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Source package: fonts-ttf-paratype-pt-serif
Version: 20141121-alt2_5
Build time:  Feb 3, 2019, 12:57 PM
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License: OFL
Summary: A pan-Cyrillic typeface
The PT Serif family was developed as a second part of the project
a.'Public Types of Russian Federationa.'. This project aims at enabling
The project is dedicated to the 300-year anniversary of the Russian civil
type invented by Peter the Great from 1708 to 1710, and was realized
with financial support from the Russian Federal Agency for Press and
Mass Communications.

PT Serif is a transitional serif face with humanistic terminals designed
for use together with PT Sans and harmonized with PT Sans on metrics,
proportions, weights and design. PT Serif consists of six styles: regular
and bold weights with corresponding italics form a standard computer font
family for basic text setting; two caption styles (regular and italic)
are for texts of small point sizes.

PT Serif was designed by Alexandra Korolkova with participation
of Olga Umpeleva and under supervision of Vladimir Yefimov.

This package includes regular, bold and their italic styles.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
fonts-ttf-paratype-pt-serif (noarch)
fonts-ttf-paratype-pt-serif-caption (noarch)

Maintainer: Igor Vlasenko

List of contributors:
Igor Vlasenko

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