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Removed in the task: #218334
Package removed: beekeeper
Deletion date: Dec. 22, 2018
Source package: emacs-chess
Version: 2.0-alt5.b6.qa1
Build time:  Aug 23, 2012, 07:45 PM
Category: Editors
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License: GPL
Summary: Emacs client for Chess playing
Chess.el is an Emacs chess client and library, designed to be used
for writing chess-related programs, or for playing games of chess
against various chess engines, including Internet servers.  The library
can be used for analyzing variations, browsing historical games, or a
multitude of other purposes.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
emacs-chess (noarch)
emacs-chess-el (noarch)
emacs-chess-pieces (noarch)
emacs-chess-sounds (noarch)

    1. emacs-common
    2. emacs-devel

Last changed

Aug. 23, 2012 Repocop Q. A. Robot 20070423:2.0-alt5.b6.qa1
- NMU (by repocop). See
- applied repocop fixes:
  * beehive-log-dependency-needs-epoch-x86_64 for emacs-chess
Oct. 24, 2009 Igor Vlasenko 20070423:2.0-alt5.b6
- applied repocop patch: removed obsolete (un)install_info macros
April 23, 2007 Eugene Vlasov 20070423:2.0-alt4.b6
- New version, minor bug fixes
- Fixed Url
- Fixed chess-opening.el compilation, replaced assert in chess-pos-move by
- Cleanup spec, removed %__ macro
- ChangeLog moved to emacs-chess-el subpackage