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On your query "rpm " in all branches were found 346 RPMs:

package versions age Url summary
rpm 4.0.4-alt101.M80P.5.6 4.0.4-alt101.M80P.7.M80C.1 4.0.4-alt100.77.M70P.7.M70C.2 4.0.4-alt100.77.M70P.7.M70C.1 4.0.4-alt100.77.M70P.5.2 4.0.4-alt101.M80P.1.M80C.2 4.0.4-alt100.27.M60T.2 4.0.4-alt100.76.M70P.1 4.0.4-alt100.24.M60P.5 4.0.4-alt100.24.M60P.2.M60C.2 4.0.4-alt99.M51.4 4.0.4-alt99.M51.3 3 months ago The RPM package management system
perl-RPM-Tools 0.8-alt1 over 6 years ago cleanly generate an RPM
perl-RPM-Header-Alt 1.0.0-alt1 1.0.0-alt1 over 2 years ago Alternative pure perl RPM header reader for ALTLinux fork of RPM
rpm-helper 0.24.17-alt2_5 0.24.17-alt2_5 0.24.17-alt2_5 over 1 year ago Mageia helper scripts for rpm scriptlets
perl-RPM-Make-Simple 0.03-alt1 over 6 years ago simple interface to RPM::Make
perl-RPM-Packager 0.3.5-alt1 over 4 years ago Manifest-based approach for building RPMs
rpm-build-rpm-eval 0.1-alt3 0.1-alt3 over 2 years ago The script disclosure macros in files
debian2spec 1.08-alt1 1.07-alt3 1.07-alt3 1.07-alt2 2 months ago converter of debian source directory to RPM specfile format
mkrpmbox 0.0.1-alt4 over 14 years ago Utility to create RPM box to build and install RPM packages
perl-RPM 1.51-alt5.2 1.51-alt5.2 1.51-alt5.2 1.51-alt1.1.1 1.49-alt2 1.49-alt1.2 1.49-alt1 almost 2 years ago Native bindings to the RPM Package Manager API
perl-RPM-Make-DWIW 0.2-alt1 over 6 years ago Create an RPM from a hashref
perl-RPM-NEVRA 0.0.5-alt1 about 5 years ago Parses, validates NEVRA format
perl-RPM-Payload 0.11-alt1 0.11-alt1 0.10-alt1 over 2 years ago Simple in-memory access to RPM cpio archive
perl-RPM-Vercmp 0.02-alt1 0.02-alt1 over 2 years ago RPM-Vercmp - rpm version comparator functions.
rpm-utils-lite 0.9.12-alt2 0.9.12-alt2 over 9 years ago Portions from full blown rpm-utils
perl-Archive-RPM 0.07-alt1_25 5 months ago Work with a RPM
perl-RPM-Source-Editor 0.9242-alt1 0.9237-alt1 0.9237-alt1 0.9236-alt1 0.9235-alt1 0.9232-alt1 0.9220-alt1 0.909-alt1 0.855-alt1 0.841-alt1 0.806-alt1 0.777-alt1 0.60-alt0.M51.1 0.59-alt0.M51.1 8 days ago Perl library for src.rpm and spec file editing
perl-RPM-Specfile 1.51-alt3 1.51-alt3 1.51-alt2.1 1.51-alt2 over 2 years ago RPM::Specfile - Perl extension for creating RPM Specfiles
rpm-build-pear 0.5-alt1 0.5-alt1 0.4-alt2 almost 2 years ago RPM helper scripts for build PEAR packages
rpm-build-pecl 0.4-alt2 0.3-alt1 0.2-alt1 almost 6 years ago RPM helper scripts for build PECL packages
rpm-build-pecl-php7 0.5-alt1 0.5-alt1 0.5-alt0.M80P.1 0.5-alt1 0.5-alt1 over 2 years ago RPM helper scripts for build PECL packages with php7
rpm-utils 0.10.3-alt1 0.10.3-alt1 0.10.2-alt1 0.10.2-alt1 0.10.2-alt1 0.9.21-alt1 0.9.17-alt1 0.9.15-alt1 0.9.11-alt1 about 1 year ago Utilities every rpm packager must have
alterator 5.4.1-alt2 5.4-alt2 4.25.1-alt1.M80C.1 5.4-alt1 4.24-alt2.M70C.6 5.3-alt1.qa1 4.25-alt1.M80P.4 4.24-alt2.M70C.3 4.24-alt3.M70P.1 4.24-alt3.M80P.1 4.20-alt1.M60C.1 4.20-alt3 4.20-alt1 4.19-alt0.M50P.3 4.14-alt1.M51.1 3 months ago ALT Linux configurator engine
alternatives 0.5.1-alt1 0.5.1-alt1 0.4.5-alt1.1 0.4.5-alt1.M70C.1 0.4.5-alt1 0.4.3-alt1 0.4.2-alt1 over 1 year ago alternatives support
claws-mail 3.9.3-alt0.M70P.1 3.7.10-alt0.M60P.1 almost 7 years ago Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast email client.

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