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Group :: Text tools
Source RPM: dblatex
Raw spec file

Name: dblatex
Version: 0.3.11
Release: alt2

Summary: DocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing
License: GPL-2.0-or-later and MIT and W3C
Group: Text tools
Packager: Kirill Maslinsky <kirill at>

Source: %name-%version.tar

# ImageMagick-tools or GraphicsMagick-ImageMagick-compat

Requires: /usr/bin/convert
Requires: xsltproc docbook-dtds

rpm-build-python3 rpm-build-tex
BuildRequires: python3-devel texlive-latex-extra xsltproc
BuildRequires: transfig

BuildArch: noarch

# this is xelatex's sty, skip to workaround texmf dep tracing unefficiency

%add_texmf_req_skip xecyr.sty
# 4Suite python2 only, xsltproc will be used

%filter_from_requires /Ft\./d

%define _dblatex_datadir %_datadir/%name
%define _dblatex_texdir %_texmfmain/tex/latex/%name

Dblatex started as a DB2LaTeX clone, but since then many things have changed
and new features have been added or (hopefully) improved. Now, the portion of
shared code is small if any, and the dblatex purpose is different from DB2LaTeX
on these points:

* The project is end-user oriented, that is, it tries to hide as much as
* possible the latex compiling stuff by providing a single clean script to
* produce directly DVI, PostScript and PDF output. The actual output
* rendering is done not only by the XSL stylesheets transformation, but
* also by a dedicated LaTeX package. The goal is to allow a deep LaTeX
* customisation without changing the XSL stylesheets. Post-processing is
* done by Python, to make publication faster, convert the images if needed,
* and do the whole compilation.

This project is splitted in two instances working on the same principles. Both
instances are intended to produce DVI, PostScript, PDF documents from DocBook
SGML or XML sources, by converting first to a high level set of TeX macros.

# \cyrchar is not defined, attempts to use it are unjustified

sed -i 's/\\cyrchar//g' lib/dbtexmf/dblatex/
# invalid inkscape parameters order

sed -i '/inkscape.*format, *input, *output/s/input, *output/output, input/' lib/dbtexmf/core/

#fix shebangs

sed -i 's|\(/usr/bin/\)env \(python\)$|\1\23|' \
scripts/dblatex tools/ \
lib/dbtexmf/dblatex/xetex/*.py lib/contrib/which/ \



mkdir -p %buildroot/%_dblatex_texdir
mv %buildroot/%_dblatex_datadir/latex/{contrib,misc/multirow2.sty,style} %buildroot/%_dblatex_texdir
rm -rvf %buildroot/%_dblatex_datadir/latex/misc

#mkdir -p %buildroot/%_dblatex_datadir

#cp -a buildroot/%_dblatex_datadir/xsl %buildroot/%_dblatex_datadir

mkdir -p %buildroot/%_dblatex_datadir/latex
#cp -a buildroot/%_dblatex_datadir/latex/{graphics,scripts,specs} %buildroot/%_dblatex_datadir/latex

ln -s ../../texmf/tex/latex/dblatex/contrib %buildroot/%_dblatex_datadir/latex/contrib
mv %buildroot/%_dblatex_datadir/latex/graphics %buildroot/%_dblatex_texdir

mv %buildroot%_docdir/%name %buildroot%_docdir/%name-%version
cp COPYRIGHT %buildroot%_docdir/%name-%version

# another fix shebang

sed -i 's|\(/usr/bin/\)env \(python\)$|\1\23|' %buildroot%_bindir/%name

[ -h %_datadir/%name/latex/contrib ] || rm -rf %_datadir/%name/latex/contrib


* Mon Nov 09 2020 Vitaly Lipatov <lav at> 0.3.11-alt2
- NMU: require /usr/bin/convert instead of ImageMagick-tools

* Tue Jun 16 2020 Yuri N. Sedunov <aris at> 0.3.11-alt1
- 0.3.11 (Python3 version:
- fixed License tag

* Tue Oct 02 2018 Grigory Ustinov <grenka at> 0.3.10-alt2
- Remove dependency on ImageMagick.

* Tue May 29 2018 Grigory Ustinov <grenka at> 0.3.10-alt1
- Build new version (Closes: #34675).

* Mon Mar 05 2018 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0.3-alt2
- NMU: rebuild with rpm-build-tex

* Thu Dec 08 2016 Fr. Br. George <george at> 0.3-alt1.1.1.1
- Fix inkscape call

* Sat Oct 22 2011 Vitaly Kuznetsov <vitty at> 0.3-alt1.1.1
- Rebuild with Python-2.7

* Thu Oct 13 2011 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 0.3-alt1.1
- NMU (fixes by led@):
+ fixed License
+ fixed BuildRequires
+ added URL
- minor spec cleanup

* Tue Aug 23 2011 Kirill Maslinsky <kirill at> 0.3-alt1
- version up

* Tue Jan 19 2010 Kirill Maslinsky <kirill at> 0.2.12-alt2
- Move auxiliary graphics into texmf tree where TeX will find them

* Thu Nov 12 2009 Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at> 0.2.12-alt1.1
- Rebuilt with python 2.6

* Wed Sep 02 2009 Kirill Maslinsky <kirill at> 0.2.12-alt1
- 0.2.9 -> 0.2.12
- package is now installable with both texlive and tetex

Please NOTE that some required latex packages are missing in tetex
and you may need to install them separately.

* Tue Jul 08 2008 Kirill Maslinsky <kirill at> 0.2.9-alt2
- fixed upgrade failure (closes #16261)

* Thu Jun 26 2008 Kirill Maslinsky <kirill at> 0.2.9-alt1
- 0.2.7 -> 0.2.9 (closes #16169)
- LaTeX styles provided by dblatex are now visible to LaTeX
+ TeX input files moved into texmf hierarchy
+ applyed debian patch to allow user to override TeX paths (see debian bug #470209)
- BuildRequires minimized
- more requirements added for automatic LaTeX processing

* Thu Jun 19 2008 Kirill Maslinsky <kirill at> 0.2.7-alt2
- add BuildArch: noarch

* Wed Jun 18 2008 Kirill Maslinsky <kirill at> 0.2.7-alt1
- Initial build for Sisyphus
- this package has huge requirements on teTeX and ImageMagick (among others)
but it won't be fully finctional without them

The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.