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Source package: ceres-solver
Version: 2.1.0-alt1_1
Build time:  May 7, 2022, 03:35 PM
 in the task #299655
Category: Development/Other
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License:  BSD
Summary:  A non-linear least squares minimizer
Ceres Solver is an open source C++ library for modeling and solving
large, complicated optimization problems. It is a feature rich, mature
and performant library which has been used in production at Google
since 2010. Notable use of Ceres Solver is for the image alignment in
Google Maps and for vehicle pose in Google Street View. Ceres Solver
can solve two kinds of problems.

  1. Non-linear Least Squares problems with bounds constraints.
  2. General unconstrained optimization problems.

Features include:

  - A friendly API: build your objective function one term at a time
  - Automatic and numeric differentiation
  - Robust loss functions
  - Local parameterizations
  - Threaded Jacobian evaluators and linear solvers
  - Trust region solvers with non-monotonic steps (Levenberg-Marquardt and
    Dogleg (Powell & Subspace))
  - Line search solvers (L-BFGS and Nonlinear CG)
  - Dense QR and Cholesky factorization (using Eigen) for small problems
  - Sparse Cholesky factorization (using SuiteSparse) for large sparse problems
  - Specialized solvers for bundle adjustment problems in computer vision
  - Iterative linear solvers for general sparse and bundle adjustment problems
  - Runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS
List of rpms provided by this srpm: 
ceres-solver (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
ceres-solver-debuginfo (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
ceres-solver-devel (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
Maintainer: Igor Vlasenko
List of contributors: 
Igor Vlasenko
Aleksei Nikiforov

ACL: Igor Vlasenko, @everybody
Last changes:
May 7, 2022 Igor Vlasenko 2.1.0-alt1_1
- update to new release by fcimport
Jan. 28, 2022 Aleksei Nikiforov 2.0.0-alt2_6
- Rebuilt with new TBB.
Sept. 21, 2021 Igor Vlasenko 2.0.0-alt1_6
- update to new release by fcimport

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