Package alt-csp-cryptopro

Source package: alt-csp-cryptopro
Version: 0.2.0-alt1
Build time:  Jul 14, 2021, 05:17 PM
 in the task #278919
Category: File tools
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License:  GPL-2.0-or-later
Summary:  CryptoPRO GUI tool
CryptoPRO GUI tool
List of rpms provided by this srpm: 
alt-csp-cryptopro (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
alt-csp-cryptopro-debuginfo (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
Maintainer: Oleg Solovyov
List of contributors: 
Oleg Solovyov
Arseny Maslennikov
Sergey V Turchin

ACL: Oleg Solovyov, @everybody
Last changes:
July 14, 2021 Oleg Solovyov 0.2.0-alt1
- refactor source code, simplify UI
- use QTableView for certificates
- show progress bar at long signing/verification operations
- remove dead/rarely used code
July 12, 2021 Oleg Solovyov 0.1.9-alt1
- use system alterator style
- fix ui
July 12, 2021 Oleg Solovyov 0.1.8-alt1
- fix null pointer dereference

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