Package cve-basealt: Information

Binary package: cve-basealt
Version: 20221117-alt1
Architecture: noarch
Build time:  Nov 18, 2022, 07:17 AM
 in the task #310187
Source package: cve-basealt
Category: Other
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License: GPLv3 
Summary:  Content of
HTML pages for are generated with pelican
during the build phase of this package.

If you are not root on the web server, one way to unpack it is:

rpm2cpio cve-basealt-20221117-alt1.noarch.rpm | { cd / && cpio -imd; }
Last changes:
Nov. 17, 2022 Alexey Appolonov 20221117-alt1
- Collected new information from the tasks/changelogs.
Nov. 5, 2022 Alexey Appolonov 20221103-alt2
- Publication dates are no longer displayed.
Nov. 3, 2022 Alexey Appolonov 20221103-alt1
- Collected new information from the tasks/changelogs;
- Added manually entered information about those updates that don't mention
  CVE fixes.
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