Package apache2-mod_auth_mysql: Information

Danger alert: Package removed from branch sisyphus

Removed in the quest: #162351
Package removed: Sergey Alembekov
Deletion date: April 2, 2016
Source package: apache2-mod_auth_mysql
Version: 3.0.0-alt7.2
Build time:  Apr 2, 2013, 06:15 PM
Category: System/Servers
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License: Apache (BSD-like)
Summary: mod_auth_mysql module for Apache 2 HTTP Server
mod_auth_mysql is an Apache module to authenticate users and authorize access
through a MySQL database.  It is flexible and support several encryption
methods.  The module will work on Apache 2.x.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
apache2-mod_auth_mysql (x86_64, i586)
apache2-mod_auth_mysql-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)

Maintainer: Aleksey Avdeev

    1. apache2-devel > 2.2.22-alt15
    2. libmysqlclient-devel
    3. zlib-devel

Last changed

April 2, 2013 Aleksey Avdeev 3.0.0-alt7.2
- fix undefined symbol: remove
  make_scrambled_password_323 (Closes: #28737)
Feb. 8, 2013 Aleksey Avdeev 3.0.0-alt7.1
- Rebuild with apache2-2.2.22-alt16 (fix unmets)
- Add %apache2_mods_start/100-auth_mysql.conf file for auto loading
- Add %ghost for %apache2_mods_enabled/*.load
Jan. 12, 2012 Andrey Cherepanov 3.0.0-alt7
- Restore in Sisyphus