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35141CLOSED FIXEDflexSisyphusmajorplaceholderJan. 3, 2019ALT-specific change in flex introduces incompatibility
27661CLOSED FIXEDflexSisyphusminorplaceholderSept. 5, 2012gcc warnings with reentrant parser
9813CLOSED FIXEDflexSisyphusminorplaceholderMay 10, 2009Bad URL
19055CLOSED FIXEDflexSisyphusnormalplaceholderMarch 6, 2009ECHO macro ignores fwrite() return value
19053CLOSED FIXEDflexSisyphusnormalplaceholderMarch 6, 2009yy_fatal_error should be declared noreturn
2870CLOSED FIXEDflexSisyphusnormalplaceholderAug. 23, 2006Update to 2.5.31
7674CLOSED DUPLICATEflexSisyphusminorStanislav IevlevSept. 4, 2005Обновление до 2.5.31
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