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Source package: libpx
Version: 0.6.8-alt2
Build time:  Jan 4, 2021, 11:32 PM
Category: System/Libraries
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License: GPL v2
Summary: A library to read Paradox DB files
pxlib is a simply and still small C library to read Paradox DB files.
It supports all versions starting from 3.0. It currently has a very
limited set of functions like to open a DB file, read its header and
read every single record.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
libpx (e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
libpx-debuginfo (e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
libpx-devel (e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)

Maintainer: Vitaly Lipatov

    1. intltool
    2. libgsf-devel
    3. docbook-utils

Last changed

March 26, 2019 Vitaly Lipatov 0.6.8-alt2
- rebuild without w3c-markup-validator-libs
May 21, 2018 Vitaly Lipatov 0.6.8-alt1
- new version 0.6.8 (with rpmrb script)
Aug. 5, 2016 Vitaly Lipatov 0.6.7-alt1
- new version 0.6.7 (with rpmrb script)