Package tests-for-installed-python3-pkgs: Information

    Binary package: tests-for-installed-python3-pkgs
    Architecture: noarch
    Build time:  Apr 24, 2019, 01:10 AM
    Source package: rpm-build-python3
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    License: GPL
    Summary: Tests that can be run to test any installed Python3 package
    The included scripts are primarily to be run by package maintainers
    (or automated testing systems) to test any Python3 package
    in an environment where it has been installed by RPM.
    * check-python3-provs-importable -- a script to test installed Python3 packages
    * py3-* -- helper scripts (for such tests)
    apt-repo --hsh-apt-config="$HOME"/.hasher/sisyphus/apt.conf test NNNNNN python3-module-FOOBAR \
    && hsh-run /usr/lib/rpm/check-python3-provs-importable python3-module-FOOBAR; echo $?
    will report which modules provided by python3-module-FOOBAR are not importable
    (if any) in the minimal environment. This is a packaging error if there are any.

    Maintainer: Alexey Shabalin

    Last changed

    July 27, 2018 Alexey Shabalin
    - define %__python3 as full path /usr/bin/python3
    July 18, 2018 Ivan Zakharyaschev
    - included
      (to manually check Python3 packages, say, in hasher; )
    July 2, 2018 Ivan Zakharyaschev 0.1.13-alt1
    - Assume that setuptools are required if the traditional Python3 build/install
      macros are used (overridable through %python3_setup_buildrequires).
      The idea is that the Build Root Policy scripts for Python3 are executed
      unconditionally whenever python3 is present in the system, but the
      setuptools requirement is optional. (As a consequence, there may be a
      working system with Python3 without setuptools, because setuptools
      are not used at runtime.)