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Group :: System/Configuration/Packaging
Source RPM: github2spec
Raw spec file

Name: github2spec
# NOTE update version in github2spec

Version: 1.4.12
Release: alt2

Summary: Script for generation RPM spec file from github using genspec
License: MIT
Group: System/Configuration/Packaging
Packager: Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at>

BuildArch: noarch

BuildPrereq: rpm-build-ruby

Requires: genspec >= 1.3.11

Source: %name-%version.tar

Script to get repository data from github and generate RPM spec file with
genspec. Program works in interactive mode, only one required value is URL.
Then you insert URL, the program will ask you to enter another values, but
before asking it would suggest default value. If you accept it then just press


install -Dm755 %name %buildroot%_bindir/%name


* Fri Mar 19 2021 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.12-alt2
- Switch back to ruby type (ALT #39821)

* Sat Sep 12 2020 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.12-alt1
- Fix open-uri warning

* Thu Jul 09 2020 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.11-alt1
- Proxy empty branch options to gnespec
- Add ocaml support

* Fri Feb 22 2019 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.10-alt1
- Treat NOASSERTION license as none license

* Fri Jan 25 2019 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.9-alt1
- Fix name translation

* Thu Jan 24 2019 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.8-alt1
- Add support of multiple url types
- Change name translation behavior

* Fri Nov 16 2018 Grigory Ustinov <grenka at> 1.4.7-alt1
- Add option to generate only spec and rules.

* Mon Oct 22 2018 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.6-alt1
- Rewrite forwarding options to genspec

* Mon Sep 17 2018 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.5-alt1
- Add tag option to build from specified tag instead of last
- If not specified url option try to read it from first positional argument
- Forvard here and force options to gnespec

* Wed Jul 11 2018 Andrey Cherepanov <cas at> 1.4.4-alt1.1
- Rebuild with new Ruby autorequirements.

* Tue Jun 05 2018 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.4-alt1
- (ALT#34983) use version to change tag

* Fri Mar 02 2018 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.3-alt1
- (ALT#34598) using empty strings instead of default values
- (ALT#34597) requires to inappropriate version of genspec
- (ALT#33934) show wrong version

* Mon Jan 08 2018 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.2-alt1
- Use readline
- Add owner parameter

* Wed Sep 20 2017 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.1-alt1
- (ALT#33907) multiple url requirement and bad changelog

* Sun Sep 17 2017 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.4.0-alt1
- Rewrite github2spec without octokit

* Fri Sep 01 2017 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.3.12-alt1
- Fix some issues

* Sun Aug 06 2017 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.3.11-alt1
- Add command line option to pack stand alone programs

* Tue Jul 11 2017 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.3.10-alt1
- Refactor code and add opportunity to pass arguments to genspec

* Wed Jun 28 2017 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.3.8-alt1
- Change default python type to python3

* Tue Jun 20 2017 Gordeev Mikhail <obirvalger at> 1.3.6-alt1
- Pass git to genspec

* Mon Jun 19 2017 Gordeev Mikhail <obirvalger at> 1.3.4-alt1
- Pass tag to genspec

* Wed Jun 14 2017 Gordeev Mikhail <obirvalger at> 1.3.2-alt1
- Fix faults with missing description and tags

* Thu Jun 01 2017 Gordeev Mikhail <obirvalger at> 1.3.1-alt1
- Add command line options to control interactive level
- Fix issue with nil license
- Fix issue with quoting in data from github

* Tue May 16 2017 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at> 1.2.0-alt1
- Initial build as separate package (before it was part of genspec)
The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.