Package perl-Perl-OSType: Specfile

%define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 1
%define dist Perl-OSType
Name: perl-%dist
Version: 1.010
Release: alt1

Summary: Map Perl operating system names to generic types
License: GPL or Artistic
Group: Development/Perl

URL: %CPAN %dist

BuildArch: noarch

# Automatically added by buildreq on Thu Apr 28 2011
BuildRequires: perl-devel

Modules that provide OS-specific behaviors often need to know if the
current operating system matches a more generic type of operating
systems. For example, 'linux' is a type of 'Unix' operating system and
so is 'freebsd'.

This module provides a mapping between an operating system name as given
by $^O and a more generic type. The initial version is based on the OS
type mappings provided in Module::Build and ExtUtils::CBuilder. (Thus,
Microsoft operating systems are given the type 'Windows' rather than

%setup -q -n %dist-%version



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