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Source package: patch
Build time:  Nov 12, 2019, 05:43 PM
Category: Text tools
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License: GPLv3+
Summary: The GNU patch command, for modifying/upgrading files
The patch program applies diff files to originals.  The diff command
is used to compare an original to a changed file.  Diff lists the
changes made to the file.  A person who has the original file can then
use the patch command with the diff file to add the changes to their
original file (patching the file).

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
patch (mipsel)
patch-debuginfo (mipsel)

Maintainer: Dmitry V. Levin

    1. libattr-devel
    2. gnulib >= 0.1.2305.95c96
    3. ed

Last changed

Nov. 2, 2019 Dmitry V. Levin
- patch: v2.7.6-17-g9c98635 -> v2.7.6-24-g76e7758.
- spec: added VCS tag.
Dec. 26, 2018 Dmitry V. Levin
- patch:
  + v2.7.6-15-g369dccc -> v2.7.6-17-g9c98635 (fixes: CVE-2018-6952);
  + Fix error handling with git-style patches (by Lubomir Rintel).
- gnulib: v0.1-1209-g24b3216 -> v0.1-2305-g95c96b6dd.
May 7, 2018 Dmitry V. Levin
- patch: v2.7.5-17-g817d7d1 -> v2.7.6-15-g369dccc (fixes: CVE-2018-1000156).