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May 7, 2014, 10:15 PM in the task #119356
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eGroupWare is a web-based groupware suite written in php
eGroupWare is a web-based groupware suite written in PHP.

This package provides the eGroupWare default applications:

egroupware core with: admin, api, docs, etemplate, prefereces and setup,
addressbook, bookmarks, calendar, translation-tools, emailadmin, felamimail,
filemanager, infolog, manual, mydms, news admin, knowledgebase, polls,
projectmanager, resources, sambaadmin, sitemgr, syncml, timesheet, tracker, wiki

It also provides an API for developing additional applications.

Further contributed applications are avalible in single packages.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
eGroupWare (noarch)
eGroupWare-addressbook (noarch)
eGroupWare-bookmarks (noarch)
eGroupWare-calendar (noarch)
eGroupWare-core (noarch)
eGroupWare-developer_tools (noarch)
eGroupWare-egw-pear (noarch)
eGroupWare-emailadmin (noarch)
eGroupWare-felamimail (noarch)
eGroupWare-filemanager (noarch)
eGroupWare-gallery (noarch)
eGroupWare-icalsrv (noarch)
eGroupWare-importexport (noarch)
eGroupWare-infolog (noarch)
eGroupWare-manual (noarch)
eGroupWare-mydms (noarch)
eGroupWare-news_admin (noarch)
eGroupWare-notifications (noarch)
eGroupWare-phpbrain (noarch)
eGroupWare-phpsysinfo (noarch)
eGroupWare-polls (noarch)
eGroupWare-projectmanager (noarch)
eGroupWare-registration (noarch)
eGroupWare-resources (noarch)
eGroupWare-sambaadmin (noarch)
eGroupWare-sitemgr (noarch)
eGroupWare-syncml (noarch)
eGroupWare-timesheet (noarch)
eGroupWare-tracker (noarch)
eGroupWare-wiki (noarch)
eGroupWare-workflow (noarch)


    1. perl-CGI
    2. perl-DBI
    3. perl-String-CRC32
    4. perl-Text-Iconv

Last changed

May 7, 2014 Pavel Isopenko 1:1.8-alt6
- Update to
April 8, 2013 Pavel Isopenko 1:1.8-alt5
- update to
- A.egroupware.conf parameter AddDefaultCharset utf-8 (ALT #26092)
June 13, 2012 Pavel Isopenko 1:1.8-alt4
- Update to