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Group :: System/Configuration/Packaging
Source RPM: eepm

2021-04-22 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.11-alt1

    - prescription.d/ use latest version
    - epm play: add Autodesk EAGLE install
    - epm repack: add support for install any tarball, keep name and version
    - epm play: add Telegram Desktop

2021-04-20 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.10-alt1

    - rewrite anydesk install to use RHEL8 build
    - add instruction about install
    - epm-repack: run repack.d/ before repack.d/
    - add repack.d/ move dist-packages to site-packages for python modules in /usr/lib

2021-04-10 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.9-alt1

    - repack.d/ drop /bin/ip require (see ALT bug 39891)
    - prescription.d/ fix downloading (ALT bug 39818)

2021-04-05 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.8-alt1

    - upgrade to 4.2, preinstall fontconfig-disable-type1-font-for-assistant
    - epm-print: fix constructname
    - distr_info: fix c9f1 detection

2021-03-30 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.7-alt1

    - play fix code download

2021-03-30 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.6-alt1

    - tools_eget: improve error handling
    - fix spotify-client repack (ALT bug 39817)
    - fix install zoom on ALTLinux i586
    - epm-print constructname: fix bashism

2021-03-27 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.5-alt1

    - distr_info: add -z for print current CPU MHz
    - epm-remove: fix remove skipping on failed deps

2021-03-15 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.4-alt1

    - glusterfs9: skip devel packages during upgrade
    - repack.d/ add repack for Cisco PacketTracer
    - distr_info: fix package type detection for Kali Linux

2021-03-09 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.3-alt1

    - prescription.d/ fix for deb based system
    - add repack.d/ (Sberbank client)
    - don't require rpm directly

2021-03-04 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.2-alt1

    - epm-sh-altlinux-contents-index: use rsync -z only for uncompressed files
    - epm-restore: add nupkg restore support
    - distro_info: fix --distro-arch for rpm based systems

2021-03-03 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.1-alt1

    - rewrite contents_index retrieving
    - epm-sh-altlinux-contents-index: improve content_index list informativity

2021-03-03 Vitaly Lipatov 3.9.0-alt1

    - epm: use rsync to get contents_index for ALT (with rsyncable gzip mirror)

2021-02-25 Vitaly Lipatov 3.8.9-alt1

    - epm-play: fix duplicates in the installed list
    - epm remove: don't try removing after rpm -e said there is not such package

2021-02-20 Vitaly Lipatov 3.8.8-alt1

    - epm-repack: be verbose only with --verbose
    - add repack.d for trueconf-server (unsupported!)
    - fix some bashisms

2021-02-16 Vitaly Lipatov 3.8.7-alt1

    - epm-play: allow mask unvaluable prescription, hide glibc-restore
    - epm-play: disable check for already installed (it is allowed upgrade)
    - repack.d/ drop firefox installing (closes: #39693)

2021-02-16 Vitaly Lipatov 3.8.6-alt1

    - repack.d/ use upstream script to run code
    - epm-play: fix save installed app
    - add comment about serv teamviewerd on
    - add env EPM_OPTIONS support

2021-02-02 Vitaly Lipatov 3.8.5-alt1

    - epm restore: add requirements/ dir support
    - add glusterfs9 install
    - prescription: add Visual Studio Code install
    - prescription: fix error code for assisant and discord

2021-01-21 Vitaly Lipatov 3.8.4-alt1

    - yum: add version support, disable sudo using
    - prescripion.d/i586-wine*: fix removing (ALT bug 39320)
    - set_sudo: if sudo required a password, end with fatal error
    - epm-release_upgrade: add switch from prefdm to display-manager after upgrade (see altbug #26405)
    - add brave-browser install: prescription.d/

2021-01-20 Vitaly Lipatov 3.8.3-alt1

    - add reception.d/
    - small fixes for yum command

2021-01-20 Vitaly Lipatov 3.8.2-alt1

    - serv: fix help
    - repack.d/ preinstall needed packages
    - epm: add --assumeyes alias for --auto
    - add and pack yum command in eepm-yum subpackage
    - repack.d/ add missed yandex-browser while repack rpm package (ALT bug 39564)
    - repack.d/ install all requires packages before repacking
    - repack.d/ filterout (ALT bug 39565)

2021-01-06 Vitaly Lipatov 3.8.1-alt1

    - repack.d/ set SUID for chromium-sandbox
    - epm-download: force download before install if wildcard is used in URL

2021-01-06 Vitaly Lipatov 3.8.0-alt1

    - move package manager detection to distr_info

2021-01-06 Vitaly Lipatov 3.7.6-alt1

    - prescription/ fix removing
    - serv: use systemd by default for any system
    - drop obsoleted menu file
    - epm play: add yandex-browser, improve repacking
    - epm play: add spotify install support
    - epm play: add tamtam messenger install support
    - distr_info: use /etc/os-release firstly, drop obsoleted code
    - distr_info: set rolling version for ArchLinux

2020-12-20 Vitaly Lipatov 3.7.5-alt1

    - add fix for missed alternatives in rpm package
    - repack: microsoft-edge-dev add /usr/bin/microsoft-edge in spec if missed
    - add repack (for future)
    - separate code for play command
    - get_local_alt_contents_index: skip task lines from repolist (ALT bug 38766)
    - epm-remove: make empty arg list is ok (ALT bug 39322)
    - prescriptions for php7/php8: fix return status
    - don't install glusterfs7-cli
    - epm-assure: fix reenterability
    - tools_eget: fix direct download from github
    - epm-autoremove: disable interactive for all parts (ALT bug 39321)
    - epm-autoorphans: add --auto support; print list for --dry-run
    - i586-wine: return error on error

2020-12-07 Andrey Cherepanov 3.7.4-alt1

    - repack: add rule for ICAClient

2020-11-23 Vitaly Lipatov 3.7.3-alt1

    - don't touch glibc package
    - is_active_systemd: base on static info about systemd running
    - epm-release_upgrade: run __check_system (assure we still have systemd) after upgrade
    - add tip about epm repo --help and improve epm repo --help
    - epm-repofix: add hack to fix apt-repo urls, some improvements

2020-11-18 Vitaly Lipatov 3.7.2-alt1

    - improve anydesk repack
    - epm-print: add epm print info command
    - serv: add test command (for nginx -t, cupsd -t and so on)
    - epm-restore: fix epm restore command example

2020-11-11 Vitaly Lipatov 3.7.1-alt1

    - epm-release_upgrade: use [alt] sign for Sisyphus
    - epm-autoremove: supports for python2 and python3 separately
    - epm-sh-install: don't check vendor if a package is unaccesible
    - add prescription python2-remove
    - repack: add

2020-11-10 Vitaly Lipatov 3.7.0-alt1

    - drop alternative name upm, provide epm
    - epm-restore: some improvements
    - improve teamviewer repack

2020-11-06 Vitaly Lipatov 3.6.8-alt1

    - epm-restore: add support for various names of requirements.txt file
    - epm play: add anydesk, assistant, onlyoffice support
    - various small improvements

2020-11-02 Vitaly Lipatov 3.6.7-alt1

    - epm-install: return 0 if all packages are filtered out
    - epm-addrepo: use sudocmd for apt-repo
    - epm-repofix: disable root checking

2020-11-01 Vitaly Lipatov 3.6.6-alt1

    - epm-restore: add requirements_dev.txt,, require.json (npm)
    - epm-release_upgrade: drop signs if there are unknown vendor ID during update from repo

2020-10-28 Vitaly Lipatov 3.6.5-alt1

    - repack skypeforlinux: drop unneeded /opt/skypeforlinux dir
    - add play for discord
    - eget: add hack for skip mask if there ?...= (some args)
    - epm-epm_install: don't use epm command
    - add prescription for i586-remove
    - epm: print command when run with --verbose or EPM_VERBOSE is set
    - epm-remove: add --simulate support for deb

2020-10-27 Vitaly Lipatov 3.6.4-alt1

    - add repack for teams (move to /opt, fix reqs)
    - play: add viber support
    - repack: move skype to /opt, fix reqs
    - improve all prescriptions for play

2020-10-26 Vitaly Lipatov 3.6.3-alt1

    - epm-release-upgrade: remove gdb before update to p9
    - tools_eget: update to eget 4.0 (wget/curl support)
    - epm-sh-functions: always use internal tools_eget
    - epm-epm_install: fix for install more short name

2020-10-24 Vitaly Lipatov 3.6.2-alt1

    - prescriptions: use DISTRVERNDOR instead of distro_info
    - prescriptions: add --remove support
    - epm-prescription: add support for --list, --list-all, --remove

2020-10-24 Vitaly Lipatov 3.6.1-alt1

    - use has_space from estrlist (works with dash)
    - epm-repack: implement initial stoplist support for deb packages we don't want convert
    - epm-repack: make fatal any errors in repack scripts
    - add prescription for teamviewer

2020-10-24 Vitaly Lipatov 3.6.0-alt1

    - epm-install: add --noscripts support for rpm install
    - epm-install: disable scripts by default for outside vendors
    - add prescription for teams, vivaldi
    - add repack for vivaldi-stable
    - prescription, repack: add PROGDIR to PATH
    - distr_info: sync with distro_info-1.7

2020-10-23 Vitaly Lipatov 3.5.0-alt1

    - epm-autoremove: add --auto support
    - epm-repack: skip system dir packing
    - add repack script for microsoft-edge-dev
    - epm: introduce play command: use for install
           edge, zoom, chrome, chromium-gost, skype
           from the official sites

2020-10-21 Vitaly Lipatov 3.4.0-alt2

    - add epm-repack subpackage (just a static requirements)

2020-10-19 Vitaly Lipatov 3.4.0-alt1

    - serv-list_startup: temp. fix for non systemd systems
    - serv: add list-failed command
    - epm-repack: add workaround for empty Summary
    - add repack support for dialog-ee-x deb package
    - epm: disable warming up by default
    - epm addrepo/removerepo: fix repo manipulating on deb systems
    - epm-addrepo: initial implementation of addkey for deb

2020-10-19 Vitaly Lipatov 3.3.5-alt1

    - epm-repo: fix set
    - epm-release_upgrade: big rewrite, add support for downgrade to с8
    - epm-release_upgrade: allow two params: from and to

2020-10-16 Vitaly Lipatov 3.3.4-alt1

    - epm: skip all args with spaces (we don't support it)
    - epm-dedup: add --direct support to use epm internal implementation
    - epm-repofix: add support for yandex and basealt
    - epm-addrepo: add support for basealt and yandex repo sites
    - epm-release_upgrade: replace etersoft-gpgkeys with alt-gpgkeys if we have not LINUX@Etersoft repo
    - epm-repo: add set command implemented via clean & change
    - epm-repack: don't intersect with source rpm package

2020-10-11 Vitaly Lipatov 3.3.3-alt1

    - fix typo in get_task_packages

2020-10-10 Vitaly Lipatov 3.3.2-alt1

    - mask direct in assure_exists
    - epm-repofix: mask apt-repo using
    - update tools_estrlist from estrlist package
    - epm-remove: add --skip-missed

2020-10-07 Vitaly Lipatov 3.3.1-alt1

    - get_task_packages: add arepo packages (i586) too
    - epm-upgrade: drop devel subpackages from upgrade from a task
    - update tools_estrlist from estrlist package
    - update glibc-restore prescription

2020-10-06 Vitaly Lipatov 3.3.0-alt1

    - add epm prescription support
    - add prescription for install missed i586 packages (i586-fix)
    - add prescriptions for wine, php7, glusterfs7, glusterfs8
    - distr_info: sync with distro_info-1.3

2020-09-30 Vitaly Lipatov 3.2.6-alt1

    - autoremove: use apt-get autoremove on ALT by default
    - epm-mark: add apt-mark support for ALT and deb based systems
    - epm-repack: add workaround for spaced paths to pkg
    - add PackageKit commands
    - s/return/exit (ALT bug 39014)

2020-08-24 Vitaly Lipatov 3.2.5-alt1

    - epm-repack: always use anypackage to rpm function for deb->rpm conversion
    - epm-repack: drop dir "/" and other root dir paths from a file list
    - epm-repack: improve cleanup tmp dir
    - add repack scripts for InfoWatch products

2020-07-24 Andrey Cherepanov 3.2.4-alt1

    - fix repack rules for mssql-server: remove libcrypto-devel and fix path to sysctl

2020-07-04 Vitaly Lipatov 3.2.3-alt1

    - epm-download: force download remote package on ALTtoo
    - epm-assure: don't use direct epm call to package install
    - epm-upgrade: add missed task number arg
    - epm-sh-functions: disable broken eget output
    - epm-Install: ignore failed update by force param

2020-06-22 Vitaly Lipatov 3.2.2-alt1

    - filelist: fix grep by contents

2020-05-18 Vitaly Lipatov 3.2.1-alt1

    - epm query_file: return error if file is missed
    - add zoom repack rule

2020-03-09 Vitaly Lipatov 3.2.0-alt1

    - epm: use packagekit name for PackageKit
    - serv: add /etc/eepm/serv.conf support
    - addrepo/removerepo: add dry-run support
    - use dnf by default on Fedora based system
    - epm: improve help
    - implement epm repo [list|add|remove|fix]
    - implement serv cat
    - add epm repo clean|save|restore (just skeleton)

2020-02-19 Vitaly Lipatov 3.1.7-alt1

    - epm repofix: replace sources.list only on ALT
    - serv log: run without follow (-f) by default
    - epm addrepo: fix add url
    - epm-repofix: add initial support for repofix etersoft
    - epm repofix: unified subst rules (fix for p9)

2020-02-16 Vitaly Lipatov 3.1.6-alt1

    - removerepo: fix tasks remove
    - rewrite removerepo
    - epm remove: fix remove status

2020-02-12 Vitaly Lipatov 3.1.5-alt1

    - epm-install: fix double run rpm installing on ALT
    - epm-remove: don't use hilevel command if --nodeps
    - epm-remove: change to a writable dir (/tmp) before remove
    - epm-restore: temp. implementation of python requires translation to spec

2020-02-05 Vitaly Lipatov 3.1.4-alt1

    - epm-repack: alien will use rpmbuild, assure we have it
    - epm-repack: repack only selected packages with abs paths (eterbug #14411)
    - epm: increase stdinput wait to 10 seconds
    - epm-print: improve print pkgsourcename

2020-01-31 Vitaly Lipatov 3.1.3-alt1

    - commit packed files
    - distro_info related fixes
    - add initial openrc support
    - add restore command (install packages by project list (python's requirements.txt)
    - epm install: forbid src.rpm installation
    - epm repolist: support task number(s)
    - epm repack: more cleanup output, print list of converted packages
    - epm restore: add using ldd-requires for binary files

2019-11-26 Vitaly Lipatov 3.1.2-alt1

    - improve homebrew support
    - serv: add edit support for systemd
    - fixes for ALT p9 detection
    - epm query_file: use -- after options
    - use external distro_info on non ALT systems
    - epm: add support for a few tasks in addrepo/removerepo/install
    - upgrade: add support for epm upgrade TASK (upgrade only already installed packages)
    - remove TASK: remove all packages from the TASK
    - release_upgrade: install alt-gpgkeys firstly

2019-11-12 Vitaly Lipatov 3.1.1-alt1

    - epm-dedup: fix info message (ALT bug 37473)
    - epm: add --no-stdin support (do not read commands from stdin)
    - run internal eepm with --inscript (no read from stdin) (ALT bug 37209)

2019-11-08 Vitaly Lipatov 3.1.0-alt1

    - add epm full-upgrade
    - kernel update/remove: add --auto support (non interactive)
    - is_active_systemd: rewrite systemd detection
    - serv: add print out virtualization type (via systemd helper)

2019-11-05 Vitaly Lipatov 3.0.0-alt1

    - distr_info: p9 support
    - addrepo: add check for empty DISTRVERSION
    - epm install: add support for several task numbers
    - fix tasknumber checking
    - addrepo: add support for dnf, add support for epel repo add
    - release_upgrade: install etersoft-gpgkeys firstly if used one
    - epm: add alias for policy (resolve) and release-upgrade (upgrade-system)
    - add initial packagekit (pkcon) support
    - more clean and strict rules
    - workaround against ALT bug 37272

2019-09-28 Vitaly Lipatov 2.6.0-alt1

    - add repack.d/ (ALT bug 37167)
    - fix systemd detection
    - epm-check_updated_repo: fix wrong cleaned variable
    - serv-log: add sshd support
    - repack improve requires

2019-08-15 Vitaly Lipatov 2.5.10-alt1

    - move dedup code to the separate command
    - epm dedup: add apt-get dedup from apt-get dedup support
    - epm search: improve for zypper
    - release_upgrade: rewrite to p9 upgrade support

2019-05-17 Vitaly Lipatov 2.5.9-alt1

    - epm-check: use rpmevrcmp to delete old versions
    - epm-sh-functions: improve systemd detection (docker support)
    - support release upgrade for p9

2019-03-26 Vitaly Lipatov 2.5.8-alt1

    - add trueconf-client repack config
    - epm: set timeout for 2 secs
    - fix broken pkg_filenames

2019-02-25 Vitaly Lipatov 2.5.7-alt1

    - epm downgrade: add --auto support
    - add CONFIGDIR support
    - add repack scripts for chromium-gost and google-chrome
    - fix comments

2019-02-05 Vitaly Lipatov 2.5.6-alt1

    - check: improve remove dupls: remove identical packages, add common removing

2019-01-25 Vitaly Lipatov 2.5.5-alt1

    - check: add fix duplicates
    - epm: keep sssd-ad during upgrade

2018-11-29 Vitaly Lipatov 2.5.4-alt1

    - add Amzn (Amazon Linux AMI) support
    - rename README to
    - fix openSUSE Leap support
    - epm-release_upgrade: force install make-initrd if exists when upgrade to Sisyphus

2018-10-06 Vitaly Lipatov 2.5.3-alt1

    - distr_info -b: add 64 bit for aarch64
    - epm-print: fix release output, add version-release support
    - add
    - add --short support for what-depends

2018-07-24 Vitaly Lipatov 2.5.2-alt1

    - distr_info: add OpenWrt detection
    - distr_info: drop obsoleted systems
    - fix inputistty (implement via test -t)
    - distr_info: use awk instead tr (broken in busybox on OpenWrt), cleanup code

2018-07-17 Vitaly Lipatov 2.5.1-alt1

    - distr_info: small fixes
    - epm-query: fix __print_suffix (skip for empty arg)

2018-07-04 Vitaly Lipatov 2.5.0-alt1

    - epm autoremove: skip manually installed packages on ALT

2018-06-18 Vitaly Lipatov 2.4.9-alt1

    - repack: run independently to user's .rpmmacros

2018-06-07 Vitaly Lipatov 2.4.8-alt1

    - autoorphans: assure for package-cleanup for yum/dnf
    - apt-dpkg: implement addrepo/removerepo
    - addrepo: add ALT branch support
    - distr_info: support ALT starter kits
    - epm-packages: add arch on deb

2018-03-19 Vitaly Lipatov 2.4.7-alt1

    - checkpkg: detect rpm --nosignature/--nogpg
    - epm-query: fix check only names without arch

2018-02-26 Vitaly Lipatov 2.4.6-alt1

    - distr_info: cleanup code, fix quotes
    - checkpkg: check only md5 (skip gpg)
    - implement repack for rpm to deb and deb to rpm conversion

2018-02-04 Vitaly Lipatov 2.4.5-alt1

    - implement assure_distr and use it
    - add repack command and move all repack code to a separate module

2017-12-22 Vitaly Lipatov 2.4.4-alt1

    - distr_info: check if proc exists before use
    - repack: add duplicati support

2017-12-14 Vitaly Lipatov 2.4.3-alt1

    - implement __epm_search_internal
    - full search output for Slackware only with --verbose
    - fix simulate for Slackware

2017-12-12 Vitaly Lipatov 2.4.2-alt1

    - epm-install: fix --skip-install with dnf/yum
    - dnf/yum: fix install/remove current arch packages (

2017-12-12 Vitaly Lipatov 2.4.1-alt1

    - add for repack (ALT bug 34318)

2017-12-10 Vitaly Lipatov 2.4.0-alt1

    - epm: add /etc/eepm/eepm.conf support
    - epm install: add --repack support (binary rpm repacking before install)
    - add --scripts support to repack foreign packages with alien
    - epm-install: add /etc/eepm/repack.d/ support during repacking
    - add mssql-server, skypeforlinux rules
    - revert "epm whatdepends: use rdepends": miss many dependencies

2017-12-09 Vitaly Lipatov 2.3.6-alt1

    - drop arch suffix adding (we can't distinct between arch/noarch)
    - improve --skip-installed on x86_64 Fedora based: check for noarch too

2017-12-07 Vitaly Lipatov 2.3.5-alt1

    - serv-status: mask stderr in is_service_running
    - epm-query: fix list package by package
    - serv list-all: cleanup output
    - serv list: improve speed with run sudo once
    - serv status: improve running state detection
    - query: replace (x86-32) with .i686 for rpm/dnf

2017-12-06 Vitaly Lipatov 2.3.4-alt1

    - apply prefix only if there are no other prefix

2017-12-05 Vitaly Lipatov 2.3.3-alt1

    - add repo alias for repolist
    - epm-install: add options support during cross install
    - distr_info: distinct between x86 and x86_64 for -a
    - epm install: expand package names with arch before isinstalled checking (eterbug #12332)

2017-12-01 Vitaly Lipatov 2.3.2-alt1

    - fix --auto remove for dnf
    - release_upgrade: do not update rpm apt when downgraded from Sisyphus
    - release_upgrade: fix downgrade to p8
    - release_upgrade: ask confirm before upgrade
    - epm: add --non-interactive alias for --auto

2017-11-19 Vitaly Lipatov 2.3.1-alt1

    - epm whatdepends: use rdepends
    - repofix: fix signing when we have /
    - query_file: only inform about epm sf using
    - allow ei/ik install any package(s) from Korinf
    - ei/ik: add support for --list [mask], install via eget

2017-11-12 Vitaly Lipatov 2.3.0-alt2

    - epm: rewrite release_upgrade for ALT
    - autoremove: small improvement
    - remove: add support dry mode for rpm/apt

2017-11-11 Vitaly Lipatov 2.2.0-alt1

    - use external eget on ALT
    - disable one file version packing
    - update internal eget to 2.0

2017-11-10 Vitaly Lipatov 2.1.10-alt1

    - install: print low level install command if args is empty
    - epm: add wd alias for whatdepends
    - epm-clean: add --noconfirm for pacman
    - fix and text install via url with wildcard

2017-11-08 Vitaly Lipatov 2.1.9-alt1

    - tasknumber: fix bashism

2017-11-02 Vitaly Lipatov 2.1.8-alt1

    - epm addrepo: use http for ALT archive, add date format checking
    - ep-seach: use ~ for negate and ^ for a begin of line in __epm_search_make_grep

2017-10-23 Vitaly Lipatov 2.1.7-alt1

    - improve addrepo (add archive DATE support) and removerepo (archive, tasks)

2017-10-22 Vitaly Lipatov 2.1.6-alt1

    - add support for ALT girar task number to install/remove, improve addrepo/removerepo
    - distr_info: add support for get info about arch, bus size, memory size, base os name
    - add warmup bases support and use it

2017-10-18 Vitaly Lipatov 2.1.5-alt1

    - distr_info: add firstupper function, implement full /etc/os-release checking
    - add --dry-run support to remove, autoorphans, autoremove
    - autoremove: add support for autoremove [libs|python|perl|libs-devel]

2017-10-16 Vitaly Lipatov 2.1.4-alt1

    - add skip # in task number
    - add support for just task number in removerepo
    - repofix: add sign for Etersoft Sisyphus

2017-09-14 Vitaly Lipatov 2.1.3-alt1

    - use force package selection only in non interactive install
    - kernel_update: add update repo if needed
    - install/upgrade: add debug output for apt when --verbose

2017-08-04 Vitaly Lipatov 2.1.2-alt1

    - apt install: add force package selection (see ALT bug #22572)

2017-07-31 Vitaly Lipatov 2.1.1-alt1

    - distr_info: fix tr using
    - install --show-command-only supports hi level names now

2017-07-22 Vitaly Lipatov 2.1.0-alt1

    - fix quotes (eterbug #11863)
    - make shellcheck happy
    - skip global vars

2017-07-21 Vitaly Lipatov 2.0.9-alt1

    - epm-filelist: add support with yum and dnf
    - imlrement check for dnf via dnf check
    - add support for ALT Linux t7

2017-06-15 Vitaly Lipatov 2.0.8-alt1

    - make shellcheck more happy
    - improve epm query
    - epm-search-file: force overwrite list file
    - epm-info: add support for local rpm and deb files

2017-04-05 Vitaly Lipatov 2.0.7-alt1

    - serv-status: use -l for systemd status
    - emp-query: improve for pacman
    - epm-query: fix is_installed

2017-03-13 Vitaly Lipatov 2.0.6-alt1

    - epm-packages: improve sort output
    - hack to support old lz4

2017-03-10 Vitaly Lipatov 2.0.5-alt1

    - epm sf: make compressed cache for local file too
    - rewrite epm sf, colorify it
    - more correct message when empty run

2017-03-09 Vitaly Lipatov 2.0.4-alt1

    - epm-policy: move to hilevel package name
    - implement local cache for contents index for ALT repos

2017-03-07 Vitaly Lipatov 2.0.3-alt1

    - fix query hilevel name for yum/dnf
    - epm install: fix install rpm on deb
    - add missed in some cases AstraLinux and GosLinux

2017-03-02 Vitaly Lipatov 2.0.2-alt1

    - distr_info: fix version detection for all ALT p8 distros
    - add workaround for ALT rpm missed https support
    - install librpm7 during upgrade to Sisyphus
    - improve systemd checking

2017-02-07 Vitaly Lipatov 2.0.1-alt1

    - autoremove: skip -32bit suffix

2017-01-16 Vitaly Lipatov 2.0.0-alt1

    - distr_info: fix get lsb-release file with quoted fields
    - epm-download: add filename empty checking
    - epm info: add URL support
    - epm upgrade: allow extra args
    - release_upgrade: improve for Fedora
    - epm-download: add support for urpm
    - check_update_repo: check for /var/lib/apt/lists date
    - query_file: improve check for relative path
    - epm-automove: fix i586-lib issue
    - fix systemd detection
    - epm: add/remove autoimports

2016-12-07 Vitaly Lipatov 1.9.9-alt1

    - add own realpath implementation if missed
    - add openSUSE Tumbleweed support
    - autoremove: do separate removing cycles for python/perl and libs
    - epm-site: fix json parsing
    - epm-download: realize download via info from
    - epm-install: add direct install (not via apt) support for ALT Linux
    - addrepo: implement support for epm addrepo etersoft

2016-12-01 Vitaly Lipatov 1.9.8-alt1

    - epm-install: move download code to epm-download
    - epm-checkpkg: add support for checking package by url
    - downgrade: use distro-sync for downgrade with yum/dnf
    - autoorphans/autoremove: fix uses package-cleanup with yum/dnf
    - epmqf: use realpath for exists files by default
    - improve systemd detection

2016-11-15 Vitaly Lipatov 1.9.7-alt1

    - fix build install
    - small fixes

2016-10-02 Vitaly Lipatov 1.9.6-alt1

    - epm: improve message about incorrect command
    - workaround for sudo -h prints first line in stderr
    - example support for service SERVICE log command

2016-09-23 Vitaly Lipatov 1.9.5-alt1

    - fix systemd detection
    - initial log command support
    - fix anyservice list (need anyservice 0.5 or above)

2016-09-23 Vitaly Lipatov 1.9.4-alt1

    - distr_info: fix checking on MacOS
    - brew fixes
    - autoremove: enable deep remove by default
    - small fixes

2016-08-24 Vitaly Lipatov 1.9.3-alt1

    - implement cross install for rpm and deb packages
    - serv: add runit support (Void Linux)
    - serv-reload: add fallback via restart
    - serv-try_restart: add fallback via restart
    - small fixes

2016-08-23 Vitaly Lipatov 1.9.2-alt1

    - add Void Linux initial support
    - addrepo/removerepo: fix used repo id string
    - release-upgrade: fix direct apt-repo
    - epm install: disable optimize when install foreign packages
    - serv: more verbose
    - rewrite query and packages

2016-08-18 Vitaly Lipatov 1.9.1-alt1

    - upgrade: add --auto support for apt and yum/dnf
    - serv: add reload command support
    - improve eget to support -O file
    - epm-install: add real support install by url
    - epm_install: rewrite, use direct install via epm_install
    - epm_install: rewrite with pkg_urls support using

2016-08-17 Vitaly Lipatov 1.9.0-alt1

    - improve urpmi support
    - serv: check anyservice support against anyservice version 0.3
    - autoremove: ignore libvirt

2016-08-15 Vitaly Lipatov 1.8.8-alt1

    - epm-install: skip low-level when install by path
    - anyservice support fixes
    - serv: some anyssh fixes

2016-08-14 Vitaly Lipatov 1.8.7-alt1

    - realize autoorphans/autoremove for zypper >= 1.9.2 in SUSE
    - introduce epm remove-old-kernels command
    - epm clean: clean local repo cache only with --force
    - serv: add anyservice support
    - small fixes

2016-07-19 Vitaly Lipatov 1.8.6-alt1

    - epm-sh-functions: fix sudo -- detection
    - distr_info: add AstraLinux support
    - epm-sh: add AstraLinux and Elbrus support
    - add epmrl alias for epm rl
    - epm-autoremove: add nvidia-clean-driver
    - epm-autoremove: use ALTLinux case instead apt-rpm

2016-06-25 Vitaly Lipatov 1.8.5-alt1

    - add Tiny Core Linux support (tcl, tce)
    - improve dnf support: add release-upgrade
    - improve ALT Linux release upgrade

2016-05-30 Vitaly Lipatov 1.8.4-alt1

    - epm install: add initial support for cross install packages (deb/rpm packages on rpm/deb-based hosts)
    - install: add --noremove support for apt
    - repofix: add check for vendor key if set it
    - add check if sudo supports --
    - repofix: skip useless Sisyphus replacements
    - release_upgrade: skip confirm if there are no changes
    - epm-query: add semihack for check removed packages
    - epm: add support for run script from stdin

2016-05-23 Vitaly Lipatov 1.8.3-alt1

    - autoorphans: do real removing
    - autoremove: add update-kernel version 0.9.9 checking
    - autoorphans/autoremove: improve excludes

2016-05-20 Vitaly Lipatov 1.8.2-alt1

    - epm_install: added command for install or update eepm package from all in one script
    - add --no-remove support during upgrade
    - epm-download: add yumdownloader support
    - epm-autoorphans: realize print list
    - epm-autoremove: realize with apt-cache list-nodeps from apt-scripts
    - epm-assure: fix for existing path checking
    - distr_info: drop subversion from Debian distro version

2016-04-28 Vitaly Lipatov 1.8.1-alt1

    - release-upgrade: install altlinux-release-p? only if /etc/altlinux-release belongs to sisyphus

2016-04-27 Vitaly Lipatov 1.8.0-alt1

    - commit packed files
    - repofix: replace Etersoft branches only if have Etersoft key
    - release_upgrade: install update-manager-core package for deb-based

2016-04-24 Vitaly Lipatov 1.7.6-alt1

    - fix assure_exists
    - epm-assure: improve version checking

2016-04-24 Vitaly Lipatov 1.7.5-alt1

    - epm-print: add compare version command
    - repofix: fix Sisyphus replace
    - release_upgrade: do packages downgrade after changes to p8 from Sisyphus
    - epm-assure: rewrite to realize correct version comparing
    - kernel_update: run remove-old-kernels too

2016-04-23 Vitaly Lipatov 1.7.4-alt1

    - release-upgrade: small logic improvements

2016-04-23 Vitaly Lipatov 1.7.3-alt1

    - epm release-upgrade: check for glibc-core-2.17
    - release-upgrade: add detect current system by apt repo
    - release-upgrade: rewrite to support p8 -> Sisyphus and vice versa

2016-04-20 Vitaly Lipatov 1.7.2-alt1

    - distr_info: fix os-release detection

2016-04-20 Vitaly Lipatov 1.7.1-alt1

    - epm: added alpine apk package manager install, update, remove, qa, search commands
    - fix Simply Linux 6.0 detection
    - kernel_update: do not install kernel if it is not installed (for ovz containers)

2016-04-19 Vitaly Lipatov 1.7.0-alt1

    - epm release-upgrade with ALT Linux p8 support
    - epm-reinstall: add names filtering (to support epmqp some | epm reinstall)
    - release-upgrade: print some info

2016-04-19 Vitaly Lipatov 1.6.9-alt1

    - check if systemd is active
    - release_upgrade: fix version

2016-04-18 Vitaly Lipatov 1.6.8-alt1

    - small output fix
    - rewrite release-upgrade

2016-04-15 Vitaly Lipatov 1.6.7-alt1

    - release_upgrade: fix sign replacement
    - fix epm_update
    - set p8 sign and install apt-conf-branch
    - repofix: add signs for ALT Linux or Etersoft branches

2016-04-15 Vitaly Lipatov 1.6.6-alt1

    - release_upgrade: improve upgrade way
    - epm: update copyright date

2016-04-15 Vitaly Lipatov 1.6.5-alt1

    - restrict sudo args
    - small fixes

2016-04-15 Vitaly Lipatov 1.6.4-alt1

    - epm-repofix: use sed -r instead perl -pi
    - pack_in_onefile: fix run positional load_helper
    - initial support for upgrade ALT Linux release to p7 / p8
    - fix repofix code

2016-04-05 Vitaly Lipatov 1.6.3-alt1

    - epm-checksystem: add assure_exists time
    - check_updated_repo fix epm update

2016-03-17 Vitaly Lipatov 1.6.2-alt2

    - add check_reqs script and cleanup all reqs

2016-03-17 Vitaly Lipatov 1.6.2-alt1

    - epm: print error for extra unallowed args
    - drop time requires

2016-02-26 Vitaly Lipatov 1.6.1-alt1

    - distr_info: add Simply Linux detection
    - epm: use yum-config-manager for managing repo in yum based distros
    - fix downgrade for LINUX@Etersoft, Debian, Ubuntu, add support for downgrade one or a few packages
    - epm search: optimize grep when search for one word, apply short option before all, disable localized description
    - epm-site: use https for
    - add serv print command
    - serv: fix systemd detection

2016-01-27 Vitaly Lipatov 1.6.0-alt1

    - release long term support version 1.6
    - epm-print: add print specname
    - rewrite eget

2015-12-16 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.25-alt1

    - epm-checksystem: fix working in packed
    - fix packed version
    - improve dnf support
    - small fixes

2015-12-01 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.24-alt1

    - add support apt-cyg on Cygwin
    - drop pks-db requires
    - epm-check_updated_rep: do not check on deb systems
    - epm-query: fix print package version for other systems

2015-11-22 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.23-alt1

    - epm install: disable update if try install local package files
    - epm clean: remove partial files
    - real check if package(s) is installed
    - small improve print name

2015-10-25 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.22-alt1

    - distr_info: fix ALT Linux version detection
    - epm: fix print help command
    - fix epm repofix
    - improve epm-filelist
    - use short names when possible

2015-10-13 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.21-alt1

    - introduce epm print for print out package names and fields
    - epm-site: use functions from epm-print
    - epm-remove: do short package name from deb

2015-10-12 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.20-alt1

    - distr_info: add mcst support
    - skip update checking for non root users have no nopassword sudo
    - epm_checksystem: add initial file for check system health

2015-08-26 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.19-alt1

    - epm-clean: add deb-based support
    - check_updated_repo: use $SUDO for check if updated
    - epm-site: get url for noninstalled packages from on ALT Linux

2015-08-25 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.18-alt1

    - epm: add policy (like apt-cache policy) command
    - initial repofix code, need fix regexp and test
    - epm-filelist: realize low level file list for rpm in the same code
    - fix checking update files
    - epm clean: clean all cached files on ALT

2015-08-19 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.17-alt1

    - fix update repo checking
    - print Uwaga about eatmydata only if verbose mode
    - changelog: use query rpm mode for --changelog

2015-08-16 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.16-alt1

    - run update if repo info older than 1 day
    - epm-query_file: fix read link
    - add epm url|site command (with -p arg for open at

2015-08-12 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.15-alt1

    - epm-assure: fix for dir checking support
    - epm query file: fix recursion result and more quoting

2015-07-24 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.14-alt1

    - simulate: allow Exiting on user Command in any place of the line

2015-07-21 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.13-alt1

    - epm-assure: add support for checking any path on a file system
    - small fixes

2015-07-10 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.12-alt1

    - epm: initial download package support
    - fix update and simulate for dnf
    - allow changelog and query file for dnf
    - install: allow return command for dnf
    - use dnf only if /var/lib/dnf/yumdb is exists

2015-07-09 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.11-alt1

    - epm-filelist: add support file list for noninstalled packages on deb
    - introduce autoorphans command
    - epm-install: add workaround to fix urls works
    - fix behaviour when has dir with the same name like package
    - serv: implement native restart
    - use dnf on Fedora if exists

2015-02-25 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.10-alt1

    - serv-status: realize detection scheduled status for Ubuntu
    - epm-sh: fix withtimeout

2015-02-21 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.9-alt1

    - fix withtimeout (was incorrect workaround)
    - remove epm-eget -> tools-eget for exclude from one pack file
    - add epmI == epm Install
    - serv-enable: use chkconfig --add and chkconfig SERVICE on
    - query_file: fix for dirs

2014-12-24 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.8-alt1

    - add initial snappy support
    - remove extra deps

2014-12-05 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.7-alt1

    - checkpkg: add msi checking
    - epm-packages: fix --sort
    - serv-enable: assure chkconfig add
    - autoremove: do not remove libnss-*, *debuginfo
    - fatal exit if assure_exists is failed
    - epm: fix search file in ALT Linux repo
    - epm: add 'epm s' like epms
    - initial eget commit

2014-07-17 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.6-alt1

    - assure we have a command rpm/dpkg when work with a package file
    - fix for use package name list in quotes
    - fix build without rpm-build-altlinux-compat

2014-06-07 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.5-alt1

    - fix epmqp, epm clean for FreeBSD
    - epm programs: use /usr/local/share/applications on BSD systems
    - epm reinstall: add pkgng support
    - fix timeout using on FreeBSD

2014-06-04 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.4-alt1

    - add initial support for FreeBSD's pkgng
    - add audit command for check installed packages against known vulnerabilities

2014-05-28 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.3-alt1

    - prefer to use init script directly
    - introduce downgrade command
    - use correct datadir

2014-03-25 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.2-alt1

    - use repolist for get local repo path
    - support --auto for reinstall
    - epm-requires: fix typo

2014-03-05 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.1-alt1

    - epm: check real file detection
    - checkpkg: use assure for erc
    - simulate: add missed --dry-run for zypper
    - epm-check_updated: fix if perms is unsufficient

2014-02-26 Vitaly Lipatov 1.5.0-alt1

    - distr_info: add Android detection
    - add initial android support
    - epm: use eatmydata on kernel update
    - workaround for infinity wait in cat
    - add aptitude support
    - get repo info for first time
    - add epm assure for check if command is exists
    - epm: fix commands, helps, eatmydata using

2014-01-28 Vitaly Lipatov 1.4.6-alt1

    - drop apt/rpm requires for non ALT distro
    - epm-query_file: do search_file with full path if exists
    - print about eatmydata only for u/i/r
    - epm-search: add support --short option
    - epm-search: remove unsupported --

2013-10-29 Vitaly Lipatov 1.4.5-alt1

    - epm: check for -- after options
    - fix bashisms
    - epm provides/requires: fix for rpm files
    - separate check input and output
    - epm-filelist: add less
    - realize autoremove orphaned packages (unused libs*)

2013-10-22 Vitaly Lipatov 1.4.4-alt1

    - epm: get package names from stdin if it is pipe
    - fix stderr issues

2013-10-21 Vitaly Lipatov 1.4.3-alt1

    - rewrite code without bashisms
    - search colorifer: fix colorifing all args
    - epm: use eatmydata if installed (set EPMNOEATMYDATA for skip)
    - add initial support for epm conflicts
    - whatdepends/whatprovides: all use exists files as goals
    - add epmsf as link to epm sf command
    - epm: normalize options
    - epmql (epm-filelist): add support for list files of the remote packages

2013-10-08 Vitaly Lipatov 1.4.2-alt1

    - add initial support for guix
    - rewrite epm_requires and epm_provides
    - remove mandatory requires to apt-repo
    - fix epm query on Gentoo (disable colorifing for grep)
    - epm-query: support for short form of package name on Gentoo
    - epm-query: realize is_installed via internal function (for pkg names only), speed optimize
    - improve MacOS support
    - epm-query: fix for query non installed packages
    - epm-filelist: allow list of foreign packages
    - introduce get_package_type and use it
    - epm-remove: do not use --purge on apt-rpm
    - epm-changelog: add support for noninstalled packages on ALT
    - install: do non interactive really non interactive

2013-09-05 Vitaly Lipatov 1.4.1-alt1

    - add initial man page file
    - epm-filelist: add todo for less
    - epm-search: add -- before search arg for support search "-some"
    - improve whatprovides and whatdepends support

2013-08-04 Vitaly Lipatov 1.4.0-alt1

    - query-package: make epmqp case insensitive
    - epm-search: introduce grep extra args in search
    - epm-search: output used grep command too
    - epm-checkpkg: use erc when possible
    - epm-query_package: allow grep sequence
    - epm-search: try to colorize output
    - add conary package manager support
    - introduce epm-whatprovides

2013-07-24 Vitaly Lipatov 1.3.1-alt1

    - epm-packages: add size sort support for rpm and dpkg
    - fix epm query for non rpm/deb systems
    - epm-install: rewrite pkg_(non)installed for get correct return status

2013-07-11 Vitaly Lipatov 1.3.0-alt1

    - slackware: fix repo update, fix install pkg from file
    - query, packages: print out in name-version format
    - remove: add support for remove by package file
    - remove: improve remove versioned packages via apt and yum

2013-06-29 Vitaly Lipatov 1.2.9-alt1

    - fix simulate for ArchLinux and old yum
    - small fixes

2013-06-26 Vitaly Lipatov 1.2.8-alt1

    - add epmql short command for epm -ql
    - autoremove: add --auto support for yum
    - epm-simulate: rewrite check yum result with store_output

2013-06-19 Vitaly Lipatov 1.2.7-alt1

    - add epmu == epm update command
    - serv: fix without param checking
    - serv: fixes for systemd after real use
    - epm-install: fix Slackware install with sudocmd_foreach
    - epm-install: do not fall to hi level if rpm is already installed

2013-04-30 Vitaly Lipatov 1.2.6-alt1

    - epm Install: do package base update only if really need install something

2013-03-21 Vitaly Lipatov 1.2.5-alt1

    - distr_info: add more correct support for Gentoo
    - epm-install: add check for zypper's --no-gpg-checks
    - epm-install: more strong installed status
    - add Install command (update packages repo info and install package)

2013-03-04 Vitaly Lipatov 1.2.4-alt1

    - epm-install: add support for direct install ebuild
    - realize epm simulate for emerge
    - fix autoremove, check, clean, etc.
    - many fixes for npackd
    - add epm whatdepends, provides commands

2013-02-22 Vitaly Lipatov 1.2.3-alt1

    - add initial aura support
    - epm-install: fix skip-installed for old Debian

2013-02-20 Vitaly Lipatov 1.2.2-alt1

    - epm-checkpkg: add experimental case instead function call
    - epm-simulate: accept Exiting on user Command (Fedora 17)
    - epm-checkpkg: add support for check installed package integrity
    - epm: do not add to pkg_files if filename has not dot (it is not package file)

2013-02-19 Vitaly Lipatov 1.2.1-alt1

    - initial support for kernel-update
    - add support ipkg on OpenWRT
    - add support homebrew on MacOS
    - add check for separate_installed
    - small fixes

2013-02-14 Vitaly Lipatov 1.2.0-alt1

    - epm-reinstall: fallback to install if the command is the same
    - epm-install: realize already installed with is_installed for any distro
    - epm-install: allow nodeps and force to pacman commands
    - epm-query: optimize, use --short
    - epm-simulate: fix for yum without --assumeno
    - epm-packages: add short support for pacman
    - epm-remove: add --nodeps support for dpkg

2013-02-12 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.9-alt1

    - fix install with dpkg
    - add initial release-upgrade command
    - add more pacman commands
    - epm-packages: add --short support for dpkg and rpm
    - add cerv alias for serv support

2013-02-11 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.8-alt1

    - add epm programs command (lists installed programs, detected by desktop files)
    - add initial support for short output (just package name, without version-release)
    - add short commands epmqi epmcl
    - small fixes

2013-02-05 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.7-alt1

    - epm-install: user --force-confold for dpkg/apt on Debian/Ubunti in auto mode
    - epm-autoremove: use apt-get autoremove
    - serv-status: fix systemd support
    - epm-simulate: skip simulate if zypper does not have --dry-run
    - epm-install: try install with rpm before zypper use
    - epm-install: fall to standalone apt install for fix deps

2013-02-02 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.6-alt1

    - epm-install: fix fallback from low level to hi level install
    - serv: add support for FORCESERVICE
    - add initial support for DNF package manager
    - add epm Upgrade command (epm update && upgrade)

2013-01-29 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.5-alt1

    - serv: add systemd detect
    - fix check for empty args
    - epm-install: with --nodeps do not fallback on apt-get during install from file

2013-01-01 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.4-alt1

    - fix broken autoremove: rename epm-autoclean to epm-autoremove

2012-12-27 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.3-alt1

    - add initial deepsolver support
    - checkpkg: print checking details, add 7z and rar support

2012-12-13 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.2-alt1

    - serv: allow additional params for start, stop and try_restart
    - spec: replace @VERSION@ in serv too
    - add print our commands to bash completion, to print usage

2012-12-10 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.1-alt1

    - serv: add usage command
    - add README
    - add initial bash_completion

2012-12-10 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.0-alt3

    - change license to AFGPLv3

2012-12-09 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.0-alt2

    - fix install links

2012-12-08 Vitaly Lipatov 1.1.0-alt1

    - move included script to /usr/share/eepm
    - introduce serv command for system services management
    - add pack scripts on one file

2012-12-08 Vitaly Lipatov 1.0.7-alt1

    - add epmq command as alias to epm -q (epm query)
    - epm: rearrange command help
    - epm-remove: warning about no support remove by package file

2012-11-24 Vitaly Lipatov 1.0.6-alt1

    - epm: add changelog (cl) command
    - add support for work without tput, with uncompat tput, allow USETTY=0 for disable tput use
    - epm: write verbose output to stderr
    - epm-filelist: add support for filelist of file package
    - epm-query: add support for query file package
    - epm-info: rewrite for support low level and hi level package info
    - epm-simulate: return 0 if all needed packages are already installed

2012-10-29 Vitaly Lipatov 1.0.5-alt1

    - epm-simulate: fix for non numeric version on Slackware (libjpeg-v8a)
    - epm: intoduce autoremove command
    - epm-search_file: do not use less
    - epm-query_file: query package for every full path, not only last

2012-10-26 Vitaly Lipatov 1.0.4-alt1

    - epm-simulate: fix simulate for yum
    - epm-simulate: realize simulate for slackware
    - epm-search: fix search for multiple packages in slackware
    - epm-query: fix query for multiple names
    - epm-query_file: more clean output on Slackware
    - epm-simulate: print out result of the check

2012-10-22 Vitaly Lipatov 1.0.3-alt1

    - rewrite set_sudo, skip SUDO if env. var EPMNOSUDO is not empty
    - add initial support for window package manager Chocolatey
    - add initial support for windows package manager Npackd
    - epm-filelist: print package file list for slackware
    - epm-query_file: add slackware support (thanks, bormant)
    - distr_info: grep version from /etc/slackware-version  (thanks, bormant)
    - set_sudo: print fatal error if needed absent sudo
    - use full path to slackpkg/installpkg/removepkg on Slackware (thanks, bormant)
    - epm-remove: add support for --show-command-only (thanks, bormant)
    - epm-repolist: fix grep source list (thanks, bormant)

2012-09-18 Vitaly Lipatov 1.0.2-alt1

    - replace all docmd $SUDO with sudocmd call
    - fix install package rpm-build-altlinux-compat via package fullname

2012-09-18 Vitaly Lipatov 1.0.1-alt1

    - epm: add --force support for install
    - drop extra dependencies
    - introduce epm requires|deplist
    - install: yum local install is obsoleted, use just yum install

2012-08-17 Vitaly Lipatov 1.0.0-alt1

    - release 1.0
    - upgrade: add support for additional options
    - filelist: add error for non installed packages
    - use apt-repo on ALT Linux for repo manipulation
    - repolist: print url on mandriva

2012-08-07 Vitaly Lipatov 0.9.7-alt1

    - epm: fix use epm_packages
    - simulate: return 2 if have no work
    - install: support --auto for install files too
    - install: run pacman for files with --noconfirm

2012-08-06 Vitaly Lipatov 0.9.6-alt1

    - query: default realization via epm package list
    - simulate: it is ok to run with empty list
    - query_file: try search in global base if failed in installed
    - search_file: realize search_file on ALT Linux via grep local contents_index
    - remove: allow fallback to next level if target does not supported
    - install files: allow fallback to hilevel install, add urpm support

2012-08-04 Vitaly Lipatov 0.9.5-alt1

    - epm-install: add show-command-only support
    - epm: update commands variations
    - query_file: make output from dpkg like rpm -q
    - epm-packages: allow filter list packages by one name

2012-08-03 Vitaly Lipatov 0.9.4-alt1

    - add query package (-qp) support
    - print command example in stderr
    - add eepm link
    - epm-info: try print info for installed package
    - fix slackpkg install/reinstall/remove/simulate

2012-08-02 Vitaly Lipatov 0.9.3-alt1

    - use slackpkg instead pkgtool for Slackware package manager name
    - add missed command for Gentoo, Slackware, FreeBSD improve repo management commands
    - fix using local with dash
    - add --nodeps support for rpm in install/remove

2012-08-01 Vitaly Lipatov 0.9.2-alt1

    - remove: try remove via low level command first
    - install: drop DISTRNAME using
    - add Slackware and add more distr in search

2012-07-28 Vitaly Lipatov 0.9.1-alt1

    - epm-simulate: add support for --skip-installed
    - add more distr in epm -i, epm -e and add some bugs in epm -e
    - add initial Slackware support (pkgtool)

2012-07-27 Vitaly Lipatov 0.9-alt1

    - epm: add --nodeps options recognize
    - add showcmd in addition to docmd
    - add ArchLinux support (pacman) to all commands

2012-07-27 Vitaly Lipatov 0.8-alt1

    - rename package to eepm
    - add upm alias
    - epm info fix: on apt, add: on yum
    - add some Gentoo support, add some commands

2012-07-26 Vitaly Lipatov 0.7-alt1

    - add commands: addrepo, removerepo, search_file, info, update some other
    - epm: fill epm_cmd only one time
    - epm: fix pkg_files, pkg_names fills
    - epm-search: fix search on Mandriva
    - search: rewrite with PMTYPE using
    - add fix behaviour to check command

2012-07-22 Vitaly Lipatov 0.6-alt1

    - add --skip-installed for skip aready installed packages
    - epm-install: fix return status
    - epm: fix commands, add missed checkpkg
    - install/reinstall: try use rpm for files
    - use PMTYPE and SUDO

2012-07-21 Vitaly Lipatov 0.5-alt1

    - add quiet mode (no print commands before run)
    - add color support for output
    - add reinstall, fix epm -ql
    - epm: get commands and options description from the code
    - rewrite query_file, port rpmqf

2012-07-20 Vitaly Lipatov 0.4-alt1

    - update TODO
    - add check and repolist commands
    - improve command description and add more commands
    - docmd: use # under root account
    - add print version

2012-07-19 Vitaly Lipatov 0.3-alt1

    - add 'epm -ql, epm dist-upgrade'
    - fix epm -qa, epm -qf, epm -s, epm -q
    - add epm-packages
    - epm-install full rewrite
    - epm: improve help and add non interactive mode support

2012-07-19 Vitaly Lipatov 0.2-alt1

    - cleanup spec, fix autorequires
    - add distr_info (renamed distr_vendor)
    - rewrite install, simulate, checkpkg

2012-07-18 Vitaly Lipatov 0.1-alt1

    - initial build for ALT Linux Sisyphus
The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.