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Source package: fleet-commander-admin
Version: 0.15.1-alt11
Build time:  Sep 26, 2022, 02:24 PM in the task #307372
Category: System/Base
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ArchitectureFTBFS sinceUpdate
x86_64Dec. 22, 2022March 29, 2023

License: LGPLv2+ or MIT or BSD
Summary: Fleet Commander
Fleet Commander is an application that allows you to manage the desktop
configuration of a large network of users and workstations/laptops.

It is primarily targeted to Linux systems based on the GNOME desktop.

Fleet Commander consists on two components:

* a web service integrated with Apache that serves the dynamic application and
  the profile data to the network.
* and a client side daemon that runs on every host of the network.

Fleet Commander relies on libvirt and KVM to generate the profile data
dynamically from a template VM running the same environment as the rest of the

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
fleet-commander-admin (x86_64, ppc64le, aarch64)
fleet-commander-logger (x86_64, ppc64le, aarch64)

Maintainer: Stanislav Levin

List of contributors:
Stanislav Levin
Andrey Bychkov


    1. /dev/pts
    2. /proc
    3. /usr/bin/dbus-launch
    4. autoconf-archive
    5. iproute2
    6. libjson-glib-gir
    7. libnm-gir
    8. libudev-devel
    9. python3(dbus)
    10. python3(gi)
    11. python3(ipalib)
    12. python3(libvirt)
    13. python3(pexpect)
    14. python3(samba)
    15. python3(pylint)
    16. python3(sqlite3)
    17. python3(six)
    18. rpm-build-python3
    19. rpm-build-xdg
    20. samba-common
    21. spice-html5 >= 0.3.0-alt1
    22. python3(dbusmock)

Last changed

Sept. 26, 2022 Stanislav Levin 0.15.1-alt11
- Fixed FTBFS (missing tests dependency on dbus-launch).
Aug. 23, 2022 Stanislav Levin 0.15.1-alt10
- Skipped build on armh (Java 17).
Feb. 17, 2022 Stanislav Levin 0.15.1-alt9
- Fixed FTBFS (Pylint 2.12.2).
- Raised timeout for logger tests (closes: #40473).