Package branding-simply-linux: Information

    Source package: branding-simply-linux
    Version: 9.1-alt2
    Build time:  Apr 27, 2021, 01:49 PM
    Category: Graphics
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    License: GPLv2+
    Summary: System/Base
    Distro-specific packages with design and texts for Simply Linux distribution.

    List of rpms provided by this srpm:
    branding-simply-linux-alterator (noarch)
    branding-simply-linux-backgrounds9 (noarch)
    branding-simply-linux-bootloader (mipsel)
    branding-simply-linux-bootsplash (noarch)
    branding-simply-linux-graphics (noarch)
    branding-simply-linux-indexhtml (noarch)
    branding-simply-linux-menu (mipsel)
    branding-simply-linux-notes (noarch)
    branding-simply-linux-release (noarch)
    branding-simply-linux-slideshow (noarch)
    branding-simply-linux-system-settings (noarch)
    branding-simply-linux-xfce-settings (mipsel)

    Maintainer: Mikhail Efremov

      1. fribidi
      2. libalternatives-devel
      3. ImageMagick
      4. qt5-base-devel
      5. bc
      6. rpm-macros-branding
      7. gfxboot >= 4
      8. cpio
      9. design-bootloader-source >= 5.0-alt2
      10. fontconfig
      11. fonts-ttf-dejavu
      12. fonts-ttf-google-droid-sans
      13. fonts-ttf-google-droid-sans-mono
      14. fonts-ttf-google-droid-serif
      15. java-1.8.0-openjdk

    Last changed

    April 26, 2021 Mikhail Efremov 9.1-alt2
    - menu: Add TryExec to all desktop files.
    - Don't force window content display (by Ivan A. Melnikov).
    - menu: Use TryExec it shotcut desktop file.
    - system-settings: Add conflict with
      branding-alt-workstation-mate-settings (closes: #39592).
    April 19, 2021 Mikhail Efremov 9.1-alt1
    - release: Fix CPE_NAME.
    April 8, 2021 Mikhail Efremov 9.0.92-alt1
    - bootloader: Don't set GRUB_BACKGROUND.
    - menu: Add shotcut desktop file.
    - bootsplash: Conflict with system-logo.
    - menu: Add obs-studio desktop file.