Package xorg-server: Information

Binary package: xorg-server
Version: 1.20.8-alt8.E2K.1
Architecture: e2kv4
Build time:  Apr 14, 2021, 10:19 PM
Source package: xorg-server
Category: System/X11
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License: MIT/X11 
Summary:  Xserver - X Window System display server
X  is  the  generic name for the X Window System display server.  It is
frequently a link or a copy of the appropriate server binary for  driving
the most frequently used server on a given machine.
Last changes:
April 14, 2021 Michael Shigorin 2:1.20.8-alt8.E2K.1
- E2K:
  + added mcst patches, mostly as-is except:
    - 0003-Add-copy-optimizations.patch: partially obsolete
    - 0006-Add-bug-workaround.patch: obsolete for arch > e2kv2
    - 0010-Restore-DRI1-support.{add,mod}.patch: need more reverts
    - 0040-Fix-CVE-2018-14665.patch: applied elsewhere upstream
    and specifically, including:
    - 0010-restore-DRI1-support-for-e1c.patch
    - mga2 related patch from mcst#5155
  + warning-related ftbfs workarounds
April 14, 2021 Valery Inozemtsev 2:1.20.8-alt8
- fixes: CVE-2021-3472
April 9, 2021 Alexey Sheplyakov 2:1.20.8-alt7
- Ubreaks starting of 2nd instance of Xorg. Required for light-locker.
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