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    Source package: docbook-dtds
    Version: 4.5-alt1
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    Build time:  Jul 2, 2021, 07:08 PM
    Category: Publishing
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    License: Distributable
    Summary: SGML and XML document type definitions for DocBook
    The DocBook Document Type Definition (DTD) describes the syntax of
    technical documentation texts (articles, books and manual pages).
    This package contains SGML and XML versions of the DocBook DTD up to
    and including version 4.3.

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    docbook-dtds (noarch)

    Last changed

    Oct. 8, 2008 Yuri N. Sedunov 4.5-alt1
    - Packaged DTDs version 4.5
    March 27, 2005 Mikhail Zabaluev 4.4-alt1
    - Packaged DTD version 4.4 (SGML and XML)
    - Restored an XML catalog missing due to a spec error (bug #6313)
    Nov. 22, 2004 Mikhail Zabaluev 4.3-alt1
    - Changed the versioning scheme to reflect the latest DTD version
    - Packaged DTD version 4.3 (SGML and XML)
    - Further rationalized names for sources, patches and build directories
    - Removed a rewrite for 4.0 system ID for 4.1.2.
      That was a documentation bug, not an intended feature.