Package perl-Pod-Parser: Information

Binary package: perl-Pod-Parser
Version: 1.63-alt1
Architecture: noarch
Build time:  Mar 28, 2018, 05:29 AM
Source package: perl-Pod-Parser
Category: Development/Perl
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License: GPL or Artistic
Summary: Modules for parsing/translating POD format documents
B<Pod::Find> provides a set of functions to locate POD files.  Note that
no function is exported by default to avoid pollution of your namespace,
so be sure to specify them in the B<use> statement if you need them:

Maintainer: Igor Vlasenko

List of contributors:
Igor Vlasenko
Alexey Tourbin

Last changed

Nov. 11, 2015 Igor Vlasenko 1.63-alt1
- automated CPAN update
March 8, 2014 Igor Vlasenko 1.62-alt1
- automated CPAN update
Oct. 30, 2013 Igor Vlasenko 1.61-alt2
- added Requires: perl-podlators for compatibility:
  about 40 packages have indirect build dependency
  on perl-podlators through Pod-Parser