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  • 1.98.13-alt0.M80P.1
Group :: System/Configuration/Other
Source RPM: alterator-x11

2019-05-23 Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy 1.98.14-alt3

    - Fixed previous change (aarch64 is non-x86 too).

2019-04-08 Michael Shigorin 1.98.14-alt2

    - Don't require "ddcprobe" on non-x86 arches (manowar@).

2018-12-27 Mikhail Efremov 1.98.14-alt1

    - video_scan: Initialize local variable.

2017-07-27 Oleg Solovyov 1.98.13-alt1

    - Fallback to /usr/share/alterator-x11/xorg.conf
      if default xorg.conf does not exist (closes: #32510)

2016-12-05 Michael Shigorin 1.98.12-alt1

    - suppress sed's stderr noise (missing videoaliases aren't a problem)

2016-06-27 Anton V. Boyarshinov 1.98.11-alt1

    - bug with unexisting (always) xorg.conf fixed

2016-03-09 Sergey V Turchin 1.98.10-alt1

    - update display size option name (closes: #30829)

2015-12-11 Mikhail Efremov 1.98.9-alt1

    - Fix build with recent glibc.

2015-03-11 Mikhail Efremov 1.98.8-alt1

    - Use driver name if description is not found (closes: #26581).
    - Blacklist other drivers in case of vesa (closes: #29435).
    - Replace shell-regexp with shell-quote (closes: #30811).

2013-06-17 Sergey V Turchin 1.98.7-alt1

    - polish DisplaySize UI

2013-06-14 Sergey V Turchin 1.98.6-alt1

    - simplify DisplaySize UI

2013-06-14 Sergey V Turchin 1.98.5-alt1

    - disable DisplaySize by default
    - clear DisplaySize when unusable or disabled

2013-06-06 Sergey V Turchin 1.98.4-alt1

    - add ability to setup display size (ALT#28179)

2013-04-15 Mikhail Efremov 1.98.3-alt1

    - Run make-initrd in compat mode too (closes: #21932).

2012-09-07 Anton V. Boyarshinov 1.98.2-alt1

    - the modesetting driver added to the drivers database

2011-10-19 Mikhail Efremov 1.98.1-alt1

    - Add .conf extension to blacklist config name.

2011-09-21 Mikhail Efremov 1.98.0-alt1

    - Set generic HorizSync and VertRefresh if needed (closes: #26248).
    - xsetup-monitor: Add --hsync and --vrefr options.
    - xsetup: Fix adding values with spaces.
    - xsetup and xsetup-monitor: Usage message improved.
    - config-x11: Use xsetup-monitor.
    - Use cache for config file (closes: #26301).

2011-08-23 Mikhail Efremov 1.97.1-alt1

    - xsetup-monitor: Add --create-only option.

2011-08-18 Mikhail Efremov 1.97.0-alt1

    - backend: Use xsetup and xsetup-monitor.
    - Add xsetup-monitor script.
    - Add xsetup script.

2011-08-11 Mikhail Efremov 1.96.0-alt1

    - Return x11_autosetup.

2011-08-10 Mikhail Efremov 1.95.1-alt1

    - Add warning message on commit changes.

2011-07-29 Mikhail Efremov 1.95.0-alt1

    - Drop xorg-drv-video requires.
    - Recreate initrd if needed.
    - Blacklist modules.
    - Drop monitor selection.
    - Drop test feature.
    - Use /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/.
    - video_scan: Fix current driver displaying.
    - Drop x11_autosetup.

2011-05-31 Lenar Shakirov 1.10.0-alt2

    - add data for mach64 video driver

2011-03-14 Anton V. Boyarshinov 1.10.0-alt1

    - no HAL/Dbus (stanv@)

2011-01-31 Anton V. Boyarshinov 1.9.1-alt1

    - x11_autosetup don't set video driver if no driver set, it a work for 
      Xorg now

2010-11-23 Anton V. Boyarshinov 1.9-alt1

    - data/drivers: nouveau added
    - html interface disabled

2010-05-08 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt2

    - data/drivers: add geode/ztv/amd (closes: #13543, thanks to snejok@)

2009-12-25 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt1

    - monitor_ddc: avoid non-zero return values
    - monitor_ddc: get DDCPROBE and DDCDUMP_FILE from the environment
    - remove default modes from template xorg.conf

2009-12-25 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.7-alt1

    - backend: don't try to run x11setupdrv if it isn't installed (closes: #22417)

2009-12-14 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.6-alt1

    - monitor_ddc: don't return multiline values (closes: #22394)

2009-11-03 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.5-alt1

    - come back to libxorgconfig

2009-11-02 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.4-alt1

    - use local libxf86config
    - remove xconf script, resurrect old xconf program
    - xconf: fix reversed mode order in -R (closes #16069, thanks to led@)
    - xconf: fix help message
    - monitor_ddc/resbest: fix error handling
    - x11_autosetup: fix error handling

2009-10-21 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.3-alt1

    - monitor_setup: add help message
    - xconf: don't write empty HorizSync or VertRefresh to xorg.conf
    - resolution_setup: don't write 'auto' resolution to xorg.conf

2009-10-20 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.2-alt1

    - xconf: fix color depth and modes handling
    - data/xorg.conf: remove DRI section,
      remove AutoAddDevices and AIGLX ServerFlags

2009-10-16 Stanislav Ievlev 1.1-alt2

    - pack missing monitor_ddc tool

2009-10-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.1-alt1

    - xconf: don't set empty depth or resolution
    - video_scan: don't try to find current driver if it is not needed
    - x11_autosetup: set fbresolution for autodetected fbdev drivers too
    - use monitor_ddc script instead of /usr/lib/alterator-x11/ddc*

2009-10-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt1

    - replace xconf program by shell script
    - don't use x11setupdrv (closes #18843)
    - html ui:
      - move html ui into ui directory
      - use wf=none
      - use card-index module in ajax.scm
      - rearrange interface design.
      - remove xorg test
    - backend: use run_localized for xtest_wrapper.
    - heplers:
      - video_scan: don't fail when current driver detection failed.
      - resolution_setup: set resolutions in descending order (use new xconf)
      - resolution_setup: add help message.
    - spec: cleanup, change Packager

2009-09-21 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.27-alt1

    - /usr/share/alterator-x11/monitors: change vendor
      for Magnavox MB7000 (closes: #21622)
    - video_setup: use /etc/X11/xorg.conf as a default
    - video_scan: show current driver

2009-08-28 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.26-alt3

    - change default color depth for vesa driver to 24bpp (see #21270)

2009-06-25 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.26-alt2

    - change default depth for intel driver to 24bpp

2009-06-08 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.26-alt1

    - montest.c: do XDefineCursor

2009-06-08 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.25-alt1

    - video_setup: setup default color depth
    - data/drivers: set default depth 16 for fbdev driver (#20309)

2009-04-02 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.24-alt1

    - mouseconf: fix first mouse adding
    - x11_autosetup: fix mouse_autosetup execution

2009-04-02 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.23-alt1

    - ressurect serial_mouse_scan program and mouse_autosetup script,
      use old-style mouse autosetup
    - x11_autosetup: run with -efu options; don't fail on x11{setup,preset}drv
    - update translations in x11.desktop

2009-03-02 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.22-alt6

    - If test fails show EE lines from Xorg.log

2009-02-20 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.22-alt5

    - fix: remove newline in drivers list (by stanv@)

2009-02-18 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.22-alt4

    - fix xtest_wrapper.c

2009-02-18 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.22-alt3

    - xtest_wrapper.c: don't fail on second x11setupdrv
      Test is OK even if we can't do x11setupdrv for host xdriver
      (fix "test fail" error on installer)

2009-02-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.22-alt2

    - fix monitor lists
    - add translations to desktop-file

2009-02-04 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.22-alt1

    - don't remove alterator's copy of xorg.conf until exit

2009-01-22 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.21-alt4

    - use translations and help from alterator-l10n

2009-01-22 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.21-alt3

    - backend: fix typo in monitor_scan execution

2009-01-21 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.21-alt2

    - fix video_scan for x86_64

2009-01-20 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.21-alt1

    - xconf: some tests for NULL pointers (fix #18571)
    - backend: fix config workcopy creation logic (fix #18572)
    - Completely rewrite videodriver detection.
      Remove vcscan, vcdb, vcdrv, vcdrv_sorted and vcinfo tools
      Change videodriver database format
      (See  `video_scan -h`  and  `video_drv -h`)

2009-01-11 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt19

    - xconf: fix -a option

2009-01-11 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt18

    - fix write_error on non-existing xorg.conf
    - fix a bug with cancel button in config-x11 mode

2008-12-08 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt17

    - message about synaptics driver

2008-12-08 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt16

    - config-x11: error when alterator-standalone does not exists

2008-12-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt15

    - use help from l10n

2008-11-05 Stanislav Ievlev 0.20-alt14

    - alterator_api_version = 1
    - update for latest firefox-alterator-extension
    - minor module updates

2008-10-14 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt13

    - skipping test on nv-nvidia conflict: finding old driver in /proc (works in installer)

2008-10-14 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt12

    - rebuild with new alterator-l10n

2008-10-13 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt11

    - error message on nv - nvidia conflict
    - add Option "AIGLX" "true" to xorg.conf

2008-10-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt10

    - remove %D template from CONFPATH in xconf
    - fix strange SEGV on empty file names in xconf
    - cleanup template xorg.conf

2008-10-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt9

    - fix sort order in vcdrv_sorted

2008-10-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt8

    - add vcdrv_sorted helper; add fallback to other drivers returned by vcdrv

2008-09-22 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt7

    - fix minor typos in the help (by wrar@)

2008-09-22 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt6

    - add missing parameters to config

2008-09-19 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt5

    - remove fbdev fallback in x11_autosetup, change fbdev and vesa fallbacks in config-x11

2008-09-17 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt4

    - sort video drivers using priorities (nvidia before nv etc...)

2008-09-10 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt3

    - add options for explicitly set of xdriver and xres values
      in x11_autosetup

2008-09-10 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt2

    - replace debug() function by verbose() from shell-error

2008-09-10 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.20-alt1

    - remove unused serial_mouse_scan

2008-09-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.19-alt9

    - use write_enum

2008-09-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.19-alt8

    - rebuild with new alterator-l10n

2008-07-31 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.19-alt7

    - Requires: hal dbus

2008-07-31 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.19-alt6

    - looking for running hal and dbus in config-x11 (fix #7980)

2008-07-31 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.19-alt5

    - backup xorg.conf in config-x11 (fix #7980)

2008-07-28 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.19-alt4

    - fix problem with quit-btn in installer

2008-07-24 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.19-alt3

    - fix setup_xorg_serial() in x11_autosetup

2008-07-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.19-alt2

    - comments about mice in xorg.conf
    - Option  "AllowMouseOpenFail"  "true"
      (this option is set by default, but i add it explicitely to avoid questions)

2008-07-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.19-alt1

    - add quit button to config_x11 (fix #16357)

2008-07-15 Michael Shigorin 0.18.1-alt1

    - merged mike/M40 forward port by Valentyn Solomko

2008-07-11 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.18-alt11

    - fix broken "next" button in installer (bug appeared in 0.18-alt2)

2008-07-11 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.18-alt10

    - remove obsolete script mouse_autosetup

2008-07-11 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.18-alt9

    - add setup_xorg_serial() to x11_autosetup (fix #16335)

2008-07-10 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.18-alt8

    - fix get_auto_xres

2008-07-10 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.18-alt7

    - /tmp/xtest-answer -> /tmp/alterator/xtest-answer (fix #13164)

2008-07-10 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.18-alt6

    - cleanup autodetect procedures in backend

2008-07-10 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.18-alt5

    - autodetect xdepth for the current driver in read action

2008-07-10 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.18-alt4

    - vcdb -- return "8 16 24" depth list for unknown cards

2008-07-10 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.18-alt3

    - change default values for enumref items from bool (#f) to string ("") (#fix 16325)

2008-07-08 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.18-alt2

    - add config-x11 tool

2008-07-04 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.18-alt1

    - remove translation from desktop file
    - remove po_domain setting from backend
    - remove po/*
    - use module.mak
    - remove titles and h1-headers from html

2008-06-30 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.17-alt2

    - fix monitor setup

2008-06-27 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.17-alt1

    - new x11_autosetup tool

2008-06-25 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.16-alt4

    - in fallback case in driver autodetect function try fbdev before vesa

2008-06-25 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.16-alt3

    - add devault values for unknown drivers

2008-06-23 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.16-alt2

    - modify Requires:
      - add Requires: xorg-server >= 1.4.2-alt4 - with libXiconfig
      - remove Requires: xorg-x11-mesagl
      - xorg-x11-* -> xorg-*
    - modify xorg.conf template
      - add Option "AutoAddDevices" "true"
      - remove Option "AllowMouseOpenFail" "true"

2008-06-19 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.16-alt1

    - use libXiconfig
      - Requires:libXiconfig
      - add -x option in tools/mouse_autosetup
      - modify template xorg.conf
      - start messagebus and haldaemon

2008-06-19 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.15-alt6

    - add tail_res() definition to tools/resolution_autosetup

2008-06-19 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.15-alt5

    - interface crashes when monitor vendor unknown -fixed

2008-05-23 Stanislav Ievlev 0.15-alt4

    - remove autoinstall backend usage
    - remove po files

2008-05-06 Stanislav Ievlev 0.15-alt3

    - use enumref in html interface

2008-05-06 Stanislav Ievlev 0.15-alt2

    - use write_enum_item in backend

2008-05-05 Stanislav Ievlev 0.15-alt1

    - improve resolution read/write
    - use enumref feature

2008-04-25 Stanislav Ievlev 0.14-alt3

    - little ui improvements

2008-04-23 Stanislav Ievlev 0.14-alt2

    - join to common translation database
    - update help

2008-04-23 Stanislav Ievlev 0.14-alt1

    - remove html-messages
    - improve ui according alterator-HIG
    - use alterator-sh-function
    - remove template-*
    - drop support runlevel tuning (use installer-feature-runlevel5)

2008-04-14 Michael Shigorin 0.13.8-alt1

    - applied patch by led@ to improve xconf functionality (#15236)

2008-04-02 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.13.7-alt1

    - add default value in list_xdepth() for labeling non-standart xdepth's

2008-04-02 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.13.6-alt2

    - fix some problems with default bpp's

2008-03-31 Michael Shigorin 0.13.6-alt1

    - merge changes by slazav@ from 0.13.2-alt2
    - disable (comment out) Composite support in generated xorg.conf
      (non-reliable feature thus broken default)

2008-03-31 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.13.2-alt2

    - default color depth 2 -> 0 (#15098)
    - counter++ when pause button pressed (#11538)
    - add composite keys to xorg.conf
    - remove type1 module from xorg.conf

2008-03-19 Michael Shigorin 0.13.5-alt1

    - bumped suggested optimal DPI for resolution autosetup
      from 90 to 96 (#14371)

2008-03-14 Michael Shigorin 0.13.4-alt1

    - added openchrome to videocards (#14914)

2008-03-14 Michael Shigorin 0.13.3-alt1

    - fixed default depth fallback from -1 to 16 (#14913)

2008-02-06 Michael Shigorin 0.13.2-alt1

    - fixed broken assumptions (#14351); thanks led@ for diag/patch

2008-02-06 Michael Shigorin 0.13.1-alt1

    - modified x11_autosetup to look whether XORG_CONF is already
      given before setting it to default value (for diskless clients;
      fixes #14120)

2008-01-28 Stanislav Ievlev 0.13-alt1

    - use own copy of the MonitorsDB (fix frequency rates, change names of the some models)
    - monscan, moninfo: use common mondrv script to obtain monitors list
    - protect monscan and moninfo from dups in the monitors database
    - remove dups from list of monitor models
    - move helpers from libexec to _libexecdir directory
    - add help
    - add AMD Geode videocard description

2007-12-07 Stanislav Ievlev 0.12-alt4

    - mouse_autosetup hack: write COM1 mouse if nothing was found

2007-12-06 Stanislav Ievlev 0.12-alt3

    - mouse_autosetup: add support for serial mices

2007-11-14 Stanislav Ievlev 0.12-alt2

    - use sysfsutils instead of direct work with /sys filesystem

2007-10-29 Stanislav Ievlev 0.12-alt1

    - fix package build
    - send messages from x11setupdrv/x11presetdrv to stderr
    - start test with alterator (not system) locale

2007-08-15 Stanislav Ievlev 0.11-alt12

    - updated Ukrainian translation

2007-07-30 Stanislav Ievlev 0.11-alt11

    - sort driver list

2007-07-20 Stanislav Ievlev 0.11-alt10

    - fix template generation

2007-07-19 Stanislav Ievlev 0.11-alt9

    - separate driver selection dialog
      (TODO: add some driver features configuration like Composite to this dialog)

2007-07-11 Anton V. Boyarshinov 0.10-alt8

    - different color depth lists for differnt cards

2007-07-04 Stanislav Ievlev 0.10-alt7

    - @boyarsh:  DRI enabled

2007-06-22 Stanislav Ievlev 0.10-alt6

    - fix button name
    - fix xconf utility (hsync,vsync parse)

2007-06-14 Stanislav Ievlev 0.10-alt5

    - resurrect is_touchpad utility

2007-06-13 Stanislav Ievlev 0.10-alt4

    - add desktop file
    - use std woo-list/name+label function

2007-06-08 Stanislav Ievlev 0.10-alt3

    - fix x11 test in installer environment

2007-06-05 Stanislav Ievlev 0.10-alt2

    - add wrapper to allow setup gl from user
    - use RPM_OPT_FLAGS

2007-06-04 Stanislav Ievlev 0.10-alt1

    - improve autosetup tools

2007-05-29 Stanislav Ievlev 0.9-alt3

    - translate monitor test

2007-05-21 Stanislav Ievlev 0.9-alt2

    - fix xorg test start from user

2007-05-18 Stanislav Ievlev 0.9-alt1

    - significantly improved interface and backend

2007-05-17 Stanislav Ievlev 0.8-alt2

    - new tools for recommended resolution and ddc resolutions list

2007-05-16 Stanislav Ievlev 0.8-alt1

    - preliminary version of the web interface

2007-05-15 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt17

    - videocards database: add intel driver description
    - fix work with unknown drivers
    - fix mouseconf (calloc)
    - remove mouse stuff from xconf

2007-05-14 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt16

    - add mouse autodetect utils

2007-05-02 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt15

    - add Ukrainian translation

2007-04-18 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt14

    - fix work with monitors with double names ('Comtec CT 150')

2007-04-11 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt13

    - fix autodetection (#11356)

2007-03-27 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt12

    - fix work with monitors containing " symbols in their names (#11236)

2007-02-16 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt11

    - improve ui (use gridbox and separator)

2007-02-05 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt10

    - run x11presetdrv during backend initialization
    - add information about current resolution
    - simplify ui (replace apply recommended with notes)
    - simplify ui code (resolution list generation)

2007-02-02 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt9

    - fix description list

2007-02-01 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt8

    - finally move old xconf backend to new x11 backend3
    - simplify internal ui logic
    - ddc reading optimization
    - monitor_autosetup utility

2007-01-31 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt7

    - fix recommended depth calculation

2007-01-31 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt6

    - improve color depth support

2007-01-31 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt5

    - add support for autoinstall
    - use ->bool from standard library

2007-01-30 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt4

    - fix message in monitor testing

2007-01-30 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt3

    - new monitor_scan and monitor_setup utilities

2007-01-26 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt2

    - monitorinfo tool : update to latest ddcprobe utility
    - ui: use auto-detected driver by default

2007-01-22 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt1

    - new experimental monitor testing tool

2007-01-18 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt4

    - backend: fix work on xf86_64
    - ui: don't fail on empty lists

2007-01-17 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt3

    - hotfix: in installer

2007-01-17 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt2

    - new vcdb helper (now we show drivers not listed in Cards+)
    - fix makefile: install-data, install-tools
    - improve x11 backend: list only installed drivers
    - x11 ui: start use new /x11 backend

2007-01-16 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt1

    - improve experimental video card detection

2007-01-15 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt8

    - experimental functions for video cards auto detection
    - minimal xorg.conf template

2007-01-11 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt7

    - fix requires

2006-12-29 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt6

    - fix typo

2006-12-15 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt5

    - another tunings for install3

2006-11-30 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt4

    - tunings for install3

2006-11-29 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt3

    - start xfs before start
    - require xorg-x11-xfs

2006-11-15 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt2

    - replace old setupgl call with a modern x11setupdrv

2006-11-08 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt1

    - move icons to separate package (alterator-icons)
    - update build system
    - remove code to work with xkb settings
    - update inittab backend

2006-06-14 Anton Farygin 0.4.5-alt1

    - updated for new alterator

2006-05-03 Anton Farygin 0.4.4-alt1

    - fixed for new alterator

2006-03-21 Anton Farygin 0.4.3-alt1

    - fixed build

2006-02-20 Anton Farygin 0.4.2-alt1

    - code fix

2006-02-07 Anton Farygin 0.4.1-alt1

    - fixed layouts in monitor selection screen

2006-02-07 Anton Farygin 0.4-alt1

    - updated to new alterator-2.6
    - use QT4 for qyesno tool

2005-10-21 Anton Farygin 0.3.16-alt1

    - icon for acc added

2005-10-20 Anton Farygin 0.3.15-alt1

    - added icons

2005-09-27 Anton Farygin 0.3.14-alt1

    - Sergey Turchin: quesno - improved look
    - don't change keyboard layout in standalone and acc versions (#8042)
    - multilib support (#7922)
    - config-x11 now work from console (#7980)

2005-09-20 Anton Farygin 0.3.13-alt1

    - Sergey Turchin: quesno - improved look

2005-09-07 Anton Farygin 0.3.12-alt1

    - improve UI (zerg@)

2005-09-06 Anton Farygin 0.3.11-alt1

    - set default runlevel to 5 if /var/lock/TMP_1ST exists

2005-09-05 Anton Farygin 0.3.10-alt1

    - tatarian keyboards layouts added
    - ui fixes
    - added standalone version

2005-08-19 Anton Farygin 0.3.9-alt2

    - data files moved to backend

2005-08-19 Anton Farygin 0.3.9-alt1

        - replace own empty? with general empty-string?
        - use zero? predicate

2005-08-02 Anton Farygin 0.3.8-alt1

    - belarussian translations added (thanks to ...?)
    - test button into standalone version fixed

2005-07-14 Anton Farygin 0.3.7-alt1

    - russian help added (kirill@)
    - qyesno timeout (10s) implemented (#7325)

2005-07-11 Anton Farygin 0.3.6-alt1

    - apply autodetected for resolutions (#7309)

2005-07-07 Stanislav Ievlev 0.3.5-alt1.1

    - fixed map
    - minor fixes in layout

2005-07-05 Anton Farygin 0.3.5-alt1

    - fixed setgl parameters on changes testing (#6964)

2005-07-04 Anton Farygin 0.3.4-alt1

    - fixed resolutions list

2005-06-27 Anton Farygin 0.3.3-alt1

    - usability improved (#7155)
    - xtest message rewrited (#7185)

2005-06-20 Anton Farygin 0.3.2-alt1

    - added default runlevel configuration checkbox (x11 or console)
    - fixed some bugs
    - updated to new alterator
    - added "auto" for resolutions list

2005-06-08 Anton Farygin 0.3.1-alt1

    - updated russian translation

2005-06-08 Anton Farygin 0.3.0-alt1

    - added dualhead workaround into xconf
    - rewrited get-resolutions (lioka@)

2005-06-07 Anton Farygin 0.2.1-alt1

    - fixed apply button for default values
    - updated map for new wizard format

2005-05-31 Anton Farygin 0.2-alt1

    - rewrited ui for new look
    - separate select for monitors vendor and model
    - restore position of selected values for monitor and drivers substeps
    - unset XAUTHORITY before starting X (for testing from acc)
    - show recomended monitor and video card settings
    - restore color-depth from current config (default 24)
    - get resolutions from monitor DDC (if available)
    - setting up default resolutions for monitor from DDC
    - show dialog after failed monitor test
    - split package to backend and frontend

2005-05-04 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt7

    - new shapshot

2005-04-28 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt6

    - replace Xdialog with qyesno

2005-04-27 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt5

    - new snapshot

2005-04-25 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt4

    - improved files layout

2005-04-21 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt3

    - bugfixes

2005-04-13 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt2

    - bugfixes

2005-04-12 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt1

    - Initial
The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.