Package guacamole-server: Information

Source package: guacamole-server
Version: 1.3.0-alt3
Build time:  Jun 25, 2021, 11:17 AM
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License: Apache-2.0
Summary: Server-side native components that form the Guacamole proxy
Guacamole is an HTML5 remote desktop gateway.

Guacamole provides access to desktop environments using remote desktop protocols
like VNC and RDP. A centralized server acts as a tunnel and proxy, allowing
access to multiple desktops through a web browser.

No browser plugins are needed, and no client software needs to be installed. The
client requires nothing more than a web browser supporting HTML5 and AJAX.

The main web application is provided by the "guacamole-client" package.

This is virtual package with depends on:
- guacd
- libguac-client-ssh
- libguac-client-rdp
- libguac-client-vnc

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
guacamole-server (mipsel)
guacd (mipsel)
guacd-debuginfo (mipsel)
libguac (mipsel)
libguac-client-kubernetes (mipsel)
libguac-client-kubernetes-debuginfo (mipsel)
libguac-client-rdp (mipsel)
libguac-client-rdp-debuginfo (mipsel)
libguac-client-ssh (mipsel)
libguac-client-ssh-debuginfo (mipsel)
libguac-client-telnet (mipsel)
libguac-client-telnet-debuginfo (mipsel)
libguac-client-vnc (mipsel)
libguac-client-vnc-debuginfo (mipsel)
libguac-debuginfo (mipsel)
libguac-devel (mipsel)

Maintainer: Alexey Shabalin

List of contributors:
Alexey Shabalin

    1. perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu
    2. pkgconfig(cairo)
    3. CUnit-devel
    4. pkgconfig(freerdp-client2)
    5. pkgconfig(freerdp2)
    6. pkgconfig(gnutls)
    7. pkgconfig(libavcodec)
    8. pkgconfig(libavformat)
    9. pkgconfig(libavutil)
    10. pkgconfig(libpng)
    11. pkgconfig(libpulse)
    12. pkgconfig(libssh2)
    13. pkgconfig(libssl)
    14. pkgconfig(libswscale)
    15. pkgconfig(libtelnet)
    16. pkgconfig(libvncserver)
    17. pkgconfig(libwebp)
    18. pkgconfig(pango)
    19. pkgconfig(uuid)
    20. pkgconfig(vorbis)
    21. pkgconfig(winpr2)
    22. libjpeg-devel
    23. systemd-devel
    24. graphviz
    25. libwebsockets-devel
    26. doxygen

Last changed

April 15, 2021 Alexey Shabalin 1.3.0-alt3
- Build with libuuid instead ossp-uuid.
April 5, 2021 Alexey Shabalin 1.3.0-alt2
- fix build with freerdp-2.0.0
Jan. 19, 2021 Alexey Shabalin 1.3.0-alt1
- new version 1.3.0