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Source package: dcmtk
Version: 3.6.4-alt1
Build time:  Apr 5, 2019, 08:30 PM
Category: Graphics
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License: MIT license
Summary: DCMTK - DICOM Toolkit
DCMTK is a collection of libraries and applications implementing large parts
the DICOM standard. It includes software for examining, constructing and
converting DICOM image files, handling offline media, sending and receiving
images over a network connection, as well as demonstrative image storage and
worklist servers.

Contains patches against latest stable version from

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
dcmtk (mipsel)
dcmtk-debuginfo (mipsel)
libdcmtk-devel (mipsel)
libdcmtk14 (mipsel)
libdcmtk14-debuginfo (mipsel)

Maintainer: Anton Farygin

    1. gcc-c++
    2. libpng-devel
    3. libjpeg-devel
    4. libtiff-devel
    5. cmake
    6. libxml2-devel
    7. zlib-devel
    8. libssl-devel

Last changed

Jan. 20, 2019 Anton Farygin 3.6.4-alt1
- 3.6.4
- added soname version to libdcmtk package name
Sept. 18, 2018 Anton Farygin 3.6.3-alt1
- 3.6.3
- disabled libwrap support
Aug. 29, 2018 Grigory Ustinov 3.6.2-alt1.1
- NMU: Rebuild with new openssl 1.1.0.