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Maintainer: Alexey Gladkov

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [243]

package versions age Url Summary
warning anacron 1:2.3-alt7 1:2.3-alt7 over 5 years ago A cron-like program that doesn't go by time
ok ash 0.5.8-alt1 0.5.8-alt1.2e5842258 over 5 years ago A smaller version of the Bourne shell
warning bash-completion 1:2.11-alt1.git.157.g59d2322e 1:2.9-alt1 1:2.9-alt1 1:2.8-alt3 over 2 years ago bash-completion offers programmable completion for bash
ok bashdb 4.4_1.0.1-alt1 4.4_1.0.1-alt1 4.4_0.94-alt1 4.2_0.8-alt1 almost 3 years ago BASH with Debugger and Improved Debug Support and Error Handling
notice bootloader-utils 0.5.3-alt1 0.5.2-alt3 0.4.26-alt4 over 2 years ago Bootloader utilities
warning browser-plugins-npapi 3.0-alt1 3.0-alt1 over 11 years ago Netscape Gecko Plug-in API common files
notice ca-certificates 2021.03.24-alt1 2020.06.29-alt1 2020.06.29-alt1 2019.10.28-alt1 2019.03.31-alt1 about 2 years ago Common CA Certificates
ok cgdb 0.7.0-alt1 0.7.0-alt1 0.6.8-alt1 over 5 years ago Frontend for GDB
notice cgreen 1.0-alt3 1.0-alt2 1.0-alt2 almost 7 years ago Framework for unit testing, written in C
skip chromium 90.0.4430.72-alt1 69.0.3497.100-alt0.mips1 over 2 years ago An open source web browser developed by Google
notice common-licenses 1.12-alt1 1.10-alt1 1.10-alt1 1.9-alt1 1.4-alt1 over 2 years ago Contains the various common licenses used in the ALT Sisyphus
skip console-setup 1.195-alt1_1 about 1 year ago Tools for configuring the console using X Window System key maps
warning consolelocker 1.1.0-alt1 1.1.0-alt1 1.0.0-alt1 over 3 years ago Daemon to lock console terminal and virtual consoles.
notice control 0.8.0-alt1 0.8.0-alt1 almost 3 years ago A set of scripts to control installed system facilities
notice createrepo_c 0.11.0-alt1.1 0.11.0-alt1.1 over 2 years ago Creates a common metadata repository
skip dmenu-wl 0.1.51.g304c8e9-alt1 0.1-alt1 almost 2 years ago Dynamic menu for wayland
warning elogind 241.3-alt1 241.2-alt1 about 2 years ago The systemd project's "logind", extracted to a standalone package
warning etcd 3.4.15-alt1 3.4.9-alt1 3.2.5-alt1 almost 4 years ago A highly-available key value store for shared configuration
notice eudev 3.2.9-alt3 3.2.6-alt1 3.2.6-alt1 3.2.6-alt1 over 2 years ago eudev - an userspace implementation of devfs
repocop patch
extlinux 6.04.pre3-alt3 5 months ago The EXTLINUX bootloader, for booting the local system.
warning fetchmail 6.4.2-alt1 6.4.2-alt1 6.3.26-alt6 about 2 years ago Full-featured POP/IMAP/ETRN mail retrieval daemon
skip firefox 88.0.1-alt1 77.0.1-alt1 11 months ago The Mozilla Firefox project is a redesign of Mozilla's browser
skip firefox-esr 78.10.1-alt1 68.9.0-alt1 52.9.0-alt1.E2K.4 52.9.0-alt0.mips1 almost 2 years ago The Mozilla Firefox project is a redesign of Mozilla's browser
skip fuse-overlayfs 10 months ago FUSE filesystem for containers.
ok gear 2.5.0-alt1 2.3.0-alt1 2.3.0-alt1 2.2.0-alt1 2.2.0-alt1 about 3 years ago Get Every Archive from git package Repository
ok git-crypt 0.6.0-alt1.1 0.6.0-alt1.1 0.6.0-alt1.1 0.6.0-alt1.1 almost 3 years ago Transparent file encryption in git
skip gnupg 1.4.23-alt2 1.4.23-alt1 1.4.23-alt1 1.4.23-alt1 over 2 years ago The GNU Privacy Guard
skip gnupg2-gostcrypto 2.2.19-alt3 4 months ago The GNU Privacy Guard suite
warning golang 1.16.4-alt1 1.14.4-alt1 1.14.2-alt2 1.12.6-alt1 almost 2 years ago The Go Programming Language
skip golang-github-kisielk-gotool 1.0.0-alt1 12 months ago Utility functions provided by (but not exported) by cmd/go
warning golang-tools 0-alt8.git8c34cc9c 0-alt7.git24acc66e over 2 years ago Supplementary tools and packages for Go
notice groff 1.22.3-alt2 1.22.3-alt2 over 3 years ago A document formatting system
notice hasher-priv 1.6.0-alt1 1.6.0-alt1 1.5.2-alt1 about 5 years ago A privileged helper for the hasher project
ok highlight 3.58-alt1 3.38-alt1 3.38-alt1 3.38-alt1 almost 4 years ago Universal source code to formatted text converter
notice isync 1.3.0-alt2 1.3.0-alt2 about 2 years ago Utility to synchronize IMAP mailboxes with local maildir folders
notice jwm 2.3.7-alt1_3 2.3.7-alt1_3 over 3 years ago Joe's Window Manager
repocop patch
kbd 0:2.4.0-alt2 0:2.0.4-alt3 0:2.0.4-alt3 0:2.0.4-alt2 over 4 years ago Tools for managing the Linux console
notice kexec-tools 2.0.21-alt1 2.0.20-alt1 2.0.19-alt1 about 2 years ago Load one kernel from another
notice kinit-utils 1.5.25-alt5 1.5.25-alt5 about 4 years ago Small utilities built with klibc
skip kmod 27.0.9.f5434cf-alt1 27.0.9.f5434cf-alt1 26-alt1 25-alt1 23-alt1 over 4 years ago Linux kernel module management utilities
notice kup 0.3.6-alt1 0.3.6-alt1 over 3 years ago;a=summary Uploader
ok less 530-alt1 530-alt1 481-alt2 over 4 years ago A text file browser similar to more, but better
skip libassuan 2.5.3-alt1 2.5.3-alt1 2.5.3-alt1 about 2 years ago IPC library used by some GnuPG related software
notice libdrmhelper 1.3.0-alt1 about 1 year ago A privileged helper for drm initialization
notice libgcrypt 1.9.2-alt1 1.8.5-alt3 1.8.5-alt3 1.8.4-alt3 almost 2 years ago The GNU crypto library
skip libgcrypt-gost 1.8.5-alt6 3 months ago The GNU crypto library
skip libgpg-error 1.41-alt4 1.36-alt1 1.36-alt1 about 2 years ago Error library for GnuPG and related projects
skip libksba 1.5.0-alt3 1.3.6-alt13 1.3.6-alt13 1.3.6-alt8 1.3.6-alt8 over 2 years ago X.509 library
skip libksba-gost 1.3.6-alt15 4 months ago X.509 library
skip libmozjs38 38.2.1-alt3.1 about 2 years ago JavaScript interpreter and libraries
skip libnpth 1.6-alt1_1 1.6-alt1_1 1.5-alt2 over 2 years ago The New GNU Portable Threads library
ok libshell 0.4.9-alt1 0.4.8-alt1 0.4.7-alt1 0.4.7-alt1 0.4.4-alt1 about 3 years ago A library of shell functions
ok logrotate 3.16.0-alt1.git35_6e8dfb8 3.16.0-alt1.git35_6e8dfb8 3.9.1-alt5 over 3 years ago Rotates, compresses, and mails system logs
ok magicpoint 1.13a-alt5.20140908 1.13a-alt4.20140908 1.13a-alt4.20140908 almost 4 years ago Presentation tool
notice make 2:4.3.0-alt1 2:4.3.0-alt1 2:4.2.1-alt5 2:4.2.1-alt3 about 2 years ago A GNU tool which simplifies the build process for users
notice make-initrd 2.16.0-alt1 2.8.3-alt1 2.8.3-alt1 2.2.10-alt1.1 2.2.10-alt1 about 2 years ago Creates an initramfs image
notice make-initrd-bootloader 0.4-alt1 about 1 year ago Bootloader feature for make-initrd
notice make-initrd-busybox 1.32.1-alt3 1.28.1-alt2 1.28.1-alt2 1.28.1-alt1 about 3 years ago Busybox for make-initrd
skip make-initrd-propagator 0.45-alt1 0.32-alt1.1 0.42-alt1 almost 2 years ago Put propagator into make-initrd generated image
skip mako 1.5-alt1 1.4-alt2 over 1 year ago Lightweight Wayland notification daemon
skip man-db 2.9.0-alt3 2.9.0-alt2 2.8.5-alt1 almost 2 years ago Tools for searching and reading man pages
ok md2man 1.0-alt2 1.0-alt1 over 4 years ago md2man creates simple man pages from the markdown file
skip mkimage 0.2.42-alt1 0.2.31-alt1 0.2.29-alt1 0.2.26-alt1 0.2.20-alt1.1 almost 2 years ago Simple image creator
notice mksh 52b-alt1 52b-alt1 about 5 years ago MirBSD enhanced version of the Korn Shell
warning moc 2.6.0-alt0.5 2.6.0-alt0.5 almost 3 years ago Console player
repocop patch
mozilla-common 1.0-alt1 1.0-alt1 over 9 years ago Mozilla common directories
notice mozldap 6.0.7-alt6 6.0.7-alt5 6.0.7-alt5 6.0.7-alt4 about 2 years ago Mozilla LDAP C SDK
notice ms-sys 2.5.3-alt1 2.5.3-alt1 about 3 years ago Linux program for writing Microsoft compatible boot records.
ok ne 3.0.1-alt1 3.0.1-alt1 over 5 years ago The Nice Editor
skip npth 4 months ago The New GNU Portable Threads library
notice nspr 1:4.30-alt1 1:4.26-alt1 1:4.23-alt1 1:4.21-alt3 1:4.21-alt2 almost 2 years ago Netscape Portable Runtime (NSPR)
warning nss 3.63.0-alt1 3.54.0-alt1 3.47.1-alt1 3.45.0-alt1 3.44.0-alt1 almost 2 years ago Netscape Network Security Services(NSS)
repocop patch
openssh 7.9p1-alt2 7.9p1-alt1 7.9p1-alt1 7.9p1-alt1 7.9p1-alt1 over 2 years ago OpenSSH free Secure Shell (SSH) implementation
notice osec 1.3.1-alt2 1.3.0-alt1 1.3.0-alt1 1.2.9-alt1 almost 2 years ago Lightweight file permission checker
skip pam_yubico 2.26-alt1_5 about 1 year ago A Pluggable Authentication Module for yubikeys
skip perl-Search-Xapian 10 months ago Xapian perl bindings
skip pommed 1.39-alt9 5 months ago Apple laptops hotkeys event handler
skip public-inbox 6 months ago An "archives first" approach to mailing lists
skip python3-module-i3ipc 2.2.1-alt1 2.1.1.g13d6e3c-alt1 over 1 year ago An improved Python library to control i3wm and sway
ok rofi 1.5.4-alt2 1.5.4-alt2 1.5.1-alt2 almost 3 years ago A window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement
notice rpm almost 2 years ago The RPM package management system
skip rpm-build-golang 1.0.7-alt1.0.mips1 1.0.7-alt1 1.0.4-alt1 about 2 years ago RPM build enviroment to build GO packages
skip rpm-build-guestfs 0.7-alt1 0.5-alt1 about 2 years ago RPM helper post script for build guestfs appliance
skip 41.0.2-alt3 about 2 years ago RPM helpers to build packages
notice rpm-utils 0.10.3-alt1 0.10.2-alt1 0.10.2-alt1 almost 2 years ago Utilities every rpm packager must have
repocop patch
rust 1:1.52.0-alt1 1:1.35.0-alt1 almost 2 years ago The Rust Programming Language
skip rxvt-unicode 9.22-alt1.2 9.22-alt1.2 over 2 years ago rxvt-unicode is a clone of the well known terminal emulator rxvt
skip scdoc 1.10.1-alt1 1.10.1-alt1 1.9.4-alt1 almost 2 years ago Tool for generating roff manual pages
notice setup 2.2.16-alt1 2.2.16-alt1 2.2.15-alt1 over 3 years ago Initial set of configuration files
notice sisyphus_check 0.8.63-alt1 0.8.45-alt1.E2K.2 0.8.56-alt1.0.mips1 0.8.56-alt1 0.8.51-alt1 almost 2 years ago package checker for Sisyphus
warning startup over 2 years ago The system startup scripts
failure startup-rescue 0.36-alt1 0.32-alt4 0.32-alt3 0.32-alt1 about 2 years ago The system startup scripts for rescue disk
warning stunnel4 5.53-alt1.1 5.53-alt1.1 about 2 years ago Universal SSL tunnel
skip svrcore 4.1.2-alt2 about 3 years ago Secure PIN handling using NSS crypto
skip sway 1:1.6-alt1 1.1-alt1.rc3 almost 2 years ago i3wm drop-in replacement for Wayland
warning swaybg 1.0-alt1 1.0-alt1 almost 2 years ago Wallpaper tool for Wayland compositors
failure swayidle 1.6-alt1 1.3-alt1 almost 2 years ago Idle management daemon for Wayland
skip swaylock 1.5-alt1_3 10 months ago Screen locker for Wayland
repocop patch
sysklogd 1.8.0-alt1 1.6.0-alt1 1.6.0-alt1 about 1 year ago Base package for system logging and kernel message trapping daemons
skip systemd 1:247.3-alt2 1:245.6-alt2 1:234-alt3.0.e2k.4 1:242-alt8 almost 2 years ago System and Session Manager

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The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.