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package versions age Url summary
maxima 5.43.2-alt3 5.43.2-alt1 5.42.1-alt2.1 5.42.1-alt2 5.38.1-alt0.M80P.1 5.30.0-alt1.qa1 5.23.2-alt2 5.22.1-alt0.M51.1 4 months ago Maxima Computer Algebra System
perl-AI-PSO 0.86-alt1 over 7 years ago Module for running the Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm
wxMaxima 21.02.0-alt1 20.04.0-alt1 20.02.1-alt1 19.02.0-alt2 16.04.2-alt1.M80P.1 15.08.2-alt1 12.09.0-alt1.1 0.8.7-alt1 0.8.6-alt0.M51.1 about 2 months ago GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima
perl-Constructible 0.02-alt1 over 7 years ago Provides an interface to Maxima(full-featured CAS) as well as means to visualize and compute constr...
perl-Math-Symbolic-MaximaSimple 0.02-alt1 over 7 years ago open2 interface with maxima math system
clisp 1:2.49.92-alt3 1:2.49.92-alt2 1:2.49.92-alt1 1:2.48-alt1.qa1 1:2.48-alt1 over 1 year ago Common Lisp (ANSI CL) implementation
kde5-cantor 20.12.3-alt2 18.04.3-alt1 19.04.0-alt1 18.04.3-alt1.M80P.1 18 days ago KDE Frontend to Mathematical Software
pcp 5.2.0-alt1 5.0.2-alt1.1 5.0.2-alt1.1 5.0.2-alt1 7 months ago System-level performance monitoring and performance management
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflexion 0.001008-alt1 0.000004-alt1 about 2 years ago Inflect English nouns, verbs, adjectives, and articles

The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.