Package vampy

Source package: vampy
Version: 2.0-alt1.hg20140806.1
Build time:  Apr 19, 2022, 02:10 PM
Category: Sound
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License:  MIT
Summary:  VamPy: Vamp Plugins in Python
VamPy is a wrapper plugin written by Gyorgy Fazekas that enables you to
use Vamp plugins written in Python in any Vamp host.

It provides a (nearly) complete wrapper implementation of the Vamp
plugin API that can be used to write efficient plugins very easily,
taking advantage of the wide range of Python libraries already available
for scientific work.

This package contains vamp plugin of vampy.
List of rpms provided by this srpm: 
python-module-vampy (e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
python-module-vampy-debuginfo (e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
vampy (e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
vampy-debuginfo (e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
Last changes:
June 10, 2015 Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy 2.0-alt1.hg20140806.1
- Rebuilt for gcc5 C++11 ABI.
Sept. 23, 2014 Eugeny A. Rostovtsev 2.0-alt1.hg20140806
- Initial build for Sisyphus

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