt1_9.SP4jpp7
- new release

* Thu Feb 14 2013 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.0-alt1_6.SP4jpp7
- fc update

* Wed Sep 12 2012 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.0-alt1_4.SP4jpp7
- new version
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