Package apache2-mod_perl: Information

Source package: apache2-mod_perl
Version: 2.0.10-alt4.2
Build time:  Dec 16, 2020, 02:24 AM
Category: System/Servers
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License: Apache License v. 2.0
Summary: An embedded Perl interpreter for the Apache2 Web server
Mod_perl  incorporates a  Perl  interpreter into the  Apache web
server, so that the  Apache web server can directly execute Perl

Mod_perl provides an object-oriented Perl interface for Apache's
C language API and allows to manage Apache,  respond to requests
for web pages  and much more.  The end result  is a quicker  CGI
script  turnaround process,  since no external  Perl interpreter
has to be started.

Install  mod_perl if you're installing the Apache web server and
you'd like for it to directly incorporate a Perl interpreter.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
apache2-mod_perl (e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
apache2-mod_perl-debuginfo (e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
apache2-mod_perl-devel (e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
apache2-mod_perl-doc (noarch)

Maintainer: Igor Vlasenko

    1. perl-BSD-Resource
    2. perl-CGI
    3. perl-DBD-DBM
    4. perl-Devel-Symdump
    5. perl-LWP-Protocol-https
    6. perl-Linux-Pid
    7. perl-Math-BigInt
    8. perl-Test-Pod
    9. perl-pod
    10. perl-podlators
    11. perl-threads
    12. libaprutil1-devel
    13. apache2-devel
    14. apache2-devel >= 2.2.5
    15. apache2-httpd-prefork
    16. libexpat-devel
    17. libgdbm-devel

Last changed

Jan. 24, 2019 Igor Vlasenko 2.0.10-alt4.2
- rebuild with new perl 5.28.1
Dec. 15, 2017 Igor Vlasenko 2.0.10-alt4.1
- rebuild with new perl 5.26.1
June 29, 2017 Nikolay A. Fetisov 2.0.10-alt4
- Fix tests for Apache >= 2.4.25 stricter HTTP RFC 7230 complience